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    Fragarak - Crypts Of Dissimulation

    Crypts Of Dissimulation
    Reviewed by Sebastian Kluth

    Here comes another obscure newcomer band that I would like to introduce to the open minded metal community all around the world: Fragarak is an atmospheric, but also technically driven, progressive death metal band that hails from New Delhi, India. The five members just released their debut album entitled Crypts Of Dissimulation a few days ago.

    Even though the energizing (but overall not very diversified or distinctive) death metal vocals might not appeal to everybody, the instrumental features of this record are worth a few spins for any extreme progressive metal fan. The death metal fans might react in a similar way, and enjoy the vocals without finding them all too spectacular. The band works with bleak atmospheres that are carried by appeasing acoustic guitar passages that serve as conceptual introductions or fitting closures. Add many slow and almost doom- influenced breaks to the concept, and you have a very gripping foundation. The faster death or thrash-oriented bits and pieces are not surprising, but well-executed and integrated into the complex and epic tracks. Sometimes, the band even leans towards black metal, sounding a bit like Cryptik Howling. The five musicians often include acoustic breaks in their tracks that give the release a cinematic and conceptual touch, but these also provide much-needed breaks to help digest all of the band’s ideas sanely. This also helps keep the attention very high until the end. As you might guess, this record is rather intellectual, and requests some dedication and time from potential fans to fully appreciate.

    The melodic guitar solos and chilling acoustics are incredibly executed. The vocals waver from time to time, but remain at an average quality, while the drum work could be a little bit more thought-out at some points. Musicians and fans of atmospheric and instrumental music might dig this release even more than a simple extreme metal fan, who might find some parts of the record too challenging.

    If I had to give a few references, I would tell you that this band offers a mixture of Brazilians Chaos Synopsis and Swedes Opeth. Fans of bands such as early Amorphis or Therion, as well as of Novembers Doom or The Chasm should also give this musically very promising and also surprisingly well produced and promoted debut record a few spins.

    3.5 // 5

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