• 2016's greatest concerts and festivals

    Dear readers,

    I have attended numerous concerts as well as one festival in 2016. I simply wanted to create a list and rate these experiences from best to worst. Let me point out that twenty-two out of twenty-three shows or festivals were at least very good and often much more than that. That's why it was particularly difficult for me to chose an appropriate ranking. Only one show was pretty average. This means that 2016 was in fact my greatest year ever in terms of concert and festival experiences. I hope 2017 can catch up with this outstanding year. I will keep you updated with future concert and festival experiences. Without any further ado, here's my list.

    1. Amphi Festival XII @ Tanzbrunnen, Cologne, Germany

    2. Sonata Arctica, Leaves' Eyes, Omnium Gatherum, Chariots of the Gods @ Mavericks, Ottawa, Canada

    3. Iron Maiden, The Raven Age @ Centre Bell, Montreal, Canada

    4. Black Sabbath, Rival Sons @ Centre Bell, Montreal, Canada

    5. Spacemak3r, Hollow, PoRn, Graveyard Strippers, Michael's Laundry @ Foufounnes Électriques, Montreal, Canada

    6. Heaven's Cry, Borealis, Hillward, The Aphelion, Markian @ Mavericks, Ottawa, Canada

    7. Arkona, Valfreya, Ominous Eclipse, Damnus, Isometric @ Mavericks, Ottawa, Canada

    8. Annihilator, Vantablack Warship @ the Brass Monkey, Ottawa, Canada

    9. Anthrax @ Live Music Hall, Cologne, Germany

    10. Éric Lapointe @ Maison de la culture de Gatineau, Gatineau, Canada

    11. Disturbed, Chevelle, Nothing More @ TD Place, Ottawa, Canada

    12. Kreise, Gone in April, Unbeing, Cenograph @ Foufounnes Électriques, Montreal, Canada

    13. In Flames, Hellyeah, From Ashes to New, Source @ Métropolis, Montreal, Canada

    14. Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Delain @ Métropolis, Montreal, Canada

    15. Les Cowboys Fringants @ Maison de la culture de Gatineau, Gatineau, Canada

    16. ZZ Top, Ben Miller Band @ Tanzbrunnen, Cologne, Germany

    17. Dream Theater @ Centre Bell, Montreal, Canada

    18. Blaze Bayley, Insurgent Inc., The Aphelion @ Mavericks, Ottawa, Canada

    19. Les Trois Accords @ Maison de la culture de Gatineau, Canada

    20. Ice Nine Kills, Earthworks, Trentia, Southpaw @ Club Saw, Ottawa, Canada

    21. Groovy Aardvark @ Métropolis, Montreal, Canada

    22. Ghost, Marissa Nadler @ Métropolis, Canada

    23. Tengger Cavalry, Incite, Black Oak Decline @ Mavericks, Ottawa, Canada

    P.S.: For pictures and reviews of the different festivals and shows, check out what I have posted previously last year by using the "Rechercher" section at the bottom of the page.

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