• Ajeossi / The Man From Nowhere (2010) - Another masterpiece of contemporary cinema from South Korea - 10/10 (06/09/13)

    Ajeossi / The Man From Nowhere (2010)


    What happens if you put the best child actress ever called Kim Sae-ron of the wonderful drama "A Brand New Life" and the incredibly gifted actor Won Bin of "Mother" and "The Brotherhood Of War" in one cast? You get a masterpiece that can't be reproduced by anyone and that mixes incredible emotions with profound characters, a gripping and sometimes surprising plot and tons of amazing action scenes and liberating slaughter passages. It's a pity for the Western world but South Korea produces many movies like this one while American movies of that kind happen to be ordinary stuff like "Getaway".

    This film dynamically mixes elements of genres such as dramas, action films and thrillers in one and doesn't forget about a few humorous and philosophical moments to give this roller-coaster ride a few breaks. I won't give away any plot details because you must watch it yourself but I might mention that this film of course includes many memorable scenes. The moment when the young child experiences how her mother takes drugs and is tortured by pitiless criminals was really intense. The final action scene of the movie is one of the most brutal and at the same time liberating scenes of that kind ever done in cinema. The best part is though the very last scene of the movie just as it should be in a perfect movie. If you don't have tears in your eyes while watching this, you are simply inhuman.


    This movie has a very good reputation but it's not yet good enough. It proves once again why South Korea has created the best movies worldwide in the last fifteen years. This film is at the same level as "Oldboy", "A Tale Of Two Sisters", "I Saw The Devil", "My Way" and so on. Those who don't recognize the quality of this movie don't know anything about cinema. I don't want to give away any details, just try anything you can to watch and purchase this masterpiece of contemporary cinema. 


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