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    This personal section of the blog should help you to get a better idea of who I am. I originally come from the small industrial town of Leverkusen, North-Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. Since I was a young boy, my dream was to discover the world and to live one day in a different country, get a job in a foreign place and have friends or even a family in an unknown place. Right now, I'm on my way to realize this dream and I'm still looking for new challenges and aventures. I don't really know where I might be and what I might do during the next years even though I have many ideas and a lot of motivation.

    Even though I like my home town and country, feel close to my parents and still have many friends in Germany after all these years which comes as a very positive surprise to me, there is no place that I would actually call my home and I'm always open to discover new things. I try to take people the way they are and not in relation to their origins.

    I've tried out many things in my life. I've been working as a journalist for newspapers or radio channels over the last seven years, I've been working as a boss boy and doorman for more than two years but also as an English teacher for more than one year. I'm interested in foreign cultures and languages and I've learnt or taken lessons in German (in fact, it's my mother's tongue), French (since 2000), English (since 2002), Russian (between 2004 and 2006 and once again in 2010), Latin (between 2003 and 2006), Innu-Aimun (in 2011), Mandarin Chinese and Japanese (I'm actually starting to take lessons right now). I adore all kinds of human sciences such as history, geography and politics. I've represented my school during a simulation organized by the European Union at the Parlament in Strasbourg back in 2007 and I've been to the United Nations in Vienna and New York City in 2006 and 2007. I also adore music of almost all kinds and especially pretty much all kinds of metal music. I admire movies of all kinds and especially Asian cinema since my childhood. I've also tried out different sports throughout the years such as judo, badminthon, volleyball, hockey or soccer.  

    I'm somebody who is very serious in his studies. I don't take lessons to get a particular job but rather for my personal culture, I would say I am learning all these things I learn for my life. I think one always progresses and never stops learning. I'm quite perfectionist in all things that I like to do which can be seen as a positive but also as a negative thing. I would say I'm a quite cooperative, empathic, motivated, sociable and open minded person. I'm also a very honest and emotional person and have no problem to express my feelings and talk about all possible things. I think I've never consciously lied to anybody in my life. I'm quite dynamic and vivid but sometimes maybe too hectical and often at the last minute but I'm always working on me to become a better human being even if there is not such a thing as perfection.

    To give you an idea of who I am, where I have been and what I've lived during the last years, I've decided to put a couple of pictures here on my blog that trace back the ways I've gone. I've seen a lot of things, met a lot of intriguing people and tried out a lot of interesting things that all had a certain impact on my development to a mature person. I honestly don't regret any choices I've made in the past as they have always felt right back in the days. I'm looking forward to new adventures and definitely don't live in the past. Right now, I feel that I'm slowly organizing some changes in my life and want to break free.

    Here I am:

    Larochette, Luxembourg, October 2004

    This picture was taken during a trip to Larochette, Luxemburg in October 2004. Luxemburg is a beuatiful little country not far away from my home town Leverkusen that I know quite well. It has a great mixture of nature, old castles and calm and small cities.

    Lille, France, May 2005

    This picture was taken in Lille, France in May 2005. I have been to Lille and Villeneuve d'Ascq during an exchange program and have met many great people over there. People in this industrial region in the north-west of France have a quite unique culture and are very friendly. On this picture, I'm sitting next to Milan on my left and to Maëlle and Juliette on my right. I'm still occasionally in contact with some people from Lille after all these years.

    Saint Petersburg, Russia, April 2006

    This picture was taken in an old military submarine in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation in April 2006. This school trip to Russia was probably the most amazing one I have ever experienced in my life until now.

    Odenthal, Germany, June 2006

    This picture was taken in Odenthal, Germany in June 2006. It shows me with some of my German friends at a friend's home during the FIFA World Cup that took place in Germany that year. This must be the only picture ever with me holding a flag of my home country. My friend celebrated her departure to New Zealand at that time while I quit Germany for Canada around one month later.

    Vienna, Austria, July 2006

    This picture was taken in Vienna, Austria in July 2006. You can see me in the back row just on the right. This picture shows me with almost all the people that had been my class mates for six years during a final trip. The year after, I went to Canada and the regular classes got split up. When I came back to Germany, every pupil took different lessons and I met loads of new people in my school.

    New York City, New York, USA, April 2007

    This picture was taken in New York City, New York, USA in April 2007 during a trip to New York City and Washington D.C.. It was definitely one of the coolest school trips I've ever done and I was finally able to discover different places in North America where I have never been before.

    Strasbourg, France, October 2007

    This picture here was taken in Strasbourg, France in October 2007. I went to an international meeting and some sort of political simulation of the European Union at the Parlament of Strasbourg with a dozen of pupils from my school while I was the main representant.

    Weimar, Germany, August 2008

    This picture was taken in Weimar, Germany in August 2008 during a school trip to this historically and culturally very important small town in Eastern Germany. Next to me stand my class mates and friends Katja, Anita, Melanie and Inga with whom I was working on a project in the parc you can see here.

    Plzeň, Czech Republic, February 2009

    This picture was taken in Plzeň, Czech Republic in February 2009. I was on a trip with my parents and we've visited the famous breweries of that small town before heading to the capital Prague which is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

    Düsseldorf, Germany, June 2009

    This picture was taken in Düsseldorf, Germany in June 2009 during the annually celebrated "Japan Day" that honours the input of Japanese culture in that region. You can see from left to right some of my best friends in Germany: Kilian, Melanie, Kristina, Uli, Ricarda, Inga, Christina, me, Liska, Kevin and Matthias.

    Leverkusen, Germany, June 2009

    This picture was taken at my high school prom in Leverkusen, Germany in June 2009. The guy on my right is Björn, a punk musician, good friend and then boyfriend of one of my class mates.

    London, England, August 2009

    This picture was taken in London, England in August 2009. During that summer, I've travelled quite a lot through Europe and went to discover cities such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Liège, Paris, The Hague, Zandvoort and so on.

    Chicoutimi, Québec, Canada, September 2009

    This picture was taken in Chicoutimi, Québec, Canada in September 2009, a few weeks after my definite arrival in Canada to kick off my studies for a four year bachelor to become a high school teacher in human sciences.

    Shipshaw, Québec, Canada, September 2009

    This picture was taken in the small town of Shipshaw, Québec, Canada in September 2009 with my parents. It's some sort of farewell picture because I've stayed in Canada since then and they went back to Germany a few days after this picture was taken.

    Hamburg, Germany, January 2011

    This picture was taken in Hamburg, Germany in January 2011 during a New Year's Eve trip with my friends. From left to right: Kilian, Melanie, Kristina, Inga and me.

    Montréal, Québec, Canada, January 2012

    This picture was taken in Montréal, Québec, Canada in January 2012. It was taken in an ice hall of the stunning Snow Village of Montréal.

    Saint-Henri-de-Taillon, Québec, Canada, September 2012

    This picture was taken in Saint-Henri-de-Taillon, Québec, Canada in September 2012. It shows me at a beach barbecue party with Juanita and Léo on my right.

     Convocation at UQAC

    This pictures shows me with my friend Jean-René at the convocation for the new graduates at the University of Québec in Chicoutimi in April 2013. We finally finished our bachelor programs with success! That's something we can be really proud of after four hard years!

    Prom night of our bachelor program

    This event took place at Montagnais Hotel in Chicoutimi in May 2013. We celebrated the prom night of our bachelor program. From left to right you can see: Jean-René, me, Jean-Philippe, Joanie, Bianca and Annie-Claude.

    About me

    My friends from Gatineau and me are celebrating the beginning of our summer vacation at Rafting Momentum in Bryson, Quebec on June 28th 2015. We supported an activity of the Quebec Cancer Foundation called "Le Grand DefOulemeNt contre le cancer". 

    About me

    This self-portrait was taken during a road trip from Ottawa to Chicoutimi in October 2018.

    About me

    This picture was taken during the home season opener of the Olympiques de Gatineau in September 2019.

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