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    Dear readers of my blog,

    I've written an elevated number of concert reviews over the past few years but I didn't have the time to write any so far this year. Since I've assisted a couple of outstanding shows, I'm going to write a summary of all these shows very soon, probably in about three weeks. This massive concert review will include many photos and videos. It will feature quite diversified groups such as Alestorm, Puddle of Mudd, Voivod and many more. To give you a short teaser, check out the following video of Canadian heavy metal legend Anvil that came to Ottawa last week.

    Here's Anvil with ''March of the Crabs / 666'', recorded live at Mavericks in Ottawa on April 2nd, 2015. I might give you a little challenge just for fun: if you look closely enough, you can even find me in this video.

    Here's Anvil's latest official video clip of the song ''Eat Your Words'' from the great ''Hope in Hell'' record:

    Please check out my review for ''Hope in Hell' again: http://kluseba.eklablog.com/anvil-hope-in-hell-2013-8-10-a92553149

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