• Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis (2008)


    This movie is easily the best French film that has come out in the last years. It is an excellent comedy with the two great actors Dany Boon and Kad Merad but the movie has also its philosophical, dramatical and sad parts.

    This movie is extremely funny, it is really difficult to make me laugh but this film made me laugh really hard several times. The best examples are when the postman and his director are having some drinks with half of the town while they deliver the letters or the scenes in the old mining town of Bergues, This movie is extremely touching and emotional. When the excellent Kad Merad tells his new partners and friends about his lies and mistakes, you feel really sad and ashamed for him. The movie's finale is also very emotional and a perfect and really philosophical conclusion.

    But the real star of the movie is the whole region, the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, where this movie is settled. This film presents strange and funny accents of the Sticks, their historical and charming towns, their way of living and thinking, their relation to the other parts of France and the clichés and prejudices about both sides. The Nord-Pas-de-Calais is more than just a part of France, it is a country within a country and a culture within a culture. I have been in this region for some weeks during an exchange program and I can tell that those people living there are mostly open-minded, very sympathetic and have many reasons to be proud of their region. I really like this movie as it reminds me of a few very positive and unforgettable memories. And I like the movie because it is different and finally a French film that doesn't present us Paris over and over again. The France is way more than just Paris and there are many beautiful and unique regions and people to discover and this successful and charming movie shows this to all the people out there.

    For everyone that is interested in a touching, emotional and simply profound comedy movie or anyone that likes foreign cultures and lifestyles, this unique movie is an absolute masterpiece. I hope that other French regions will follow this example and make similar movies in the future and take the focus off Paris a little bit.


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  • Archangel (2005)


    As a big fan of history and Russian culture, I was excited to watch this movie but didn't expect very much from a TV production. Useless to say that this movie is a must seen for anyone who likes Russian history, society and lifestyle. But it is also easy to watch and understand for someone who doesn't know much about the topic because most of the sings are told in the interesting past sequences of the movie. I've travelled to Russia and seen and lived a lot of particular things there and must admit that the behaviours of the police, the military and the government in this movie are not a stupid cliché but quite close to reality. Even the locations chosen for the shootings remind me of the modern Russian post-soviet lifestyle even though most of the scenes have been filmed in Latvia.

    Well, I got largely surprised as this movie is really intense and has a realistic scenario that makes you think a lot about nowadays's societies and ideologies. The movie is really entertaining and I have watched it several times without getting bored at all. The characters and the story are well and profoundly developed. The surprising element in the movie is not such a big twist but that isn't negative because the main idea is quite original and the maintain of the tension is always guaranteed in this movie. The movie's finale is dramatically and interesting.

    The most positive surprise in this movie is the acting of Daniel Craig. I've always known him as the cool, emotionless and somehow mediocre James Bond actor but he is really convincing in this movie. He plays with emotions, with conviction and with an unknown diversity. The only time he played as well was in "Defiance" which you would also like if you like this movie.

    I really can recommend this entertaining and surprisingly well done and produced movie even though most of the critics are actually too negative.


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  • A gripping drama with growing characters


    I watched this movie when I was on an Air Canada flight this summer and though it was warm and the atmosphere in the air plane wasn't the best, I got totally absorbed by this movie. It is a really intense horror drama without anything supernatural, without any special effects and without an excellent budget. This movie is about three young and crazy young adults who are living the nightmare of their lives.

    It was a risk to build up a film on the acting of three rather unknown actors but it was worth trying it as this idea works very well. The actors play in a really realistic and credible way and the personalities are in perpetual development throughout the movie. They start as three immature tween friends who are enjoying life and having fun and become philosophical and frightened adults who are trying to survive. The only negative point about the scenario is that the three actors had maybe a little bit too many dialogues and that the introduction could have been cut off a little bit but at least three quarters of the movie are really intense and atmospheric.

    Many people complain about goofs in the movie and how the characters are making errors but the first thing isn't really disturbing or important and the second point is absolutely realistic. The actors are young and nervous and don't take the best choices to try to survive but it such a situation of extreme danger and tension this is absolutely normal and makes this movie much more credible. The personalities are three folks taken out of the everyday life and no intelligent and cool heroes.

    The movie doesn't need any special effects as the images are heavily enough without it and there are a few really shocking and disgusting moments in this movie that even impress horror movie fans like me. The director did some really great shoots throughout the whole movie.

    To conclude, I really appreciated the movie and I would recommend it to anyone who likes movie that play in nature or in isolated places and to anyone who likes realistic and tension filled dramas or slow paced horror movies.


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  • 30 Days of Night (2007)


    This movie is a very interesting vampire movie settled in a cold town in Alaska where strange people live, a little bit like "The barber".

    The only thing that I found bad about this movie is that it was too fast obvious that vampires had infiltrated the city. It would have been more interesting to let the viewers in the doubt of what happened, as it could have also been a serial killer or a criminal organization that committed the first crimes. As you now quite fast that vampires have organized that, there is a lack of tension after the very interesting and dark beginning of the movie. I must also admit that this movie basically doesn't add something new to the genre. Those two minor factors are the reasons why I cut some points off the rating.

    But at least, this movie turns then quite fast into an entertaining and intense survival story where everybody desperately tries to save his soul and reflect about his life. There are many intense scenes like the old and isolated guy who gives his life to save his comrades, the guy who got bitten by a child vampire and asks the other ones to kill him or the main actor who tries desperately to save his ex-girlfriend to prove her that he still loves her and wants her back. Another good point is the dramatical and uneasy ending of the movie that is as dark as the whole film's atmosphere. There is a lot of tension in this movie and you really begin to like the desperate and morbid atmosphere in the lost village and can somehow identify with all of this.

    To sum it up, this movie is an intense and atmospheric vampire movie and survival horror with credible actors and some shocking scenes. This movie might please to anyone who likes the horror genre and is the best horror movie of the year 2007 in my opinion.


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  • 12 Rounds


    I know that this movie has some similarities to the "Die Hard" and "Speed" classics, but that's the only negative point that I can find about this movie.

    Let's talk about the great things now. The movie shows us an interesting but not overlong introduction to introduce the characters and what leads to the main story. After this, the movie doesn't take any prisoners and gives you no more break. This movie is filled with extreme action, extreme tension, extreme missions, extreme characters, extreme effects and extreme situations. Each one of the twelve rounds presents a new crazy idea and next to the action, the movie doesn't forget about the characters that are also well developed for such a kind of movie. In the end, you even have a very special twist and huge surprise and that isn't the case in many other action movies. You begin to analyze the movie from a new point of view and realize that this film is not only for the adrenaline junkies but also intellectual people.

    In fact, this spectacular and intense movie is way better than recent overrated and gore adrenaline movies without any true story like "Crank". Everyone who likes action movies in general, shall not dislike this stuff.


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