• English as a second language at French Canadian high schools


    this is just a short message to inform you that I have finally uploaded all the exercises that I had prepared for my high school Groups over the past School year (grades seven to nine or secondary 1 to 3, regular and enriched programs). I decided not to upload a few other documents that I had also worked out with other teachers. There are also a few fables, fairy tales, short stories etc. that I didn't upload due to copyright issues. All you can find on this blog had been created by me. You can find by now all my documents in the "school" section of my blog.

    Over the school year, I had been working with the following material as well:

    Secondary I:





    Secondary 2:



    Secondary 3:


    Maybe these information may help you to get some inspiration, no matter if you are a teacher, a parent, a student or just somebody who is curious about discovering English as a second language classes at French Canadian public high schools.

    I will work on many more exercises over the next school year, this time at a private high school with many interesting and modern technical dimensions. I will keep you updated about my work a few months from here.

    Have a nice day and a nice summer break,

    Sebastian Kluth 

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