• Atomic Blonde (2017) - Stylish Cold War action-thriller with a strong lead character - 8/10 (31/08/17)

    Atomic Blonde (2017)

    Atomic Blonde is a stylish action-thriller set in the final weeks of the Cold War in the quirky town of Berlin. The movie has its flaws in the first third but gets progressively better and really grabs the viewer's attention by the end. Those who liked films like Hanna or Salt where a clever woman defies dangerous enemies, shady superiors and treacherous partners will adore Atomic Blonde.

    The movie had a very slow start though. The first third of the movie seems only to consist Charlize Theron's character trying out different stylish outfits and music of the eighties we are all too familiar with. The story seems to go nowhere in the beginning and only gets interesting when the main character meets a French undercover agent.

    From then on, the movie offers everything you can expect from that type of film. The story develops mysterious characters, offers numerous twists and turns and quickens up pace and tension. The fight sequences are spectacular and particularly authentic. CGI technology isn't overused and even the use of shaky cameras isn't as bad as in many other contemporary action movies. The viewers also get to explore the beautiful and ugly sides of both East and West Berlin throughout the film. It's an excellent publicity campaign for Germany's unique capital. The movie ends with a stunning showdown and once you already think it's all over, the film's resolution offers another gripping surprise.

    In the end, Atomic Blonde has a few flaws but is overall an entertaining, stylish and twisted action-thriller that will appeal to those interested in the Cold War and in movie centered around strong women. Due to its intense action sequences and very present soundtrack, the film is best enjoyed at your local movie theatre. Even though I'm usually not a fan of sequels or franchises in general, it would be interesting to see other movies involving the intriguing main character in the future.

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