• Concert review: Over Kill, Prong & A Darker Day live at Mavericks, Ottawa (25/09/14)

    It was a beautiful sunny autumn day on Thursday, September 25, 2014 when I decided once again to see an energizing show in the small metal pub Mavericks in downtown Ottawa. New Jersey thrash metal legends Over Kill played for the very first time in the Canadian capital and were supported by crossover thrash and groove metal veterans Prong from New Jersey as well as by a local crossover thrash metal band A Darker Day.

    Ribfest in Ottawa on a sunny autumn day... I still decided to go to a Japanese restaurant instead


    Around 7:35 PM, A Darker Day hit the stage and delivered a truly energizing set around thirty minutes despite the fact that there was a considerable lack of space on stage due to the giant stage structures of the main act tonight. Still, the four men tried to move as much as they possibly could and interacted in a joyous way with the steadily growing crowd. Especially the sympathetic bassist and the vivid drummer who would also perform most of the vocals conquered the stage and the crowd by storm. They felt visibly at ease with what they described as a big honour and one of the greatest moments in their career to open for their own personal idols. Some people in the crowd already started to bang their heads, raise their fists up in the air and sing a long to a few pitiless thrash metal anthems. This opening act was so enthusiastic that I’m already looking forward to see them again. I also hope that the quartet will come around with a first physical release anytime soon. These future local legends are definitely worth your attention and support.

    Local opening act A Darker Day could have a bright future ahead


    Only twenty minutes later, the trio Prong went on stage to deliver a forty-five minute set of their greatest hits plus a few new songs from the last record ‘’Runing Lives’’. Prong were even more energizing than the excellent opening act. Guitarist and singer Tommy Victor interacted well with the crowd and motivated a few dozen people to start a few energizing circle and mosh pits. New drummer Arturo Cruz fits well to the other two members and had a lot of fun on stage. He was almost constantly smiling or making funny faces, got up after almost each song to motivate the crowd to get in action and threw a few drum sticks into the crowd as well. Bassist Jason Christopher simply looked cool and mean on stage and had a truly wild appearance. His bass play was just as tight and vivid. Especially the last few songs of the set such as ‘’Another Worldly Device’’, ‘’Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Necks’’ and ‘’Power Of The Damager’’ made the crowd go wild. I definitely wouldn’y have minded the band to play a couple more tunes. Prong surely are one of these bands that are much better on stage than on a regular studio record and I would really like to see them again. On a sidenote, the merchandise section sold the recent and hard to find live in studio record ‘’Unleashed In The West’’ which portrays the unchained live spirit of the band very well. You can also listen to this official bootleg on the band’s Bandcamp presence.

    The new bassist and drummer performed as if they had always been an essential part of Prong


    After a break around twenty-five minutes, the first notes of ‘’XD’’ announced the arrival of Over Kill in front of a crowd of several hundred fans in a packed metal pub. Hell definitely broke loose with the pitiless opener ‘’Armorist’ where the crowd already started to yell along. When the band then went on to deliver the band hymn ‘’Overkill’’, the whole place went mad including ferocious headbanging, fast moving mosh pits and even some occasional stage diving that had to be intercepted by the security even though the fans really tried to respect and help each other as much as possible. Over Kill seemed to be deeply impressed by the enthusiastic fan reactions and so was I. After having seen quite a few shows at Mavericks, I must admit that this concert had by far the most vivid ambience. The entire crowd cheered the band’s name after every song, no matter if the band played more recent stuff like “Pig”, ‘’Electric Rattlesnake’’ and “Bring Me the Night” or classic tunes like “Rotten to the Core”, “Wrecking Crew” or the energizing closer and The Subhumans cover “Fuck You”. At a certain point, even singer Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth needed a break and admitted that he would have a heart attack if he continued to perform at the pace of the unchained crowd that was constantly asking for more. From time to time, the singer even left the stage to take some short breaks during a few longer instrumental passages as in “Ironbound”. On the other side, there was nearly no break between the regular set and the three heavily celebrated encores and the singer’s angry, hoarse and raw vocals remained in top shape until the end of the show after a set of sixteen tunes in around ninety-five minutes. At this point, the band had not only managed to exceed the great performances by the two opening acts and to conquer the crowd by storm but to deliver one of the most memorable performances ever at Mavericks. Most of the band members are already in their mid-fifties but their performance had been at least as energizing as a show given by some unchained teenagers. After this show, I was bathed in sweat, had lost my voice and was also physically tired but I felt liberated as if I had fallen head-first into the Fountain of Youth. I decided to grab a limited and exclusive Canada Tour shirt, went back home by bus and couldn’t stop listening to the band’s latest killer album “White Devil Armory” even hours after this incredible show. 

    Over Kill delivered one of the best live shows I have ever seen so far in my life

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  • Dear readers of my blog,

    here comes my review of Anthrax' new DVD/BluRay release "Chile on hell" which is so far definitely my favourite release of the year. Enjoy!

    Sebastian Kluth

    Anthrax - Chile on Hell (2014)

    Anthrax' "Chile On Hell" is not only the best live release so far this year but also the best show of the band that was captured by cameras and microphones. The Chilean crowd is simply out of this world. Right from the opening riffs of "Among The Living", the entire crowd is singing along to the melodies and lyrics of this track, is getting involved into a giant circle pit with some fans sitting on the shoulders of others and some devotees are even enlightening a big red Bengal fire. This incredible crowd never gets tired throughout the entire show and is celebrating classics, cover songs and new material alike. The enthusiastic admirers are contributing to several intense goosebump moments. It's incredible to hear them singing the entire pre-chorus and chorus of "Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)" before the song even gets started, to watch them doing Dio's famous horns sign during the intense rendition of "In The End",  to see them doing an unchained wardance to "Indians", to hear them yelling out the chorus with Joey Belladonna during "In My World", to see them doing a big mosh pit during the Slayer cover "Raining Blood" which was dedicated to late Jeff Hanneman who died only days before this show and finally to see them celebrating enthusiastically to the closing Trust cover "Antisocial". I've never ever seen such a great crowd as they even beat several one hundred thousand unchained Brazilians celebrating Iron Maiden on their "Rock In Rio" record. Every single fan seems to get involved in passionate and yet respectful hysteria for two unforgettable hours. I've never wished that much that I had been at a concert than when I first watched this.


    It's not only the amazing crowd that makes this release so memorable. I've seen several Anthrax shows and while they always perform with passion, I've never seen them so vivid as on this output. The amazing crowd reactions must have been contagious. Joey Belladonna is doing one of his finest vocal performances in a long time. I was surprised how clean his voice sounds on this release and how he even hits the high notes while running around and interacting constantly with the crowd. Hands down, this man is a gifted front man and entertainer and this is why I'm so glad he's back with Anthrax as nobody else compares to him. Scott Ian is constantly jumping and running around with a big smile on his face. His angry backing vocals are extremely solid and he even hits some higher notes in the opening of "In My World" that impressed me quite a lot. In addition to this, his killer riffs are still performed with passion and precision. Frank Bello is walking, headbanging and dancing around the stage and never ever stands still. His extremely enthusiastic vocal performance during "I'm The Man" is absolutely contagious and his bass play is very powerful. Charlie Benante's drumming is as tight as it can be and still looks effortless because he is having so much fun on stage. He keeps smiling and making funny faces throughout the entire show. He even gets to play a short drum solo right before "I'm The Man". It's just long enough to show his great talent and short enough to get the crowd moving for the energizing encore. Fellow drummers, please take notes on this essential, precise and short performance as nobody wants to listen to drum solos over six minutes or so. New guitarist Jonathan Donais plays very well but looks a little bit shier and more introspective than the other members. He's got his own personality I guess but he slightly feels out of place. I guess he simply needs some more time with the band to get used to this new situation. From a purely technical point of view, his performance is spot on though.


    The set list of this concert is phenomenal. It contains the three best songs from the band's amazing last effort "Worship Music", the greatest classics including the six thrash metal milestones that open the legendary "Among The Living" release and a bunch of amazing cover tracks from AC/DC, Joe Jackson, Slayer, Stormtroopers Of Death and Trust. Some people keep complaing about the high number of cover songs during  Anthrax' shows. If you take a look at the incendiary crowd reactions to these tracks and the way Anthrax performs these renditions, you do realize why these guys are still including so many of them and I don't want to miss these tracks. Anthrax' cover tracks have always been amazing in my opinion. On a sidenote, the DVD version of this release seems to omit two tracks from the original concert which are the Joe Jackson cover "Got The Time" as well as "Deathrider". It's possible that these tracks are included on the BluRay release though as I've read other reviews where analysts would talk about these songs as well. If you can choose between both versions, you should go for the BluRay variant.


    From time to time, the outstanding concert is interrupted by very short sequences showing other Anthrax shows, the band backstage, fellow musicians commenting on thirty years of Anthrax, fans praising the band or Scott Ian on the set of a TV show. A couple of snippets from the band's last studio album are played during these sequences, for example "The Devil You Know", "The Giant" and "Judas Priest". These breaks are very short and only about one to two minutes long each and really don't bother the enjoyment of the energizing concert at all. It would have been interesting if the band had included a little documentary about its career as a bonus but that's not the case and this release only focuses on the music and a few short additional gimmicks.


    From a technical point of view, the sound is crystal clear and yet absolutely authentic. One can hear the crowd very well but the vocals and the instruments also sound very sharp. It's definitely an honest live release as one can still hear a couple of small technical mistakes here and there. The image is perfect as well but some people might not like several quick cuts, shaky camera passages when Joey Belladonna is running around with a camera on stage and a few split-screen passages. I think these little technical elements make the whole release even more diverting, energizing and original. These elements are not overused as on Iron Maiden's "Death On The Road" release for example. If these elements bother you, I guess you're really just nitpicking.


    In the end, this concert and release come extremely close to perfection. If the DVD release had included the two missing tracks and if Jonathan Donais' performance had been a little bit more enthusiastic, I would have given the perfect score to this output. Still, this is an absolutely essential release for any Anthrax fan, any thrash metal maniac and anyone who cares about authentic, energizing and original rock or metal music in general. Believe me, you won't regret anything if you purchased this release as soon as you possibly can. For me, this is by far the best metal release in the year 2014 and already my very favourite live record ever. You may argue that I shouldn't judge this output shortly after its initial release but this is one of these few and special releases that simply blow you away from the very first second and I couldn't stop celebrating this masterpiece. If you listen and watch this release, just make sure you don't destroy your home by getting caught in a giant Chilean mosh.

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    Concert review: Sonata Arctica, Delain & Xandria live at Mavericks, Ottawa (10/09/14)

    Last week I went to see quite an interesting concert in downtown Ottawa at Mavericks. A lot of people had the same idea and decided to fill the small metal pub on a Wednesday night at 7 p.m. to see the Finnish melodic power metal legends Sonata Arctica as well as the opening bands which were the Dutch symphonic metal band Delain as well as the German symphonic metal outfit Xandria in a brandnew line-up including a new Dutch singer and a new live bassist.

    The first band to hit the stage was Xandria around 7:35 p.m. I had seen the band back in 2008 in Cologne with old singer Lisa Middelhauve and again at Castle Rock Festival in Mülheim an der Ruhr in 2012 with another singer called Manuela Kraller. Over the years the band had evolved from a more commercial and soft gothic metal act to a progressive symphonic metal outfit with epic dimensions. The band's concert last week was by far their best performance I have seen so far. This is largely due to the excellent new record "Sacrificium" which I bought at the show and which is a solid candidate for my favourite record of the year. The band performed with grace and energy and especially the two new members convinced me. New singer Dianne van Giersbergen made a charming appearance, interacted constantly with a steadily growing crowd and performed very well from a technical point of view by hitting pretty much all of the high notes. Italian live bassist Fabio d'Amore performed with energy and often had a big smile on his face. It really felt as if he was already an irreplacable part of Xandria to me. Even though the band's set was rather short with five songs from the two last records played in a little bit more than twenty-five minutes, this was actually the best part of the whole night. The band managed to deliver five highly diversified tracks that represent the new image of Xandria extremely well. They played anything from an epic symphonic metal hymn over shorter and harder tracks with catchy choruses to more laid-back ballads with soaring vocals. At the end of their set, I definitelty wanted to hear more and the crowd seemed to share my opinion. I have rarely seen an opening band getting such a warm welcome by a crowd.



    Xandria live in Ottawa


    About half an hour later, the second opening band entered the stage to promote its very good current release "The Human Contradiction" which I also bought at the show in a limited edition. One thing that stroke me was that singer Charlotte Wessels was smiling throughout the entire set. She was in an excellent form and in addition to this, she was absolutely enjoying her presence on stage and constantly interacting with an energized crowd. The band chose a solid set of around ten catchy, energizing and fast tracks that sounded fresh and made the crowd move quite a bit. Many of the songs actually work much better on stage than on the band's studio records. I really liked the band's furious approach as opposed to the more elegant album versions. I had seen Delain before at Amphi Festival V in Cologne back in 2009 where the band had already performed very well. This time, Delain were even more passionate and really transformed the stage into their safe home where all musicians felt at ease. Apart of the energizing opening tracks of the set, I must cite "The Gathering" and "We Are The Others" as highlights of the show because many people in the crowd sang along to these anthems and I'm not only talking about the fans who already knew these songs but about almost anybody at the show. Even though I slightly prefered Xandria's performance, Delain was extremely engaging and got an even greater feedback from the crowd. I even heard people calling out for one more song after the band's set of forty-five minutes or so which isn't all that usual for an opening band. 


    Delain live in Ottawa


    The location was very well filled and probably almost sold out when main act Sonata Arctica hit the stage. They started the show ten minutes later than announced and were still silently rushing through the crowd and to the backstage minutes before the beginning of the show. Maybe that's why the band looked slightly nervous at the beginning and didn't perform the first two tracks very well. Especially the vocals were quite a bit out of tone. Even the crowd seemed to realize that something was going wrong there. But from the third song on, things got much better. The band regained its self-confidence and singer Tony Kakko interacted more and more with the crowd. Sometimes, it was really hard to understand what he was actually saying because he was speaking extremely fast and with a strong accent but his appearance was sympathetic and he made a lot of jokes as well. The music started to improve as well and a first highlight that really moved me was the excellent performance of "Replica". The band performed a total of four tracks from its excellent debut album "Ecliptica" which will be released in a re-recorded fifteenth anniversary edition in October 2014. To my positive surprise, the band's more recent material worked better on stage than on the albums. I actually liked the emotional performance of "I Have A Right" and the catchy homage to the band's hometown in form of "Cloud Factory". After fifteen bad opening minutes followed sixty memorable minutes that made the whole crowd call out for an encore. So the band came back after only two minutesto perform another twenty minutes of additional material. Especially the performance of the speedy and melodic anthem "Wolf & Raven" as well as the catchy and energizing closer "Don't Say A Word" followed by a funny rendition of the fast-paced drinking song "Vodka" were absolute stand-out moments of the night. After far more than ninety minutes, Sonata Arctica almost thanked every fan in a very emotional manner. The crowd thanked the band with minute-long enthusiastic cheering. Even though I came to the show for Delain and especially Xandria in the first place, I really enjoyed my first Sonata Arctica concert and I guess I would go and see them again on stage. When I left the location around quarter to midnight, I had a big smile on my face and I still saw several band members walking around, taking pictures with the fans, giving signatures or having a chat at the merchandise section.

    The next interesting concerts in Ottawa are coming very soon, so stay tuned for more exclusive show reports on my blog. I hope you had some fun reading this.

    Sonata Arctica live in Ottawa

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  • Dear readers of my blog,

    the administrator of the steadily growing Black Wind Metal website (our Facebook section just reached over 1000 likes) has just updated the section where the reviewers from all around the world introduce themselves. I'm proud to share my profile with you and recommend you to visit...

    the website (http://blackwindmetal.com),

    Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/BlackWindMetal) and

    Twitter (http://twitter.com/BlackWindMetal) sections

    ...to discover interesting interviews, reports and reviews about metal music from all around the world.

    Take good care and have a nice (long) weekend!

    Greetings from Chicoutimi today,


    SebastianName: Sebastian Kluth

    Online Alias (if applicable): kluseba

    Position At Black Wind: interviewer, reporter & reviewer

    Age: 24

    Hometown: Leverkusen, North ­Rhine­-Westphalia, Federal Republic of Germany

    What You Do In Real Life: I’m a high school teacher in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

    Preferred Style Of Metal: Progressive, symphonic, power

    Least Favorite Styles Of Metal: Brutal death metal, grindcore, drone

    Favorite Non­-metal Music: Neue Deutsche Härte, Neue Deutsche Todeskunst, medieval and folk rock, progressive rock, world music, new age, soundtracks.

    How You Got Into Metal: I first got in contact with heavier music through mainstream acts like Puddle Of Mudd, Linkin Park, Drowning Pool, and so on in 2002. In 2003 and 2004, I discovered the German medieval rock and metal scene around bands like In Extremo, Subway To Sally and Saltatio Mortis. I then started to listen to heavy and power metal like Iron Maiden, Edguy, HammerFall, and so on in early 2005. My tastes have continued to evolve since then. My first real metal album (if you don’t take into consideration nu metal and medieval rock) was Iron Maiden’s Fear Of The Dark.

    Favorite Metal Albums (My current 20 favorites):

    1. The Old Dead Tree ­ The Perpetual Motion (2005, progressive gothic metal from France)
    2. The Vision Bleak ­ Carpathia: A Dramatic Poem (2005, gothic metal from Germany)
    3. Amorphis ­ Circle (2013, progressive metal from Finland)
    4. Stratovarius ­ Dreamspace (1994, power metal from Finland)
    5. Heaven’s Cry ­ Primal Power Addiction (2002, progressive metal from Canada)
    6. Amorphis ­ Tales From The Thousand Lakes (1994, progressive death metal from Finland)
    7. Orphaned Land ­ All Is One (2013, Middle Eastern folk metal from Israel)
    8. Amorphis ­ Am Universum (2001, progressive rock/metal from Finland)
    9. The Last Successor ­ The Last Successor (2010, progressive metal from China)
    10. Voivod ­ Angel Rat (1991, progressive metal from Canada)
    11. Savatage ­ Gutter Ballet (1989, symphonic heavy metal from the USA)
    12. Rush ­ Clockwork Angels (2012, progressive rock/metal from Canada)
    13. Tang Dynasty ­ A Dream Return To Dang Dynasty (1992, heavy metal from China)
    14. Therion ­ Sirius B / Lemuria (2004, symphonic metal from Sweden)
    15. Iron Maiden ­ Powerslave (1984, heavy metal from the UK)
    16. Moonspeel ­ Wolfheart (1995, gothic black metal from Portugal)
    17. Pantommind ­ Shade Of Fate (2005, progressive metal from Bulgaria)
    18. In Extremo ­ Mein rasend Herz (2005, medieval folk metal from Germany)
    19. Seraphim ­ The Equal Spirit (2002, symphonic power metal from Taiwan)
    20. Blaze Bayley ­ The King Of Metal (2012, heavy metal from the UK)

    Favorite Metal Artists (In Alphabetical Order): Amorphis, Anthrax, Aria, Dream Theater, Edguy, In Extremo, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Loudness, Moonspell, Ningen­Isu, Orphaned Land, Savatage, Stratovarius, Tang Dynasty, The Old Dead Tree, Therion, The Vision Bleak, Voivod, X Japan

    Most Overrated Metal Artists: Iced Earth, Megadeth, Saxon

    What Metal Means To You: Metal is my favorite music genre because it is so diverse and emotional. It has united many different social and cultural aspects throughout the decades and centuries, and from all over the world.

    Why You Enjoy Reviewing: I’m a creative person and have loved reading and even writing my own books since a very young age. I have worked as a journalist for several years now, where I have learned many new things, met a lot of interesting people, and enjoyed exposing my writings to a larger audience and getting all kinds of feedback. I always feel the need to create and write new things.

    Today, I most enjoy supporting young and obscure artists. I also like to help people to discover all kinds of arts and to discover the same things from artists, colleagues, and readers of my works.

    Best Personal Encounter With A Metal Musician: I consider musicians to be human beings who don’t like to get stalked after concerts and deserve some free space, and that’s part of why I’m somewhat shy to approach some of the musicians I adore. I have met and talked numerous times with the bass player and singer Vincent Peake, who is involved in alternative rock bands such as Groovy, Aardvark, and GrimSkunk. Since I have done an interview with Seraphim’s singer Quinn Weng via internet, I have stayed in contact with her and consider her to be a very kind person. I also enjoyed meeting the members of the band Krypteria at a festival and they were all very kind and generous. One of my favorite interviews (which led to meeting him in person) was with Blaze Bayley, who is an extremely friendly person.

    Favorite Literature: I enjoy reading: Enid Blyton, Ray Bradbury, Jason Dark, Annette von Droste­Hülshoff, Dmitry Glukhovsky, Ralf Isau, Michel Jobin, Karl May, Hans­Georg Noack, Edgar Allan Poe, Erich Maria Remarque, J.K. Rowling, John Saul, Friedrich von Schiller, Dan Simmons, Yves Thériault, Thomas Thiemeyer, Jules Verne, Edgar Wallace and many more

    Favorite Films (Top 20):

    1. The Good, The Band And The Ugly (1966)
    2. Twin Peaks ­ Fire Walk With Me (1992)
    3. Gojira (1954)
    4. Sympathy For Mister Vengeance (2002)
    5. Lost Highway (1997)
    6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
    7. Vidocq (2001)
    8. A Tale Of Two Sisters (2003)
    9. Shining (1980)
    10. Metropolis (1927)
    11. I Saw The Devil (2010)
    12. Sin City (2005)
    13. Once Upon A Time In The West (1968)
    14. Inglorious Basterds (2009)
    15. The Naked Gun (1988)
    16. Mongol: The Rise Of Genghis Khan (2007)
    17. Good Cop Bad Cop (2006)
    18. Marebito (2004)
    19. Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood Of War (2004)
    20. Gozu (2003)

    Favorite Television Show: Twin Peaks

    Favorite Cuisine: I’m pretty open­ minded to discover any kind of cuisine. I especially enjoy eating Chinese, Croatian, German, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Mongolian food.

    Favorite Beverage: My favourite non­alcoholic drinks are Almdudler, Arizona Ice Tea, blueberry or liquorice tea, Evian and Gerolsteiner water, Granini’s banana juice, Fruitopia orange juice, kvass, Sinalco Cola, vanilla soy milk, and Vita Malt. My favourite beer breweries are Baltika Breweries, Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan, Grimbergen, Les Brasseurs du Nord, Les Brasseurs du Temps, Les Brasseurs RJ, McAuslan Brewing, Mill Street Brewery, Unibroue and Velkopopovický Kozel. I rarely drink hard alcool but if I do so, I drink some Cuarenta Y Tres (Licor 43), some Ouzo 12 Gold and moderately different kinds of absinthe.

    Song That You Would Have Played At Your Funeral: Iron Maiden’s “Fear Of The Dark”

    Message To Black Wind Readers: Thanks for reading our contributions and keep on commenting, discussing, and enriching our writing and your listening. Please support the artists and purchase your music legally. Have some fun at concerts and festivals. Carpe diem!

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  • Ladies and gentlemen!

    Today is the third anniversary of my blog. In its first year, this blog had been visited 5182 times. The second year saw a significant rise to 20539 visitors. I'm proud to realize that this amazing number has more than doubled in one year as a stunning total of 46971 people have read an inredible 197147 pages on this blog and a record of 73 visitors had been connected at the same time at a certain point over the course of the last twelve months. I want to thank your for your faithful attention and hope that you will continue visiting my blog in such a high number and spreading the word about it on the internet.

    Currently, I'm busy with a new job and some bureaucratic issues but I'm still regularly writing film and music reviews and I continue working on my third novel about the Russian journalist and demon hunter Aljenikow. I have a couple of other projects on my mind for the future such as different reports about my trips to different North American cities, a list of my twenty favourite video games of all times and a new novel that talks about a lonesome and mysterious man seeking for revenge in the People's Republic of China. I will keep you informed about my new projects on this blog.

    Take good care and let's stay in touch. I'm always open for suggestions of any kind, so don't hesitate to leave me a message.

    Sincerely yours,

    Sebastian Kluth

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