• Forensic Files: a fascinating true crime series

    Forensic Files: a fascinating true crime series

    This summer, while on vacation in Atlantic Canada, I discovered the television channel HLN and the true crime series Forensic Files that aired on it. The popular series with late narrator Peter Thomas originally aired between 1996 and 2011. A total of fourteen seasons were produced with four hundred six chilling episodes. I realized that many of the crimes were much more violent than what fictional crime series had to offer. I also learned a lot about forensic science and how it is almost impossible nowadays to get away with murder. The episodes showed fascinating cases of identity theft, kidnapping, murder, poisoning, robbery and more that took mostly place in the United States of America but also in Mexico or Canada. Here are ten of my favorite episodes. Enjoy!

    Season two, episode nine: Something's Fishy

    Season three, episode three: The Talking Skull

    Season four, episode one: Invisible Intruder

    Season six, episode fourteen: Treads and Threads

    Season six, episode sixteen: Skin of Her Teeth

    Season six, episode eighteen: Bad Blood

    Season seven, episode one: The Cheater

    Season eight, episode four: Sign Here

    Season eight, episode twelve: Order Up

    Season eleven, episode forty-one: Bitter Brew

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