• Coppelius - Extrablatt (2013) (7,5/10)

    Genre: Symphonic Metal / Metal Cello / Avantgarde Metal
    Label: Self-production
    Playing time: 49:54
    Band homepage: -


    1. Spieldose

    2. Welt im Wahn

    3. Reichtum

    4. Bitten, danken, petitieren

    5. Locked Out

    6. Butterblume

    7. Keine Kamera

    8. I'd Change Everything

    9. Glanz und Eleganz

    10. Glaubtet ihr?

    11. Mitten ins Herz

    12. Running Free (IRON MAIDEN cover)

    13. Geschwind

    14. Maria (SUBWAY TO SALLY cover) (Bonus track)

    Coppelius - Extrablatt

    COPPELIUS is an absolutely unique band from Berlin who plays Metal music on cello, clarinet, double bass, drums and harpsichord. Some people describe the band as the Steampunk version of the Neue Deutsche Härte genre which is quite accurate. The band should also please to fans of Symphonic Metal legends APOCALYPTICA and to those who sympathasize with the German Medieval Rock scene around bands like CULTUS FEROX, DAS NIVEAU, IN EXTREMO, OMNIA or SALTATIO MORTIS. This record also includes a calm and profound cover of SUBWAY TO SALLY's „Maria“. The original laid back Medieval Rock song is already great but this new version pleases me even more. COPPELIUS are also known for their numerous IRON MAIDEN covers and this time they have chosen „Running Free“. Even though I'm a big fan of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal legends, I must admit that this cover song is clearly better and more original than the initial version. Go check it out!

    The band also has a couple of quite promising own songs. The band varies from vivid and fast tracks like „Welt im Wahn“ to slower tracks like „Locked Out“. While darker songs like „Reichtum“ sound surprisingly modern, criticize society in their lyrics and are relatively simplistic by reminding of bands like KNORKATOR, OOMPH! or RAMMSTEIN, there are also more vivid songs like the danceable fun ride „Bitten, danken, petitieren“ that could come straight from APOCALYPTICA and more laid back tracks like the ballad „Butterblume“. The main riffs of „Mitten ins Herz“ even sound like early METALLICA which is quite captivating and funny. The humorous but sometimes also very well thought out lyrics are though the highlight of the record. The band criticizes in poetic words the excessive addiction to smartphones, i-Pods, tablets and similar more or less useful inventions in „Spieldose“. They underline the fact that fans feel like filming concerts instead of simply enjoying them in „Keine Kamera“. Other songs though have rather redundant lyrics like „Butterblume“ and „Geschwind“ where you can switch your brains off.

    While COPPELIUS records are always entertaining, there is always a lot of hit and miss as well. „Extrablatt“ includes great and dynamical songs like „Welt im Wahn“, „Reichtum“, „Bitten, danken, petitieren“, „Locked Out“ or „Glaubtet ihr?“ but songs like „Spieldose“, „Butterblume“ and „Geschwind“ can't convince me. The new album also lacks a true hit like "Gumbagabanga" was for me on the previous output "Zinnober". The band is a really great live act with their their authentic stage settings, amusing costumes and funny and poetic speeches on stage. The studio records are quite good and „Extrablatt“ is surely among the stronger ones as well but they aren't truly essential or outstanding. Fans of their unique music should get this record but it's not a must have for everybody. A COPPELIUS concert is though something nobody should miss and a true unforgettable fun ride.

    (Online August 6, 2013)

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