• Gangster Squad (2013) - A great nostalgic ode to the classic gangster movies - 7/10 (02/03/13)

    Gangster Suqad (2013)

    Gangster Squad is the first small highlight of the young year 2013. It's not that this movie has a truly surprising story line or adds anything new to the genre. The movie is in fact based on true events as many movies are these days and the good cops versus evil gangsters story is rather predictable.

    The strength of the movie lies in a well-crafted retro touch reminding the dirty forties of Los Angeles. The decorations, make-ups and settings are above standards and create an intriguing basis of this movie. 

    In addition to this, the film mixes tension filled action scenes with dramatic moments that focus on a certain character development. The actors that convinced me most were Robert Patrick as grizzled old gunslinger with a dry sense of humour and Sean Penn in the role of a choleric and dangerous gangster boss who terrorizes not only a whole city but also his partners and his girlfriend. 

    The movie is entertaining from the beginning to the end and offers a surprisingly brutal but also dramatic showdown. Don't expect a new "Once Upon A Time In America", "Scarface" or "The Godfather" but an entertaining and sometimes rather hard gangster movie with a nostalgic flair and convincing actors.



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