• Albiorix Requiem - Astral Stream (2011)


    Albiorix Requiem is a quite atmospheric doom metal band from Japan with some tiny but interesting gothic elements in their sound.

    Dreamy and fairy background choirs supported by hypnotizing keyboard sounds meet tribal drums, slow but heavy guitar riffs and crispy growls with a haunting and ritual touch. The doom music makes rather think of occult underground progressive sounds from the late sixties and seventies than of modern doom metal bands. The gothic parts help to visualize the concept and create images on your mind while you listen to the music.

    The two songs on this first official EP could both fit to the soundtrack of a slow paced and mysterious horror movie or might fit to dark autumn nights, black messes or as an inspiring background music for Halloween parties or similar stuff. The songs also vary enough to remain interesting without losing their atmosphere and clear guiding line. In comparison to other doom metal bands that sound redundant after a while and repeat themselves in overlong song structures, this Japanese band is easier to digest and finds the right path between hypnotizing repetition and addicting diversity.

    Let's see if the band might maintain this very solid level of song writing on a full length release. I'm definitely looking forward to hear more of them and suggest you to try their music out if you like traditional doom metal, slow and atmospheric gothic metal and anything in connection with occultism. The band sounds like an interesting underground version of a mixture of early Moonspell and Opeth with some psychedelic influences from the early seventies.


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