• Cobweb - Project Namaste (2010) (7,5/10)

    Genre: Heavy Rock / Blues / Progressive Rock
    Label: Self-production
    Playing time: 38:42
    Band homepage: -


    1. Mero Lagi

    2. Namaste

    3. Kehi Shabda Le

    4. Putali

    5. Eklo Jeevan (feat. Anish Bajracharya)

    6. Mercedes Benz (feat. Anish Bajracharya)

    7. Maryo Ni Maryo (feat. Anish Bajracharya)

    8. The Wall (feat. Anish Bajracharya) (PINK FLOYD / SURVIVOR Cover)

    Cobweb - Project Namaste

    I'm open to discover exotic rock bands from all around the world and I recently stumbled over a very well executed PINK FLOYD cover song of "Another Brick In The Wall“ that switches into a rendition of SURVIVOR's "Eye Of The Tiger“. The name of this band was COBWEB and I decided to learn more about and listen to more material of that band. Formed by a couple of school friends back in 1992 in Nepal's capital Kathmandu, the band brought Heavy Rock music to the country and has released seven quite open-minded albums so far that go from Blues Rock over Heavy Metal to Reggae.


    I decided to pick up the band's most recent release "Project Namaste“ that was released in 2010 and that also includes this good PINK FLOYD / SURVIVOR cover at the end of the record. The first half consists of brand new songs by the band, the sceond half includes four tracks with guest musician Anish Bajracharya who plays on one brand new track, two rerecorded songs and the closing cover track.


    A video clip has been done for the opening "Mero Lagi“ which is a dreamy and laid back Rock song with great melodic vocals. It's not the kind of song that kicks off the record with a bang and should have found its place in the middle of the record instead but the laid back track is nevertheless quite catchy, especially the chorus. The beautiful guitar harmonies, the appeasing bass guitar play and the relaxed drum rhythms build up a song that invites you to take a break from your everday life.


    The title song "Namaste“ is a track somewhere between Folk and Reggae and has very little to do with Rock music itself. The song has been written in memory of a certain Kumar Ghale and is a quite peaceful and joyful but nevertheless spiritual tribute to that person including a few child choirs that add an original touch to the laid back song.


    "Kehi Shabda Le“ has a darker tone and is the first more Rock orientated track on the album. This track is a grower that doesn't stand out at first try but risks to grow on you.


    "Putali“ opens with beautiful guitar harmonies and varies from more laid back vocals to quite joyful and expressive multiple vocal passages. It's a very simple and short track but that's exactly what its beauty consists of.


    "Eklo Jeevan“ is a great slow to mid tempo Rock song with a strong and longer guitar solo in the middle part and once again grounded and fitting vocals. The amazing guitar work makes this track one of the catchiest on this release.


    We then get two rerecordings of the band's two most famous songs to date that are often covered by local bands as well. The first one is the vivid Rock song "Mercedes Benz“ that is clearly inspired by many classic Western Hard Rock bands of the sixties and seventies like DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN or THE ROLLING STONES. I especially like the funky bass play in the track and the catchy vocal work.


    The second rerecorded classic is called "Maryo Ni Maryo“ and has a cool and almost Country driven guitar work while there are also a few simple Hard rock riffs in the song. Once again, the guitar solo that comes this time along with a lot of wah-wah pedal effects can be considered as the highlight of the song. The experimental vocal effects towards the end of the track also grab your attention. They sound somewhat strange but I happened to appreciate them a lot. When you listen to these two rerecorded songs, it becomes clear why they are considered as classics and band highlights because they are also among the best tracks on this release. The album then closes with the already mentioned "The Wall“ cover song.


    All in all, "Project Namaste“ is a more laid back and mature Rock album with a good mixture of new and old songs plus a great cover song. That's why this album is a perfect way to get in touch with Nepal's Rock legends COBWEB. The record is well produced and touches a lot of genres from Folk over Blues Rock to Progressive Rock. The only thing I miss is a faster or heavier track on here that would have rated this record up. Make up your own mind about the music as you can find all tracks on the band's ReverbNation page: http://www.reverbnation.com/cobwebnepal/songs

    (Online August 17, 2013)

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