• 12 Rounds (2009) - One of the best action movies of the last years! - 9/10 (24/10/10)

    12 Rounds


    I know that this movie has some similarities to the "Die Hard" and "Speed" classics, but that's the only negative point that I can find about this movie.

    Let's talk about the great things now. The movie shows us an interesting but not overlong introduction to introduce the characters and what leads to the main story. After this, the movie doesn't take any prisoners and gives you no more break. This movie is filled with extreme action, extreme tension, extreme missions, extreme characters, extreme effects and extreme situations. Each one of the twelve rounds presents a new crazy idea and next to the action, the movie doesn't forget about the characters that are also well developed for such a kind of movie. In the end, you even have a very special twist and huge surprise and that isn't the case in many other action movies. You begin to analyze the movie from a new point of view and realize that this film is not only for the adrenaline junkies but also intellectual people.

    In fact, this spectacular and intense movie is way better than recent overrated and gore adrenaline movies without any true story like "Crank". Everyone who likes action movies in general, shall not dislike this stuff.


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