• Blade (1998) - Ordinary action blockbuster instead of a horror movie - 4/10 (27/05/10)

    Blade (1998)


    I really have a lot of difficulties to appreciate modern movies about vampires as the "Underworld" saga, the "Nochnoy dozor: Night watch" and its sequels or the Blade saga. I'm a fan of old and sometimes even modern horror movies ("30 days of night" is a nice modern film about vampires for example) and I leak to read horror literature too, but this movie is not convincing me at all.

    Wesley Sinpes plays a cool and tough guy and is doing a quite well job even though he is maybe a little bit too "gangsta" for such a movie, there are also some nice fighting and gore scenes, but this film has an important lack of horror elements, of an interesting and suspenseful story and a horrifying atmosphere.

    The movie is much more an action movie with some surprising lengths in the middle of the movie (while movies as "Dead snow" or parts of the "Underworld" saga still have much more adrenaline) rather than a horror movie. I would compare this movie to the first "Matrix" movie, this one being also a wanna-be cool action movie with a pseudo science-fiction background instead of a horror background like in this one.

    I give the four points for the acceptable first thirty minutes, the action effects, the style of the actors and the special acting of Wesley Snipes. I haven't seen the sequels but this one didn't give me the state of euphoria to head for the other ones at all.


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