• Baroness - Yellow & Green (2012) (8,5/10)

    Genre: Progressive Rock
    Label: Relapse Records
    Playing time: 74:59
    Band homepage: Baroness




    1. Yellow Theme
    2. Take My Bones Away
    3. March To The Sea
    4. Little Things
    5. Twinkler
    6. Cocainium
    7. Back Where I Belong
    8. Sea Lungs
    9. Eula




    1. Green Theme
    2. Board Up The House33
    3. Mtns. (The Crown & Anchor)
    4. Foolsong
    5. Collapse
    6. Psalms Alive
    7. Stretchmarker
    8. The Line Between
    9. If I Forget Thee, Lowcountry


    Baroness - Yellow & Green 

    BARONESS have been one of the most discussed bands of the year 2012 among Metal fans even though this band has not much to do with this genre in my humble opinion. What they play is nothing more or less than Psychedelic Progressive Rock with a few Folk, Grunge and Sludge influences. The trio from Savannah, Georgia stands out for its ability to combine floating and complex song structures with gripping and even haunting hooks. In the last year, only DISSONA and RUSH did a better job concerning this combination and each one of the three records is very distinctive and hard to compare.

    This double-album includes many catchy songs such as more commercial tracks like “Take My Bones Away”, “March To The Sea” or “Board Up The House”. Even if the Metal community might now get angry, I think that the vocals sound a lot like Chad Kroeger from NICKELBACK. This guy receives tons of hatred and people say his singing skills are limited, he looks ugly and he acts ridicolously because of his mainstream fame and a relationship to AVRIL LAVIGNE. But musically, the earlier Post-Grunge records from his band have an intriguing and quite similar vibe to what BARONESS offers here and there on this new release.

    There are also many progressive and psychedelic moments on the two discs that also include a few Folk influences. A good example is the chilling and dreamy “Twinkler” or the epic “Eula”. The band also includes several long instrumental passages or entire instrumental tracks. Many people complain about them and say that they are not as good as on the previous records which I can’t comment as I haven’t heard from this band before. While some instrumentals lack of focus, there are also a few very vivid songs on here such as “Green Theme” that I might cite as my favourite one as it’s alittle bit darker and heavier than the rest. On the other side the shorter and lighter “If I Forget Thee, Lowcountry” also has its charmes plus a very beautiful title and is a good appeasing choice for an album closer.

    In the end, BARONESS offer seventy-five minutes of music with many haunting and catchy moments. I would have prefered one single album and maybe only twelve or thirteen tracks with a running time under on hour on a high level but even the filler material on here includes no true stinkers. I don’t really get why this abnd is popular among Metal fans but as a fan of progressiev and Psychedelic Rock music, I appreciate this record a lot. Theband has a lot of potential and I expect that there might even be greater things to come. After the colours red, blue, yellow and green, maybe the band can get one step closer to the Progress Rock Olymp by adding some pink as in PINK FLOYD, some purple as in DEEP PURPLE or some crimson as in KING CRIMSON to their sound. If there is a band around to take the heritage of these big names, BARONESS surely is a promising candidate but for now, let’s just wait and see while we enjoy this atmospheric and creative double-album that grows with each spin.

    Let’s add that a physical purchase of the double-album is highly recommandable thanks to a great cover artwork and many stunning pictures in the booklet that have been made by John Baizley. If you like the arts in general, then you shouldn’t miss this out and will surely be pleased.

    (Online January 29, 2013)

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