• Fight Club (1999) - Brilliant acting, a famous twist but still overrated - 6/10 (02/05/10)

    Fight Club (1999)


    Yes, this one is are very good and entertaining movie with an interesting twist, not the best one in film history as some people say but still a quite good one, and a good acting of the two brilliant main characters without any doubt.

    What I dislike about the film is its slow paced introduction which I found somehow long and boring, the idea of the fight club and its intentions itself and that the whole thing seems logic to its members, the somehow exaggerated end and the fact that you don't get to know what the whole sense or intention of the terroristic organisation has to mean or not to mean in the end.

    All in all, this one of the movies you should have watched once in your life and which you should know to make yourself an opinion. This one is very popular and many friends from different countries are quite often talking about this movie so you should watch it to be able to discuss about it. I'm one of the rare people who don't give 9 or 10 points because I know weirder non mainstream movies with better twist, but from the popular ones of the genres, this one may be the most interesting movie and become somehow a kind of drug you get addicted to which may introduce you to other movies of the genre, for example the movies of David Lynch or Shyamalan or the real underground stuff.


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