• A Good Day To Die Hard (2013) - Maybe the best comedy movie of the year - 6/10 (29/03/13)

    A Good Day To Die Hard (2013)


    This film is by far the best comedy movie of the year so far. It includes completely ridiculous and exaggerated action scenes that can last for overlong ten minutes or more and involved hundreds of cars destroyed in a city centre by only a few guys. It includes stunning passages where one can find car keys out of nowhere with massive weapons hidden inside a car in front of a Chechen bar in the middle of Moscow. It includes parts where Moscow and Chernobyl seem to be in the same country and only a few hours situated from each other so you can easily go there by car. It's possible to enter a completely devastated nuclear plant without any protective suits. It happens that you stroll around this highly radioactive area without getting any harms. If accidents and explosions happen in this area, no visible consequences occur. Add dry one-liner dialogues to this, a twisted father-son relationship and other funny sequences such as an annoying singing taxi cab driver.

    Seriously, this must be the movie with some of the highest number of film errors and ridiculously embarrassing dialogues I have ever seen. That's why one simply can't take this film serious. You have to take this as an over the top action comedy flick that never fails to make you laugh out loud. If you simply want to have entertaining fun and change your mind, this film is for you. If you want to laugh about closed minded American stereotypes and get another example for the downfall of the Western world, this one is also for you. This one is to switch your brains off and head for a fun ride.

    If you are looking for some tension filled moments, a clever story line or something more than the usual stereotypes of evil old Russian terrorists as you have them in any classic American propaganda movie of the eighties, this movie is not for you. 

    The entertainment and comedy factor is worth ten points. The story itself not more than one or two points which leads to a final result of six points out of ten. Go for this movie without associating it to the previous Die Hard movies to avoid deception and take this as some sort of action comedy movie with a script that could have been written by a bunch of ten year old boys.


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