• Badla (2019) - Sinister thriller with numerous twists that avoids any Bollywood stereotypes - 8/10 (19/03/19)

    Badla (2019)

    Badla is the Indian remake of Spanish thriller Contratiempo, internationally known as The Invisible Guest. The movie transports the plot to London and the British countryside and replaces original figures with Indian characters. The film also features a few references to Indian culture to give it its very own style. The movie is also twelve minutes longer to add some details and depth to characters and plot.

    The final result is quite entertaining. The locations in the elegant loft in London, swamps and woods of the British countryside and an isolated hotel near a ski resort are absolutely stunning. The characters are intriguing and become more interesting as the film progresses. The plot offers numerous twists and turns and even elaborates on different possible outcomes of the main intrigue. Even though I could see some twists coming, they were still accurately executed.

    The story revolves around a young and successful Indian businesswoman who is found injured in a closed hotel room with her dead lover and a large sum of money in the bathroom. The police suspects she killed her lover and faked the injury. Her assistant hires a prestigious lawyer who comes out of retirement and who has never lost a case in the forty years of his career. In order to defend his client, he manipulates her in order to uncover the entire truth and find a potential murderer who might want to frame the businesswoman. Telling you anything more would take away from the outstanding plot that takes you on an intense journey.

    Since I haven't watched the original Spanish movie, I can't compare the two films and tell you which one is better. What I can tell you however is that Badla is a very good crime thriller. Even though some plot elements and twists are predictable, the acting is superb, the locations are stunning and the story remains very intriguing until the very end. Another positive element is the fact that this movie avoids the usual Bollywood stereotypes such as exaggerated dance choreographies and sappy love stories. If you have the occasion to watch this film, don't hesitate to do so.

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