• By the numbers - A review of Over Kill's Last Man Standing

    By the numbers - A review of Over Kill's Last Man Standing

    This extended play was released with German metal magazine Legacy to promote Over Kill's upcoming studio record The Wings of War.

    This record includes two brand new songs from the upcoming full length release. "Last Man Standing" has a great instrumental build-up that intensifies before exploding into a dynamic traditional thrash metal track that will open the new record with a bang. "Head of a Pin" has a slower groove that makes it more rhythmic and menacing while the vocals also sound particularly variable and gritty.

    Two exclusive live tracks are included on this release. The dynamic and raw classic thrash metal anthem "Hello from the Gutter" was recorded at Rock Hard Festival back in 2015. Dead Boys cover "Sonic Reducer" was recorded at the same festival three years later and Over Kill truly managed to make the song sound like one of their own.

    A special gimmick is the studio cover version of The Animals' "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" which was originally included on the Japanese version of Over Kill's Bloodletting record that came out right after the collection of cover songs called Coverkill a little less than twenty years ago. While covering such an old rock 'n' roll track sounds like a cool idea and Over Kill certainly adapted the track to their own grinding thrash metal style, this version lacks the bitter sarcasm and hypnotiying melody of the original track. Over Kill sounds better when adapting hardcore punk songs and should come around with another collection of cover songs in the near future.

    In the end, Over Kill's Last Man Standing will certainly appeal to traditional thrash metal fans in general and to Over Kill's numerous followers in particular. However, the two new tracks are too much by the numbers to leave a deeper impression, the live material is solid but not outstanding and the cover song is somewhat disappointing. This release itself is only interesting for faithful collectors but you'll at least get an outstanding magazine with it.

    Final rating: 70%

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