• DreadOut (2013) - Atmospheric horror video game from Indonesia - 7/10 (20/01/19)

    DreadOut (2013)

    DreadOut is an Indonesian independent survival horror game that convinces with its cultural, mythological and spiritual references, refreshingly grounded and sympathetic characters and an omnipresent gloomy atmosphere.

    Even though the game received average ratings, it's a milestone for the Indonesian video game industry. It was developed in a small team and financed with the help of a crowd sourcing campaign.

    The game's mysterious vibe, the developers' pioneer spirit and the project's sympathetic old-school approach pardon for weaker graphics and a slightly predictable story line.

    The sound department is particularly well-executed and the game has a coherent and entertaining flow in its relatively short running time.

    Any fan of third- and first-person survival horror games in the key of Penumbra, Resident Evil, Silent Hill and the likes should give this semi-professional exotic release a fair chance.

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