• Anthrax - Fight'Em 'Til You Can't (2011) - Unexpected arrival in 2011 - 85% (13/07/11)

    Anthrax - Fight'Em 'Til You Can't (2011)


    I have never been that much into Anthrax. Maybe because I just got into metal music around 2005 when they were less popular and faced many complicated struggles. Maybe because I just adored thrash metal bands like "Overkill" and "Voivod" and from time to time some "Metallica" so that I didn't feel the need to look further. I never really understood why Anthrax was part of the so called "Big Four" and not "Overkill" or "Exodus" for example. Now those guys are back and I begin to understand why.

    There were many strong thrash metal records in the last years coming from established acts such as "Heathen" or "Overkill" and also more recent bands like "Acrassicauda" but "Anthrax" show us here with their first single in years that they are back and can deliver something as strong as the bands mentioned above. I'm beginning to get slowly into their music and I'm looking forward for the new album right now.

    The song has everything a great thrash metal track needs. We have a few sharp guitar riffs, a tight drumming and a solid bass guitar that fuses and supports the whole structure and also great aggressive but still melodic shouts and vocals in here. A great sample introduction and many changes of pace and style including a really catchy chorus are also included. Some vocal and sound effects as well as the commercial chorus give a fresh and modern sound to the band. The cover artwork fits perfectly to the song and pleases much more to me than the actual album artwork for “Worship Music”. Some people might judge this sound too trendy and not edgy enough, but I'm happy that the band tries out something different and has arrived in the year 2011 instead of just copying their old standards. The song is a truly diversified and yet catchy grower and probably the best song and single of its kind in the year of our Lord 2011. But it still simply doesn't beat the classics and some recent works of the concurrency again. But this time at least, "Anthrax" justifies its status and actually gets quite close.

    "Anthrax" is still not amongst my favourite bands but with this comeback they have surely risen in my estimation and overall surprised me with this solid new single. It's a wonder that the phoenix has come back from its ashes and I hope watching him fly high.


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