• Fuck the neighbors indeed - A review of Iron Reagan's ''Crossover Ministry''

    Iron Reagan - Crossover Ministry (2017)

    Iron Reagan's new output Crossover Ministry is another half hour of power that offers eighteen vivid crossover thrash tracks. Genre fans might already have their highlight of the year here, should grab this output immediately and try to go see the crazy quintet in concert as soon as possible. The album is only slightly inferior to its incredible predecessor because it doesn't include a masterpiece like ''Four More Years''. While the new release doesn't include as many surprising ideas as The Tyranny of Will, it's still a highly entertaining effort without any fillers. The riffs are pitiless, the bass guitar sounds heavier than ever before, the drum play finds the right balance between emotions and skills, the raw vocals blend in perfectly, the lyrics are as sharp as ever and the appropriately raw production makes you feel as if you were sitting in the band's rehearsal room during an unchained performance all around you. The production on here might actually be the best Iron Reagan has ever had.

    Let's point out a few personal highlights that represent the different facets of this release very well. Things already start promisingly with distorted guitars and furious drum patterns in the apocalyptic opener ''A Dying World'' that immediately sets the attitude of this rebellious records straight. A first real standout track is ''Dead with My Friends'' which is actually the longest tune on the album and convinces with both faster passages and menacing grooves carried by heavy bass guitar sounds. ''Fuck the Neighbors'' is this record's humorous party anthems including some dialogue samples and is meant to be cranked up at home on a Friday night. ''More War'' is one of this release's angriest tunes somewhere between thrash metal and hardcore punk and has an interesting sociocritical message. ''Megachurch'' seems to be an interesting parody of Ghost and offers unusually hypnotizing and melodic vocal parts in the verses while the track is still genuine crossover thrash at its best instrumentally and delivers some fierce food for thought in the lyrics.

    This record provides more energy than an adrenaline shot and is meant to be played loudly and in one shot. The band once again finds the perfect balance between serious topics and a juvenile fun ride. The more you listen to this release, the more you will get into the different tunes and the ferocious release as a whole. Even though the cover artwork sadly doesn't include a deformed painting of Ronald Reagan's scary face this time, Crossover Ministry represents everything Iron Reagan is about. It's obviously an essential addition to any fan collection but also a recommendable starting point for potential new fans who are looking for a convincing mixture of thrash metal's unchained intensity and hardcore punk's raw spirit. If you like bands such as D.R.I., Mucky Pup, Stormtroopers of Death and the likes, Crossover Ministry will become your new bible.

    Final rating: 85%

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