Eganville Centennial Park
    1T0, Eganville, ON K0J
    Polish Kashub Heritage Museum & Skansen
    1112 Wilno Rd N, Wilno, ON K0J 2N0
    Royal Canadian Legion Branch 225
    201 River St, Sturgeon Falls, ON P2B 1T4
    Marches de l'église démolie en 1971 de Saint-Jean-Vianney
    1G0, Chemin Shipshaw S, Saint-Charles-de-Bourget, QC G0V 1G0
    Motel du Lac
    1017 Boulevard Quevillon, Lebel-sur-Quévillon, QC
    Chute à Gadou
    Rivière-aux-Outardes, QC
    Escoumins Cross
    23 Rue de la Croix, Les Escoumins, QC G0T 1K0
    Pavillon Nikitoutagan
    2330 Rue de la Rivière aux Sables, Jonquière, QC G7X 9E6
    Statue de Notre-Dame-du-Saguenay
    Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay, Rivière-Éternité, QC G0V 1P0
    Club Le Perce-Neige de Bégin
    100 Rue Lemieux, Bégin, QC G0V 1B0
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  • 224 avis
    1000 Bruxelles, Belgique -  
    La Grand-Place de Bruxelles est un des lieux les plus populaires de la ville. L'architecture est impressionnante. Par contre, il y a énormément d'achalandage touristique et encore plus de mendiants. Il est impossible de manger dans un café ou restaurant dans la section extérieure sans se faire déranger par un mendiant. Le contraste entre les gens pauvres et l'architecture élégante est plutôt étrange.
    Manneken Pis
    1000 Bruxelles, Belgique -  
    Le Manneken Pis n'est rien d'autre qu'une minuscule statue cachée dans un petit coin de rue. Ce monument vulgaire est un petit bonhomme qui urine dans une petite fontaine. C'est insultant d'appeler cette statue enfantine un symbole de Bruxelles, mais cela en dit long sur le manque de monuments originaux dans la ville. C'est à éviter.
    Danube Tower
    Donauturmstraße 8, 1220 Wien, Autriche -  
    Vienna's Danube Tower offers splendid views of the Danube, downtown Vienna and the area around the United Nations. It's an essential place to visit when you come to Vienna for the first time.
    Het Oude Stadhuys Gouda
    Markt 1, 2801 JG Gouda, Pays-Bas -  
    Gouda's Old City Hall at the Markt square is one of the oldest and most beautiful Gothic city halls in the Netherlands. Gouda's famous cheese markets are located around this impressive building of the fifteenth century. It's an essential place to visit if you come to the Netherlands.
    Palais Noordeinde
    Noordeinde 68, 2514 GL Den Haag, Pays-Bas -  
    Noordeinde Palace is one of the three official palaces of the Dutch royal family. The front view is splendid and there are elegant parks with stunning statues and sculptures close by. It's an essential place to visit if you come to The Hague for the very first time.
    Belvédère Champlain
    Parc de la Gatineau, Luskville, QC J0X 2G0 -  
    Le panorama du Belvédère Champlain sur les forêts et collines du Parc de la Gatineau, les plaines et champs de l'Outaouais et la rivière des Outaouais est spectaculaire à chaque saison.
    Domaine Mackenzie-King
    Parc de la Gatineau, Chemin MacKenzie King, Aylmer, QC J9J 3S4 -  
    Le domaine Mackenzie-King est un bel endroit historique où on peut faire des marches tranquilles pour découvrir des ruines, des lacs et même des chutes à proximité. Sur place, il est possible d'acheter des petites boissons et petits repas à emporter ou à boire et manger quelque chose de plus diversifié sur place.
    Sentier Lac Pink
    Parc de la Gatineau, Gatineau, QC -  
    Le Sentier Pink Lake est l'endroit idéal pour marcher en famille entre une à deux heures. Le lac est très beau, il y a des animaux tels que des tortues à observer et il y a des plaques qui nous donnent davantage d'informations sur la faune locale.
    TD Place
    1015 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3W7 -  
    Since renovations have been completed about two and a half years ago, TD Place is probably the greatest arena and stadium in all of Canada. It's beautifully located beside Lansdowne Park and Rideau Canal. There are a lot of restaurants, shops and even a new cinema beside it. The atmosphere at TD Place is great. I have experienced concerts, football, games, ice hockey games and soccer games there. While the Ottawa Redblacks are an absolutely outstanding team, the Ottawa 67's are solid but need to improve in the long run and Ottawa Fury FC is delivering rather underwhelming performances so far.
    My Sweet Tea
    824 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R 6R5 -  
    My Sweet Tea is a nice spot to drink some bubble tea and eat some cake in Ottawa's Chinatown. Drink choices are varied, food choices not so much. Service is efficient and helpful.
    Centre Du Lac Pouce
    6939 Boulevard Talbot, Laterrière, QC G7N 1W2 -  
    Le centre du Lac Pouce est utilisé comme camp de vacances. Le milieu naturel est beau et beaucoup d'activités variées sont offertes sur place. C'est un bon endroit pour aller à la plage, faire du bateau et faire du camping. C'est surtout intéressant pour de jeunes enfants et jeunes adolescents, mais des adolescents plus âgés et adultes auront rapidement fait le tour du camp.
    Lac Simoncouche
    Québec -  
    Il y a un petit camp chaleureux près du Lac Simoncouche qui est entre autres utilisé par l'Université du Québec à Chicoutimi pour étudier la faune locale. En hiver, c'est un endroit magnifique pour faire de la raquette et du ski de fond.
    Haus Diepental
    Diepental Str. 88, 42799 Leichlingen (Rheinland), Allemagne -  
    The area of Diepental Dam between Leverkusen and Leichlingen was once a beautiful spot and young and old people came to go boating, fishing and swimming, have lunch or dinner in the restaurant, play mini golf or walk around the lake. Over the past decade, this area has decreased significantly in quality. The main restaurant has closed, it's impossible to go boating and the mini golf section has been abandoned. The water level has sunk which has reduced the size of the lake by about a third. The lake looks muddy and sandy and instead of ducks, fish or swans, you will only find geese there. The owners haven't taken care of this beautiful spot because they were exclusively interested in making money and not in taking care of the once-gorgeous environment. Avoid.
    Quai des Artistes
    Rue Jacques-Cartier, Gatineau, QC -  
    Le Quai des Artistes est un bel endroit d'où on peut observer l'embouchure de la rivière Gatineau dans la rivière des Outaouais. Entre le printemps et l'automne, des bateaux de croisière passent près du quai. On a également une bonne vue sur le pont Lady Aberdeen ainsi que sur l'église de la paroisse Saint-François-de-Sales. C'est sans aucun doute un des plus endroits dans le secteur Gatineau.
    Eganville Centennial Park
    1T0, Eganville, ON K0J -  
    Eganville Centennial Park is situated in downtown Eganville on the shores of Bonnechere River. There are a bridge across the river, a small playground, a memorial and even an little amphitheater where concerts and theater plays are performed in the summer. There are also washroom facilities and banks to sit down. It's a great spot to pass by as it's in the middle of beautiful landscapes and yet integrated into the downtown area.
    Polish Kashub Heritage Museum & Skansen
    1112 Wilno Rd N, Wilno, ON K0J 2N0 -  
    Wilno is the oldest polish settlement in Canada and this beautiful outdoor museum honors these pioneers. The park offers some heritage stones, old huts, wooden crosses and other authentic relics of the past. There are some banks to sit down and take a break, a few colorful flowers and there is even a creek close by. I recommend making a stop there, remembering the past and taking some pictures.
    Amphithéâtre de Trèves
    Bergstraße 45, 54295 Trier, Allemagne
    The remnants of this Roman Amphitheater are about two thousand years old. The upper levels in the middle of the nature are splendid to watch. You can also discover the catacombs which are gloomy and humid. Sometimes there are concerts, markets and theater plays on this site that have a very unique atmosphere.
    Thermes impériaux de Trèves
    Weberbach 41, 54290 Trier, Allemagne
    The ruins of the Imperial Baths are really impressive. There is a little museum beside the site where you can get some information. Walking through the remains of walls and subterranean passages is though far more exciting. The whole area looks like a giant maze and takes some time to get discovered.
    Porta Nigra
    Porta-Nigra-Platz, 54290 Trier, Allemagne
    The Porta Nigra is a Roman city gate that is nearly two thousand years old. The interior with its courts and naves is impressive. You can also enjoy splendid views of downtown Trier from the top of the building.
    Marienpl. 11B, 33098 Paderborn, Allemagne
    This is one of the most beautiful places in the historic city core of downtown Paderborn. You can enjoy the views of the surrounding statues and traditional buildings or just sit around with something nice to eat or to drink during the summer. It's the perfect spot to take a break and some pictures.
    Ben Ben Restaurant
    697 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R 6P5
    Ben Ben is my favorite Asian restaurant in Ottawa. The location might be small and only offers space for more or less fifty customers, the washrooms might be a little bit dirty and I have already seen a big wasp flying around when I visited some time ago. However, the menu is extremely varied, the food always tastes absolutely amazing and the prices are more than acceptable. You really get value for money here. While the staff is very friendly, there are sometimes rather loud arguments going on in the kitchen which is a little bit weird. Overall, there are more positives than negatives. I have been to this place more than half a dozen times already, I will come back in the future and I would really recommend it to anyone who likes authentic Chinese cuisine.
    Zurakowski Park
    1-83 Kelly St, Barry's Bay, ON K0J 1B0
    Zurakowski Park is a small but both beautiful and meaningful park in downtown Barry's Bay. It honours local resident and world-renowned test pilot Janusz Zurakowski. You can see plaques with pictures and descriptions, a statue of the pilot and a gigantic model of one of the planes he flew. Make sure to stop here and take some pictures if you're going to or coming from the Algonquin Provincial Park.
    Algonquin Park Visitor Centre
    Hwy 60 at Km 43, Whitney, ON K0J 2M0
    Algonquin Park Visitor Centre is the most essential place to visit if you discover the area for the first time. There is a permanent exhibition about the park's natural environment, a short twelve-minute long documentary to watch and numerous lookouts with views of Fork Lake, Norway Lake and its surrounding forests. You can also shop some souvenirs, get something to eat and have access to clean washroom facilities which isn't possible anywhere else in the area.
    Hardwood Lookout Trail
    Parc provincial Algonquin, Nipissing, Unorganized, South Part, ON
    Hardwood Lookout Trail is a lookout about five minutes away from a small parking lot in Algonquin Provincial Park. It offers a great view of Smoke Lake and the surrounding forests. There are two banks to take a short break and a small memorial to be photographed. It isn't the most impressive sight in the Algonquin Provincial Park but very easy to access and mainly serves to get a first impression of the area when you're coming from the western side.
    Lions Lookout
    Lookout Rd, Huntsville, ON P1H 1R1
    Lions Lookout is located on a hill on the outskirts of Hunstville, Ontario. It offers a great view of Fairy Lake and its numerous islands as well as of the beautiful town with its numerous bays and narrows. There are beautiful trails around and you can find a hut, a pioneer village and even a war memorial close by. It's a great spot to visit far away from usual tourist spots and you can take gorgeous pictures there.
    Spirit Catcher
    Barrie, ON
    Spirit Catcher is an impressive statute that has become a landmark in Barrie, Ontario. The sixteen kinetic quills move in the wind and that gives the statue an unusually lively look. Located on the shore of Kempenfelt Bay which is connected to Lake Simcoe, the statue is both close to the colourful downtown area and the marina.
    William E. Small Suspension Bridge
    French River Provincial Park, ON-69, Killarney, ON
    William E. Small Suspension Bridge is a bridge that can be used by pedestrians and squads from spring to autumn and by snowmobiles in the winter. The views of the French River, the highway bridge and the railroad bridge are stunning and worth a stop and a few pictures.
    Recollet Falls
    French River Provincial Park, Killarney, ON
    Recollet Falls actually look more like rapids than actual falls. The trail to get there is nice but quite steep, sandy and muddy at times. The panoramic views of the French River valley are the best about the trail. Plan at least one hour on a sunny day or ninety minutes on a rainy day to get from the visitor centre to the falls and back again and make sure to wear long trousers and stable footwear. Watch out for rattlesnakes and thornbushes in the area.
    Channel Marina
    23 Channel Street Killarney, ON P0M 2A0, Killarney, ON
    Killarney's Marina offers a stunning view of Georgian Bay and George Island. On the other side, this place looks dead during the off-season and there wasn't even one single restaurant or other facility open when I went there on a weekend in April.
    Rapides-Des-Joachims Bridge
    Rapides-Des-Joachims Bridge is an old but charming bridge that connects Ontario and Quebec across the Ottawa River. The views of the Ottawa River are stunning and it's a great spot to appreciate the beauty of nature. However, the bridge is rather small and has only one lane which can cause occasional traffic jams. It's also a shame that there is no real lookout in this beautiful area.
    Explorer's Point Park
    Mattawa, ON
    Explorer's Point Park in Mattawa is a very nice place to look at the Ottawa River. There is a quay, an old railway bridge, a regular bridge and a lot of beautiful old buildings and a church around. On the other side of the park, you can find a nice little war memorial.
    Champlain Tent Trailer and RV Park
    1202 Premier Rd, North Bay, ON P1A 2J4
    I didn't go there for camping but I was rather looking for a beautiful spot where I could admire Lake Nipissing. The lake and the little river at the park look nice and there is a beautiful monument in honor of Champlain. The rest of the park is everything but beautiful. The road is muddy and sandy. The playground is very limited. There is a lot of garbage around. Just stop there to take a few pictures but don't stay there any longer except if you're interested in garbage cans.
    Royal Canadian Legion Branch 225
    201 River St, Sturgeon Falls, ON P2B 1T4
    Next to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch of Sturgeon Falls, you can find a small but nice war memorial and you have an impressive view of the Sturgeon Falls Dam.
    Big Nickel Boutique at Dynamic Earth
    122 Big Nickel Mine Dr, Sudbury, ON P3C 5T7
    The Big Nickel is a nine-meter replica of a 1951 Canadian nickel located at the grounds of the dynamic Earth science museum. As a hobby numismatist, I liked the replica and took a few pictures of it. The museum looks nice as well. Everything else is rather unattractive. The view of the city isn't that great. There is a lot of construction around. The road to the Big Nickel is muddy and sandy. You can go there once if you happen to pass by but it isn't anything spectacular.
    Pembroke Waterfront Park
    Fred Blackstein Blvd, Pembroke, ON
    Pembroke Waterfront Park is one of the most beautiful sites on the shores of the Ottawa River. There are numerous monuments, playgrounds and a port with numerous boats and splendid views of the nature.
    Catholic Church St-John The Evangelist
    160 Rue Front, Campbell's Bay, QC J0X 1K0
    Cette église pittoresque est située près d'un affluent de la rivière des Outaouais. Les paysages et la vue sont splendides.
    Luskville Falls
    Parc de la Gatineau, 276 Hôtel de Ville Way, Luskville, QC J0X 2G0
    Les chutes sont vraiment belles en printemps. Les chemins sont pleins de boue et de roches et moins plaisantes à marcher. Le site vaut un arrêt, mais pas un grand détour.
    Seven Sisters Cliffs
    Seaford, Eastbourne BN25 4AD, Royaume-Uni -  
    The Seven Sisters is a series of chalk cliffs on the shores of the English Channel. The natural landscapes are absolutely gorgeous and you can walk through South Downs National Park for hours.
    Z.U.M. Lebensmittelladen
    Friedrich-Engels-Allee 352, 42283 Wuppertal, Allemagne -  
    Z.U.M. Lebensmittelladen is a supermarket specialized on Eastern European food, drinks and souvenirs. You will especially find a lot of Russian articles. In the summer time, you can eat fresh food in front of the supermarket. Staff members are friendly and helpful. It's the best supermarket of its kind in the entire region.
    Diskothek Shadow
    Friedrich-Ebert-Platz 5, 51373 Leverkusen, Allemagne -  
    Shadow is a moody discotheque specialized on gothic, metal and medieval music genres. It's the best place to meet people with similar interests in the entire region. There is a big selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks which aren't very expensive. Decorations are quite cool and add to the discotheque's particular atmosphere. Staff members are often understaffed and therefore not always friendly on busier nights. It would be great to have one or two more barkeepers on busier nights and it would also be great to have more parties related to different rock and metal subgenres.
    Ludwig-Rehbock Park
    51379 Leverkusen, Allemagne -  
    Ludwig-Rehbock Park and the surrounding river Wupper are the most beautiful spots in an otherwise unspectacular Leverkusen-Opladen. You can relax close the river, feed the ducks in the nearby pond and there is also a nice playground for children.
    SinnesWald Sculpture Park
    Am Murbach 2, 42799 Leichlingen (Rheinland), Allemagne -  
    SinnesWald is a beautiful sculpture park in a natural environment with creative exhibitions involving local artists. There are mostly sculptures but sometimes also lamps, machines, stools or anything else than can be transformed in creative ways. The entry is free and exhibitions change regularly. If you like arts and nature, you should visit at least once a year.
    Grillmeister Leichlingen
    Brückenstraße 7, 42799 Leichlingen (Rheinland), Allemagne -  
    Grillmeister Leichlingen is easily the best fast food restaurant not only in Leichlingen but in the entire region. Staff members are friendly, everybody works accurately and meals are served very quickly. Prices are very fair for drinks and food of a surprisingly great quality. You can find something for every taste from fish and salads over pizzas and schnitzel to steaks and tarte flambée. The restaurant often has special offers for certain occasions such as chanterelles and cabbages specials. You can eat inside and outside in a relaxing atmosphere. The river Wupper is close by in a beautiful and natural environment.
    St. Pauli Elbtunnel
    Bei den St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken, 20359 Hamburg, Allemagne -  
    The St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel is also called the Old Elbe Tunnel. It's tunnel for pedestrians and small vehicles that was opened more than one hundred years ago. There are lifts for vehicles and staircases for pedestrians. The construction is impressive and solid but also somewhat gloomy and claustrophobic. The views from the Steinwerder suburb at the south end of the tunnel of the rest of Hamburg on the north end are solid but not particularly outstanding. If you are interested in architecture, it's worth a visit but if you aren't, you can easily skip this sight.
    Église Saint-Michel de Hambourg
    Englische Planke 1, 20459 Hamburg, Allemagne -  
    Saint Michael's Church is one of the city's most famous buildings. Its baroque architecture is stunning. The views of the city from the top are great. However, there are many churches of the same kind in Germany as this one isn't particularly outstanding.
    Organisation des Nations unies
    New York, NY 10017, États-Unis -  
    The headquarters of the United Nations is a stunning complex that anyone should visit on their first trip to New York City. The buildings are surrounded by original sculptures and statues. The guided visits are very informative and the friendly guides answer all your questions. The pieces exhibited inside recall amusing, creative or emotional anecdotes tracing back the history of what might be the world's most important intergovernmental organization.
    Taureau de Wall Street
    Broadway & Morris St, New York, NY 10004, États-Unis -  
    The Charging Bull is one of New York City's most distinctive sculptures and a great spot to take pictures. The elegant bronze sculpture is a symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity.
    American Museum of Natural History
    Central Park West & 79th St, New York, NY 10024, États-Unis -  
    The American Museum of Natural History is the best of its kind in the world. I have visited it ten years ago and still remember it as if it only happened yesterday. You can spend an entire day discovering interesting facts about our planet and life on it. The building's architecture is particularly elegant. A visit is mandatory if you come to New York City for the first time.
    Empire State Building
    350 5th Ave, New York, NY 10118, États-Unis -  
    The Empire State Buildings offers magnificent views of New York City. You can find a lot of pictures portraying the construction of this impressive building when you are getting to the top. However, wait times are excessively long and there are obviously lots of tourists.
    Smithsonian National Zoological Park
    3001 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008, États-Unis -  
    Smithsonian National Zoological Park is a beautiful zoo in Washington. It's a great place to take a break from the busy city life and to be in a natural environment. The admission is free which means that there are a lot of visitors. My favorite part is the panda section in the north-west.
    Cimetière d'Arlington
    Arlington, VA 22211, États-Unis -  
    Arlington National Cemetery is the biggest and most impressive military cemetary I have ever visited. I particularly liked the Arlington Memorial Amphitheater that reminds me of Ancient Greek and Roman architecture. The Tomb of the Unknowns with its silent guards is also a haunting place. It's important to remember those who gave their lives for a better tomorrow. Please vist this impressive site calmly and respectfully.
    Maison Blanche
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, États-Unis -  
    The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States of America. Its neoclassical and palladian architecture looks clean, elegant and majestic. However, the White House is actually a lot smaller than it looks on television and isn't that impressive after all.
    Monument to Heroic Defenders of Leningrad
    pl. Pobedy, 1, Sankt-Peterburg, Ленинградская область, Russie, 196143 -  
    The Monument to Heroic Defenders of Leningrad honours the victims that died during the Siege of Leningrad. The atmosphere of this site is haunting and brings the horrors of the Second World War to life. The monument itself is majestically designed. The tour through the museum underneath the monument is very informative.
    Lvinyy Mostik
    Griboyedov channel embankment, 96/2, Sankt-Peterburg, Russie, 190068 -  
    The Bridge of Four Lions is my favorite bridge in Saint Petersburg. It's a short pedestrian bridge over the Griboedov Canal and close to many attractive sights in what might be the world's most beautiful city. The bridge's abutments are crowned with four cast-iron sculptures of lions which are richly detailed. The unique structure is suspended by cables emerging from the lions' mouths. It's a great space to take pictures and usually there aren't too many tourists around.
    Cathédrale Saint-Sauveur-sur-le-Sang-Versé
    Griboyedov channel embankment, 2Б, Sankt-Peterburg, Russie, 191186 -  
    The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is one of the main sights of Saint Petersburg and one of the most stunning churches in the whole world. The richly decorated façade and onion domes of Romantic Nationalism style are stunning. The numerous mosaics and the interior lit by natural light are still impressive more than one hundred years after their creation. If you visit Saint Petersburg, you can't get around this impressive sight.
    Prater de Vienne
    1020 Wien, Autriche -  
    The Prater is a historical amusement park in Vienna. It has its own charming old-fashioned atmosphere. Its highlight is the big ferris wheel that offers a stunning view of downtown Vienna. The site is quite crowded and expensive in the summer, so I would suggest visiting during the spring or during the fall.
    Hundertwasser House
    Kegelgasse 36-38, 1030 Wien, Autriche -  
    Hundertwasser is one of my favorite artists and the famous Hundertwasser House with its quirky and colorful architecture is absolutely unique. The building is not only stunning from the outside but even from the inside. Even the washrooms are creatively designed. It's one of the most interesting sites to visit in Vienna for sure.
    Belvedere Palace
    Prinz Eugen-Straße 27, 1030 Wien, Autriche -  
    Belvedere Palace is a beautiful castle situated close to downtown Vienna. It's the perfect place to take a break from the busy city life and to discover the beautiful park with its stunning monuments.
    Würzburggasse 30, 1130 Wien, Autriche -  
    ORF-Zentrum are the headquarters of the Austrian national public service broadcaster. You can visit this place and learn a lot about this historically relevant institution as well as about the art of television itself. The guided tours are dynamic and informative for adults and children. Make sure to visit in a larger group and to take a group picture at the end of your visit.
    Peter and Paul Fortress
    Sankt-Peterburg, Russie, 197046 -  
    The Peter and Paul Fortress is a citadel built three hundred years ago. It's situated on a very beautiful island on the river Neva where you can take tons of stunning pictures. The site also has its gloomier side in form of the mausoleum which is the burial place of several famous tsars.
    Musée de l'Ermitage
    Palace Square, 2, Sankt-Peterburg, Russie, 190000 -  
    The State Hermitage Museum is the most beautiful museum I have ever visited and I have seen tons of museums. Everything is perfect from the stunning architecture of the different buildings to the exhibited furnitures, masks, paintings, statues, steles, vases and weapons. One entire day isn't enough to discover the beauty of this place. If you are remotely interested in arts, this is the most essential place to visit.
    Palais Catherine
    Garden St, 7, Pushkin, g. Sankt-Peterburg, Russie, 196601 -  
    The Catherine Palace, former summer residence of the Russian tsars, is a beautiful, clean and elegant building. The surrounding parks are equally stunning and you can find numerous fountains, gates, pavillions, ruins and towers around there. Take at least half a day to fully enjoy this magnificent place.
    U Fleků
    Křemencova 1651/11, 110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město, Tchéquie -  
    U Fleků is a microbrewery and pub located in a historic building in Prague. The atmosphere is authentic and the beer tastes great. The food is above average but slightly overpriced. It's a great place to have dinner at when you're visiting Prague.
    Prague Astronomical Clock
    Staroměstské nám. 1, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město, Tchéquie -  
    This medieval astronomical clock in Prague might be the most beautiful of its kind. It's a masterpiece of architecture, science and watchmaking.
    Charles Bridge
    Karlův most, 110 00 Praha 1, Tchéquie -  
    Charles Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in the whole world and probably my personal favorite. It connects the Lesser Quarter and the Old Town in downtown Prague. There are three solid bridge towers protecting it that offer splendid views of the town and the Vltava River. It's one of the most beautiful sights in Eastern Europe.
    Brewery Museum
    301 14, Veleslavínova 58/6, 301 00 Plzeň 3-Vnitřní Město, Tchéquie -  
    The Plzen Brewery Museum is not only located in beautiful historic buildings but you can also taste some of the greatest beers in the world.
    Château de Neuschwanstein
    Neuschwansteinstraße 20, 87645 Schwangau, Allemagne -  
    I have visited this iconic castle as a child and it was a magical experience. Neuschwanstein Castle is stunning both from the inside and from the outside. The views of the surrounding Alps are absolutely stunning. It's a place to visit once in a lifetime.
    Dresdner Zwinger
    Sophienstraße, 01067 Dresden, Allemagne -  
    The Zwinger is a palace built in elegant Rococo style and served as an exhibition and festival arena in the past. The surrounding parks with their fountains, stairs and statues are beautiful. It's a perfect spot to relax in the summer and to take unforgettable pictures.
    Basteiweg, 01824 Lohmen, Allemagne -  
    Basteibrücke is a majestic bridge across a rock formation above the Elbe River. The landscapes are stunning and the views of the surrounding forests, rivers and rocks are outstanding. It's definitely worth a visit, even if you are as afraid of heights as I am.
    Infozentrum Externsteine, Externsteine Straße 35, 32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg, Allemagne -  
    The Externsteine is a very distinctive sandstone rock formation. You can climb these rocks easily with the help of little bridges and stairs. The views of the surrounding landscapes are absolutely stunning.
    Grotenburg 50, 32760 Detmold, Allemagne -  
    The Hermannsdenkmal is one of Germany's most impressive monuments. Its architecture is majestic and its location on the top of a hill makes it even more impressive. The view of the surrounding landscapes is stunning. The only negative element is that the monument is rather remote and it's very complicated to get there via public transit.
    Großer Stern, 10557 Berlin, Allemagne -  
    Berlin Victory Column commemorates the unification wars leading to the existence of Germany as we know it today. The broinze sculpture of Victoria is stunning. There is a viewing platform which offers a stunning view over downtown Berlin. The vist inside the column is rather short and slightly overprized.
    Bodestraße 1-3, 10178 Berlin, Allemagne -  
    Pergamonmuseum might be the most interesting museum located on the beautiful Museum Island in Berlin. It is subdivided into the antiquity collection, the Middle East museum, and the museum of Islamic art. The most stunning attraction is the reconstruction of the Ishtar Gate, a monument I have read about in Ralf Isau's fantasy novel for children called ''The Museum of Stolen Memories'' which is highly recommended.
    Sanssouci Palace
    Maulbeerallee, 14469 Potsdam, Allemagne -  
    Sanssouci was the summer palace of a former King of Prussia and built during the eighteenth century. Instead of taking a short and rather expensive guided tour, I would suggest you going for a walk through the beautiful parks and gardens surrounding the main building instead. You will discover remote buildings, mysterious caves and beautiful fountains.
    Schloß Broich
    Am Schloß Broich 28, 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr, Allemagne -  
    Schloss Broich is a castle built in the ninth century that was renovated multiple times and looks really beautiful and clean today. There are a lot of cultural activities there from medieval markets to folk and gothic festivals. The atmosphere there is always great and you end up meeting a lot of nice and interesting people. There is also a park right next to the castle where you can relax in the summer.
    Oberhausen Centro
    Centroallee 1000, 46047 Oberhausen, Allemagne -  
    CentrO is Germany's largest shopping mall. You can spend an entire day shopping and will find something for every taste. The shopping mall is located on the shores of the Rhine-Herne Canal and you can walk through parks which are close by if you get tired of staying inside. There are numerous great restaurants in and around the shopping mall. Oberhausen's most important attractions and locations such as Gasometer, König-Pilsener-Arena and Sea Life are only a few minutes away.
    Park an der Ilm
    99423 Weimar, Allemagne -  
    Park an der Ilm is one of the most beautiful parks in Germany. The park is located on both banks of the river Ilm. You can find thousands of local and foreign trees in the park from ash trees to maples. There are numerous stunning buildings such as the Roman House and the Tempelherrenhaus. You can also find statues and monuments of famous artists from Franz Liszt to William Shakespeare. You can spend an entire day here without ever getting bored.
    An der Fährbrücke, 18439 Stralsund, Allemagne -  
    Gorch Fock I, renamed Tovarishch by the Soviets, is a German three-mast barque built as a school ship in the early twentieth century. It's a museum ship located in the colourful port of Stralsund on the Baltic Sea which is one of the most beautiful spots in the former German Democratic Republic.
    Cathédrale d'Aix-la-Chapelle
    Domhof 1, 52062 Aachen, Allemagne -  
    The Cathedral of Aix-la-Chapelle is one of the oldest and most beautiful cathedrals in Europe and was built more than one thousand two hundred years ago. Emperor Charlemagne, one of the most important historical figures in medieval times, was buried there. If you care about medieval culture and history, a guided tour of this majestic building is mandatory.
    LVR-Freilichtmuseum Kommern
    Eickser Str., 53894 Mechernich, Allemagne -  
    LVR-Freilichtmuseum Kommern is one of the biggest outdoor museums in Europe with lots of animals, beautiful landscapes and a total of sixty-seven historic buildings. The site represents rural life in Germany since the fifteenth century in a very authentic and informative way. It's both interesting for adults and children. If you visit Western Germany, you shouldn't miss out on this unique museum. You can spend an entire day there without ever getting bored.
    Kaiserpfalz Kaiserswerth
    Burgallee, 40489 Düsseldorf, Allemagne -  
    Kaiserpfalz Kaiserswerth is the ruin of a castle built on the shores of the river Rhine. It's a great spot to take pictures of the beautiful countryside and the building that hasn't lost its grace despite its decay. There is no entrance fee and you can walk and climb around as you wish.
    Grothusstraße 201, 45883 Gelsenkirchen, Allemagne -  
    Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen is a festival site situated on the Rhine-Herne Canal. Festivals such as Rock Hard Festival and Blackfield Festival regularly take place on the site. There is enough space to welcome several thousands of festival attendees. There are often boats and ships passing by and one can even observe different types of animals around this place. It's one of the calmest and most beautiful festival sites in Germany.
    64283 Darmstadt, Allemagne -  
    This so-called castle garden is one of the most relaxed places in the beautiful town of Darmstadt. You can enjoy some great local beers and wines in a natural environment from spring to autumn.
    Arc de Triomphe
    Place Charles de Gaulle, 75008 Paris, France -  
    Une visite de l'arc de triomphe de l'Étoile est un passage obligé lorsqu'on visite la capitale française. Moins achalandé que la tour Eiffel, la visite de ce bâtiment néoclassique est très informatif et inspirant. La vue d'en haut sur les avenues principales de Paris est splendide.
    Tour Eiffel
    Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France -  
    Même si la tour Eiffel n'est pas le plus beau bâtiment de la ville, son architecture unique et sa vue exceptionnel sur Paris en font un passage obligé lorsqu'on visite la capitale française. Les files d'attentes sont longues, les marchands essaient d'arnaquer les touristes et la vue est souvent grillée en haut de la tour, mais cela vaut malgré tout la peine de monter sur ce bâtiment au moins une fois dans sa vie.
    35 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre, 75018 Paris, France -  
    La basilique du Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre a toujours été mon bâtiment préféré à Paris. Situé dans un quartier artistique offrant une vue splendide sur le centre-ville de la capitale française, son architecture éclectique et élégante est unique en son genre. La construction de ce bâtiment détaillé a pris quarante-huit ans et cela se voit. C'est un véritable chef-d'œuvre architectural qu'on devrait avoir vu une fois dans sa vie.
    Pont Alexandre III
    75008 Paris, France -  
    Le pont Alexandre III est le plus beau pont de Paris et un des plus beaux ponts dans le monde entier. Ses contreforts élégants et ses décorations précieuses sont splendides à regarder à n'importe quelle saison.
    Casa Loma
    1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8 -  
    The architecture of this place is stunning and the entire district is very elegant. My personal highlight was the beautiful garden. The views of Toronto on this little hill are stunning. However, the price of admission is definitely exaggerated.
    Comfort Inn City Centre
    321 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON M5B 2C2 -  
    It's okay to stay there for a night or two. Staff is friendly. Rooms are comfortable. Breakfast is alright. On the other side, the walls are really thin, so you can hear other people coming back late at night which makes it difficult to fall asleep. Prices are rather steep as well in my opinion and at least a solid twenty-five percent above what it's actually worth.
    Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
    10 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3 -  
    This theater and restaurant brings the Medieval Times back to life. One gets to see staged medieval-style games, sword-fighting, and jousting. The acting is gripping, the atmosphere is intense and the music is epic. The dinner is authentically simplistic and usually eaten with your bare hands only. It's a great experience for children and teenagers in particular.
    Marches de l'église démolie en 1971 de Saint-Jean-Vianney
    1G0, Chemin Shipshaw S, Saint-Charles-de-Bourget, QC G0V 1G0 -  
    Ceci sont les seules traces restantes du village Saint-Jean-Vianney qui fut partiellement englouti lors d'un terrible glissement de terrain causant la mort de trente-et-un citoyens en 1971. Un monument dédié aux disparus de cette tragédie a été érigé en face du cimetière de Shipshaw au nord-ouest de cet endroit. Il est important de se souvenir de cette tragédie. Si l'histoire du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean vous intéresse, je vous recommande de regarder le site de l'ancien village de façon respectueuse. Il serait bien de créer un petit musée sur les lieux de la tragédie. Malheureusement, l'endroit est surtout utilisé par des amateurs de véhicules tout-terrain. C'est un manque de respect qu'il y a des gens qui s'amusent de la sorte sur un tel site.
    Ripley's Aquarium of Canada
    288 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 3L9 -  
    Ripley's Aquarium of Canada is a quite artficial aquarium made out of glass and plastic where one can especially see a lot of sharks. The wait time is usually excessive, prices are quite expensive and there are so many tourists around that a visit gets quite stressful after a while. It was okay to visit this place once but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't particularly interested in sharks.
    CN tower
    301 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2T6 -  
    Even though I'm afraid of heights, I have visited the CN Tower three times already. The views of the city are absolutely stunning and worth the price and wait time. Don't miss out on visiting what might be Canada's most iconic building.
    Steam Whistle Brewing
    Roundhouse Park, 255 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 3M9 -  
    Steam Whistle Brewing is a beautiful brewery located in a historic building in downtown Toronto. Guided tours are offered which take about half an hour and numerous drinks are served during the visit. Staff members and guides are very welcoming. It's the perfect place to take a break after visiting the CN Tower or Ripley's Aquarium of Canada. Make sure to arrive early or to book a guided tour in advance since there are a lot of tourists around.
    Toronto Railway Museum
    255 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 3M9 -  
    The Toronto Railway Museum is a sad joke. There is only one single room to visit and the train simulator sometimes doesn't even work. Don't waste your money on nothing at all. The most interesting things to discover are actually for free since they are the trains outside the museum.
    The Distillery Historic District
    55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4 -  
    The Distillery Historic District contains numerous cafés, restaurants, and shops housed within heritage buildings reminding of the nineteenth century. It's rather calm spot without too many tourists and great place to have lunch or dinner and take some beautiful pictures between spring and fall. It's one of my very favorite places to visit in Toronto.
    Ramada Cornwall
    805 Brookdale Ave, Cornwall, ON K6J 4P3 -  
    I spent one night there about two and a half years ago. Prices were acceptable and rooms were comfortable. Staff members were particularly polite and helpful. Numerous restaurants and shops as well as the border are close by. However, the city of Cornwall itself is a very desolate place and there really isn't much to visit. It's one of the few particularly boring cities in Canada. It's okay to spend a night there if you travel from Toronto to Ottawa or Montreal or if you plan on visiting the United States of America but that's about it.
    Temple de la Renommée du Hockey
    30 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5E 1X8 -  
    The Hockey Hall of Fame is a place that any National Hockey League fan needs to visit once in a lifetime. The informative museum section is very entertaining as there are a lot of things to watch, see and play for children and adults alike. It takes about an hour to visit everything. There is also an incredibly big merchandise section where you can get collectibles and memorabilia from all thirty-one teams in the NHL. Whenever I visit Toronto, I go there and buy or discover something new.
    Ripley's Believe It Or Not
    4960 Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3N4 -  
    Ripley's Believe It Or Not is a quite entertaining museum that portrays some of the world's strangest stories. You will have plenty of fun visiting this place and learn a lot of useless stuff. The decorations are appropriately eccentric. The only downside is that the visit is rather short which is the case of many museums in Niagara Falls.
    Rock Legends Wax Museum
    5020 Centre St, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3N7 -  
    This is a rather small wax museum featuring some iconic rock stars. It takes a little bit more than half an hour to visit and is fun for what it is. I liked the decorations and the museum's cool and gloomy atmosphere. Just don't expect something in the key of Madame Tussauds or Musée Grévin and you will enjoy your visit.
    Hard Rock Cafe
    279 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 1N8 -  
    Hard Rock Café Toronto is one of the few of its kind remaining in Canada and also one of the very oldest locations of this chain in the whole world. Hard Rock Café Toronto is perfectly located downtown. Many instruments of famous bands and musicians are exhibited all around the place. The merchandise section is small but very solid. I had two very different experiences when I visited this place. My first experience was rather negative when prices turned out being more expensive than indicated on the menus and the owner insisted on asking for the higher price. My second visit was great as I ate some excellent Norwegian salmon and had a very helpful and welcoming waiter. I will probably be back as soon as I come back to Toronto.
    Air Canada Centre
    40 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5J 2X2 -  
    Air Canada Centre is home to the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors. The arena is very big, impressively designed and the atmosphere there is great even though it doesn't beat Montreal's Bell Centre. The arena is easily accessible by public transport. It's located beautifully close to Lake Ontario. Many high-quality bars, discotheques and restaurants are close by. However, prices are quite steep. You will pay around two hundred dollars for a seat in the upper sections for a regular season game. Similar seats only cost a third or fourth of that price in Ottawa and Montreal.
    BMO Field
    170 Princes' Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3 -  
    BMO Field is home to Toronto FC and the Toronto Argonauts. It's one of biggest outdoor stadiums in Canada and looks quite modern and sharp. The atmosphere was absolutely outstanding when I went there for the 2016 Grey Cup. However, it's getting quite cold if you're sitting in the upper sections. Make sure to be dressed warmly.
    Bluffers Park
    1 Brimley Rd S, Scarborough, ON M1M 3W3 -  
    Bluffers Park offers stunning views of the Scarborough Bluffs above the shoreline of Lake Ontario. There are many relaxing trails through gorgeous landscapes. It's a great spot to observe birds and other animals. The only downside is that it's quite challenging to get there by public transport. If you want to visit, you should rent, own or lease a car.
    Toronto Island Park
    Toronto, ON -  
    Toronto Island Park is a stunning location which is regularly accessible by boats from downtown Toronto. There are little beaches, gorgeous hiking trails, a few remote buildings and even a zoo to discover. The big city life isn't present there at all and it's the perfect spot to relax during the summer. You should spend an entire day there in order to discover all the sights at a smooth pace.
    Sacred Heart of Mary Church
    RR 1, 15 Hwy 95, Wolfe Island, ON K0H 2Y0 -  
    Sacred Heart of Mary Church is an old but beautiful building situated in the middle of stunning landscapes on Wolfe Island. It's a beautiful place to discover on a walk during the summer and it's close to the port of Marysville.
    Lieu historique national des Fortifications-de-Kingston
    211 Ontario St, Kingston, ON K7K 5G8 -  
    A visit of Kingston Fortifications National Historic Site is mandatory if you visit this gorgeous town. The visit is very informative if you're interested in Canadian history. The views of Wolfe Island and downtown Kingston are stunning. There aren't too many tourists around and you can fully enjoy the beautiful landscapes.
    Log Cabin Restaurant
    108773 ON-7, Tweed, ON K0K 3J0 -  
    The only purpose for the Log Cabin Restaurant's existence is the fact that Greyhound buses stop there on their way from Ottawa to Toronto or the other way around. The washrooms of the restaurant are rather small and sometimes dirty. The foods and beverages are rather limited but the house-made sandwiches and wraps taste quite decent. Prices are quite steep though. There isn't anything to see around this place. Greyhound bus lines should stop at a bigger restaurant with better washrooms.
    Canadian Tire Centre
    1000 Palladium Dr, Ottawa, ON K2V 1A5 -  
    I have visited Canadian Tire Center on multiple occasions for concerts, ice hockey games and even the Juno Awards. While the facility is comfortable and modern, the atmopshere isn't as intense as at Air Canada Center in Toronto or Bell Center in Montreal. The arena's biggest problem is its location. It's forty-five minutes away from downtown Ottawa on a sunny day without traffic. On a bad day, it can take longer than an hour to get there which is particularly compliacted on weekdays. In Toronto and Montreal, it only takes a few minutes to get to the arenas. In addition to this, you have to wait outside in the cold during the winter because it takes quite some time to proceed through security checks. In Toronto and Montreal, metro stations are inside and directly connected to the arenas. Since there aren't any other interesting facilities around the arena and since the team is called the Ottawa Senators and not the Kanata Senators, I don't understand why this arena was built in such a remote place.
    Musée canadien de la nature
    240 McLeod St, Ottawa, ON K2P 2R1 -  
    Along with the Canadian War Museum, the Canadian Museum of Nature is probably the best in Canada's gorgeous capital. When I visited last autumn, there was a very interesting exhibition about dinosaurs where one could touch artificial and authentic bones, enjoy visually stunning clips and even watch a highly informative documentary about dinosaurs. In addition to this, the building's architecture is very elegant and you will get a stunning view of Ottawa when you reach the higher levels.
    Musée canadien de la guerre
    1 Vimy Pl, Ottawa, ON K1A 0M8 -  
    The Canadian War Museum is an incredibly diversified, entertaining and informative museum that will please to anyone interested in Canada's culture and history. The different exhibitions are always very well done. It takes at least half a day to visit everything. Make sure to check out the exhibition of military vehicles in the basement. Usually, there aren't many tourists around which makes the visit even more enjoyable.
    Parliament of Canada
    111 Wellington St, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A9 -  
    A visit of this stunning building is mandatory if you live in or visit Canada. The architecture is gorgeous and the visits of the Peace Tower as well as of the Library of Parliament are unforgettable highlights. The only negative element is that wait times can be excessively long during the summer. I would suggest a visit during the autumn or the winter.
    Monnaie royale canadienne
    320 Sussex Dr, Ottawa, ON K1A 0G8 -  
    There are two facilities of the Royal Canadian Mint. The one in Winnipeg produces regular coins while the one in Ottawa specializes on collectors' items. The visit takes about half an hour for a fair price and is very informative. The highlight is the stunning shop where you can find many rare items for your own collection or as potential gifts. The only negative elements are that there is a lack of space in the building during the visit and that the shop is only accessible if you also book a tour.
    Les Brasseurs du Temps
    170 Rue Montcalm, Gatineau, QC J8X 2M2 -  
    Les Brasseurs du Temps est la meilleure micro-brasserie en Outaouais. Située dans un bâtiment historique à côté d'un ruisseau au cœur du Vieux-Hull, c'est l'endroit idéal pour bruncher ou dîner en été. Le service à la clientèle est excellent et les serveurs et serveuses semblent vraiment être passionnés par leurs métiers. De plus, la micro-brasserie inclut même un petit musée très charmant ainsi qu'un magasin où l'on peut acheter pratiquement tout allant de différents types de bière à des chandails et plus encore. Si vous n'êtes en visite à Gatineau que pour quelques journées, ce site devrait être une de vos premières adresses à visiter pour bien boire et manger.
    Musée des beaux-arts du Canada
    380 Sussex Dr, Ottawa, ON K1N 9N4 -  
    I have visited the National Gallery of Canada for free on a Thursday night last autumn. While the architecture of the building is stunning both inside and outside, the exhibitions were all rather boring in my opinion. I was done after just two hours and thought that this great building deserved much better exhibits. I'm glad I didn't pay to visit. I would only come back if there were a really interesting exhibition for once. The most interesting exhibit is the Maman sculpture right in front of the museum.
    Centre de ski Mont-Fortin
    3492 Rue Radin, Jonquière, QC G7X 1C7 -  
    Le centre de ski Mont-Fortin est un petit site à Jonquière où l'on peut faire du ski, de la planche à neige et même de la glissade en tube. Il y a deux pistes pour se glisser et huit pistes de niveaux différents pour faire du ski et de la planche à neige. J'y ai appris à faire du ski étant adolescent et j'ai adoré mon expérience. Même si le site est plutôt petit, on peut y passer au moins une demi-journée sans s'ennuyer du tout. De plus, les paysages sont magnifiques en hiver.
    Le Mont Lac-Vert
    173 Chemin du Vallon, Hébertville, QC G8N 1M5 -  
    Le Mont-Lac-Vert est facilement accessible au centre du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. On peut y faire du ski, de la planche à neige, de la glissade en tube et à certains endroits même du vélo d'hiver. Il y en a donc vraiment pour tous les intérêts sur ce site polyvalent. J'y ai fait de la glissade en tube pour la première fois dans ma vie étant adolescent et j'ai adoré mon expérience et je suis revenu plusieurs fois étant adulte.
    Glissades des Pays d'En Haut
    440 Avila Way, Piedmont, QC J0R 1K0 -  
    Les glissades des Pays d'En Haut offrent des styles différents sur douze pistes amusantes dans les Laurentides. Le site est situé à seulement une demi-heure de Montréal et à environ une heure et demi d'Ottawa. Ça vaut la peine d'y passer une demi-journée entre amis ou avec des adolescents et enfants. Les tarifs sont acceptables pour la qualité offerte. Après un certain temps, les glissades deviennent un peu répétitives.
    Praia da Falésia
    Aldeia da Falésia, 8200-593 Albufeira, Portugal -  
    Praia da Falésia means Cliff Beach and is one of the most fascinating beaches in Portugal. It is almost seven kilometers long and is flanked by spectacular cliffs varying in height and colour. You can walk until the beautiful Marina Vilamoura in the east and the calmer Olhos de Água in the west. You will surely find a great spot to relax.
    Hôtel ibis budget - Strasbourg-Palais des congrès
    1 bis ave. Pierre Mendès France, 67300 Schiltigheim, France -  
    Cet hôtel se trouve à une vingtaine de minutes du Parlement européen. Les prix sont excellents. Les chambres et surtout les salles de bains sont minuscules, mais c'est acceptable pour le prix demandé. Il y a des lignes de tram et un McDonald's à proximité dans un quartier plutôt tranquille.
    Avenue Pierre Mendès France, 17 Rue du Tribunal, 67300 Schiltigheim, France -  
    Venant d'Allemagne, c'est le premier et dernier McDonald's que j'ai connu où ils offraient de la bière en fût avec les menus. C'était de la 1664 de la brasserie locale Kronenbourg, si je ne me trompe pas. Quand j'étais venu avec des amis, la section principale du restaurant était déjà fermé en soirée, mais la section de la commande à l'auto était encore ouverte et nous nous sommes faits servir très poliment malgré le fait que nous étions à pied. Bref, ce sont des souvenirs inoubliables.
    Parlement Européen
    1 Avenue du Président Robert Schuman, 67000 Strasbourg, France -  
    J'ai eu le privilège de représenter mon école allemande lors du projet Euroscola. Ce fut une expérience inoubliable de découvrir le fonctionnement de l'Union européenne et de côtoyer des élèves venant de partout en Europe. Si vous avez l'occasion de participer à ce projet enrichissant ou de juste visiter les lieux marquants, n"hésitez pas d'y passer une journée.
    Ecole Collège Lycée Saint Erembert
    5 Rue Salomon Reinach, 78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France -  
    J'ai eu l'occasion de fréquenter cette école privée à deux reprises pendant quelques semaines en 2002 et pendant quelques jours en 2007 lors d'échanges culturels et scolaires et je n'ai eu que de bonnes impressions. Les enseignants que j'ai rencontrés sont très impliqués dans leur école. De plus, l'école est fascinante au niveau architecturale et spacieuse au niveau de son emplacement. Il y a de nombreux lieux à visiter à proximité comme le château et l'hôtel de ville de Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Si vous êtes en visite à Paris, je vous recommande de faire un tour dans cette commune.
    Maison de Jean Monnet
    Parc naturel régional de la Haute Vallée de Chevreuse, 7 Chemin du Vieux Pressoir, 78490 Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, France -  
    Jean Monnet était un des principaux fondateurs de l'Union européenne, institution en laquelle je crois toujours malgré les nombreux défis à relever. Cette maison et son musée sont situés dans un evironnement naturel charmant et les lieux sont propres et bien entretenus. Par contre, la visite est plutôt courte et simpliste et si on connaît un peu l'histoire de l'Union européenne, on n'apprend pas grand-chose de nouveau. Bref, c'est un endroit à visiter pendant une petite heure, si vous êtes dans le coin, mais loin d'être une visite essentielle ou marquante.
    Grande Arche de la Défense
    1 Parvis de la Défense, 92044 Puteaux, France -  
    Quand j'étais jeune, j'aimais moins ce monument futuriste dans un quartier à l'architecture expérimentale qui ne semble pas très bien s'intégrer dans l'environnement traditionnel de Paris. Lorsque j'ai visité les lieux à nouveau étant adulte, j'ai beaucoup plus apprécié l'originalité de la Grande Arche et de ses environs. Je vous conseille de visiter les lieux en hiver quand il y a moins de touristes. De plus, le marché de Noël à proximité de la Grande Arche est également parmi les plus divertissants et originaux de Paris.
    Château de Versailles
    Place d'Armes, 78000 Versailles, France -  
    Une visite de ces lieux historiques est obligatoire lorsque vous visitez Paris et ses alentours. Ce qui est encore plus impressionnant que la surdose de luxe qui s'offre à vous à l'intérieur, sont les parcs à l'extérieur qui sont parmi les plus beaux au monde. Les arbres et plantes sont parfaitement entretenues, les bassins sont bien aménagés et il y a de nombreuses statues à découvrir. Le seul bémol est évidemment l'achalandage touristique. Si vous préférez visiter un beau château en toute tranquillité dans le coin, rendez-vous au château de Fontainebleau.
    Château de Fontainebleau
    77300 Fontainebleau, France -  
    J'ai toujours eu une petite préférence pour le château Fontainebleau par rapport au château de Versailles. Il y a moins de touristes, mais l'architecture est tout aussi fascinante que celle de Versailles. Les parcs extérieurs à en perdre la vue sont bien entretenus. Il y a de nombreux étangs et de petits bâtiments cachés dans la nature qui nécessitent au moins la visite d'une journée entière afin de tout découvrir. Je vous suggère de faire un pique-nique en toute tranquillité dans un des coins du parc, mais veillez à bien respecter l'environnement et à garder les lieux propres.
    Musée du Débarquement
    Place du 6 Juin 1944, 14117 Arromanches-les-Bains, France -  
    Ce musée sur le port artificiel et le débarquement, qui fut le moment tournant de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, est un lieu fascinant. Le musée est plutôt petit, mais la visite est instructive et riche en articles d'exposition. La plage et surtout les vestiges du blockship à l'extérieur rendent l'expérience de visiter ces lieux historiques inoubliable.
    Mont Ste-Marie
    76 Chemin de la Montagne, Lac-Sainte-Marie, QC J0X 1Z0 -  
    Mont Sainte-Marie est un excellent endroit pour faire du ski en Outaouais. Il y a de nombreuses pistes pour débutants, intermédiaires et experts. Bien que la montagne ne soit pas très haute en soi, les vues sur la nature sont splenides en hiver.
    Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord
    Emscherstraße 71, 47137 Duisburg, Allemagne -  
    Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord is a park on a former coal and steel production plant that is typical for the Ruhr region. The park reinvents its old buildings and integrates them into beautiful natural landscapes. The fascination of this park is the harmonious combination of past and present as well as industrialization and nature. You can walk through and on buildings, gardens and walls for hours and discover numerous great spots for taking outstanding pictures. If you are visiting Western Germany, this is a place not to miss out on.
    6211 Maastricht, Pays-Bas -  
    Stadspark Maastricht is a large city park in the beautiful Dutch town which offers numerous free attractions. It mostly follows the old city wall as well as the river Jeker. The most intriguing attraction might be the Berenkuil which was once a bear pit and has become a monument honoring dead animals and criticizing their poor housing conditions. There is also a a larger outdoor zoo with animals such as deers, ducks, geese and goats. Numerous buildings such as the Father Vinck Tower or monuments like the d'Artagnan monument can be visited as well.
    Rhumerie Bar Waikiki
    6 Place de l'Homme de Fer, 67000 Strasbourg, France -  
    Le Waikiki est un bar à cocktails au cœur de Strasbourg. Les décorations sont très colorées et rappelent une atmosphère hawaïenne. Les choix de boissons sont diversifiées et pour tous les goûts. C'est un endroit idéal pour se détendre entre amis après une journée remplie d'activités.
    Zoo Duisburg
    Mülheimer Str. 273, 47058 Duisburg, Allemagne -  
    Zoo Duisburg is one of the very best zoos in Germany. There are numerous exotic animals to observe. The feedings are very entertaining and informative. The shows with dolphins and whales are the most stunning highlights. The zoo is located close to the highway and easily and quickly accessible.
    Burg Satzvey
    An der Burg 3, 53894 Mechernich, Allemagne -  
    Burg Satzvey is one of the most beautiful castles in Western Germany. It's surrounded by beautiful streams, open fields, lots of forests and a beautiful local community. This castle regularly organizes medieval markets and concerts of medieval bands for fair prices. If you are interested in medieval history, this is a place you shouldn't miss out on.
    Airport Hildesheim
    31134 Hildesheim, Allemagne -  
    Airport Hildesheim is a small airport that hosts the famous gothic festival M'era Luna. The facilities are spacious and relatively close to the city center. On the other side, this location lacks intimacy and isn't as colourful as Cologne's Tanzbrunnen for example.
    Tanzbrunnen Köln
    Rheinparkweg 1, 50679 Köln, Allemagne -  
    Tanzbrunnen Köln is easily the most beautiful outdoor location for concerts, festivals and similar activities in and around Cologne. I have visited this place numerous times over the past decade and it's always a pleasure to come back. It's close to the relaxing Rheinpark, offers splendid views of the river Rhine and downtown Cologne across the river and there is enough space to welcome ten thousands of guests. There are roofs looking like mushrooms outside and a little artificial island on an artificial lake that can protect you when it starts to rain. The nearby theater and so-called Staatenhaus can also welcome lots of guests when the weather isn't great. This is one of the most beautiful spots in Cologne.
    House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany
    Willy-Brandt-Allee 14, 53113 Bonn, Allemagne -  
    The House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany is one of the best museums of its kind and a visit is highly suggested to those interested in German culture and history. The exhibitions are carefully chosen and perfectly described or explained in numerous foreign languages. The museum is only a few meters away from the river Rhine and other impressive sights in Germany's former capital city. It's easily accessible by bus, foot or train.
    Mont Blanc
    Le Mont Blanc est le toit d'Europe et une visite de ce lieu est fortement conseillée si vous êtes en vacances en France ou en Suisse. Par contre, l'achalandage touristique est extrême et même si c'est la montagne la plus haute d'Europe, ce n'est pas la plus belle.
    74110 Morzine, France -  
    Avoriaz est une station de ski qui ressemble à un village fantôme sans âme durant la saison morte. Les gros bâtiments sombres semblent chaleureux durant l'hiver, mais s'intègrenet mal dans la nature durant l'été. Bref, c'est un endroit à visiter durant l'hiver pour les amateurs de ski, mais à éviter du printemps à l'automne.
    Rochers de Naye
    1820 Veytaux, Suisse -  
    Les Rochers-de-Naye offrent une vue splendide sur les Alpes et le lac Léman. Un train à crémaillère fait le trajet entre Montreux et le sommet en environ une heure. Par contre, lorsque j'ai visité les lieux, j'ai été très déçu par le Marmottes Paradis. Les animaux étaient dans des enceintes grillagées et non dans la nature. De plus, il y avait très peu de marmottes et il était pratiquement impossible de prendre de bonnes photos à cause des nombreux grillages. Le prix pour accéder à ce faux paradis était excessivement élevé. Bref, prendre le train vaut la peine s'Il fait beau, mais le Marmottes Paradis est une arnaque à mon avis.
    Forum départemental des Sciences
    1 Place de l'Hôtel de ville, 59650 Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France -  
    Le forum des sciences se trouve dans un complexe moderne avec une architecture originale et offre de nombreuses expositions pour les mordus de sciences. Lors de ma visite il y a quelques années, il y avait une exposition sur le sommeil. C'était peut-être un hasard, mais la visite était trop longue et laborieuse, surtout pour des adolescents. Visitez les lieux si vous êtes des adultes avec une grande passion pour les sciences.
    Market Place
    Markt, 8000 Brugge, Belgique -  
    Le Markt ou encore la grand-place de Bruges représente très bien la ville. On a l'impression de revivre le passé avec les nombreux bâtiments pittoresques, les vieux canaux et la présence de calèches dans la ville. D'un autre côté, cette place, tout comme le reste de la ville, iest un emplacement purement touristique qui n'a pas réussi du tout sa transition au vingt-et-unième siècle. C'est un endroit reposant et plaisant à visiter une fois dans sa vie, mais sinon le centre-ville de Bruges ressemble à un musée extérieur un peu ennuyeux.
    Collégiale Sainte-Croix
    Rue Ste Croix, 4000 Liège, Belgique -  
    La Collégiale Sainte-Croix est une église gothique érigée vers la fin du dixième siècle. L'intérieur de l'église est impressionant, mais il est difficile ou même dangereux de monter vers le toit. Les installations auraient besoin de rénovations.
    Avenue de l'Atomium, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgique -  
    L'Atomium, monument original créé à l'occasion de l'Exposition universelle de 1958, est sans aucun doute le plus bel endroit à visiter à Bruxelles. La construction est unique en son genre, les visites des expositions de ce bâtiment toujours futuriste sont fascinantes et les alentours de ce monument incluent entre autres un parc d"amusement. Je vous suggère de passer au moins une demi-journée, voire toute la journée dans le coin.
    Casemates du Bock
    10 Montée de Clausen, 1343 Luxembourg -  
    Les casemates du Bock sont les plus longues au monde et inscrites sur la liste du Patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO. Ce système de défense sous-terrain creusé dans les rochers est impressionnant à voir. La visite guidée donne beaucoup d'informations sur l'histoire de la ville et du pays. Les vues sur la vallée profonde de l'Alzette sont à couper le souffle. Si vous visitez le Luxembourg pour la première fois, les casemates du Bock devraient être parmi les premiers lieux à visiter.
    Namur (Confiserie-patisserie)
    27 Rue des Capucins, 1313 Luxembourg -  
    La confiserie et pâtisserie Namur est la meilleure de son genre au Luxembourg. Les produits offerts sont d'une qualité extraordinaire. L'emplacement est bien choisi et juste la visite des lieux vous donnera envie de goûter à leurs produits. Par contre, les prix sont très élevés et il faut donc déguster les produits avec modération.
    Pizza Hut
    13 Place d'Armes, 1136 Luxembourg -  
    À chaque fois que mes parents et moi visitons la ville de Luxembourg, nous mangeons dans ce restaurant et nous n'avons jamais été déçus. Le service à la clientèle est bon, l'emplacement sur la Place d'Armes est magnifique et les choix de plats et de boissons sont généreux. Essayez les excellentes bières luxembourgeoises offertes sur place.
    Designer Outlet Roermond
    Stadsweide 2, 6041 TD Roermond, Pays-Bas -  
    Designer Outlet Roermond is a shopping area where you get reduced prices on popular brand-name clothes. However, prices are still quite steep. Aside of the beautiful shopping area, there isn't much to visit around in town. If you happen to be close by, a visit for half a day is a solid option but it isn't worth to drive for hours to get there.
    Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam
    Max Euweplein 57-61, 1017 MA Amsterdam, Pays-Bas -  
    Among the numerous Hard Rock Cafés I have visited from Niagara Falls to Munich, the establishment in Amsterdam is one of my personal favorites. It's located in a calmer place of the beautiful city right next to a gracht. You can observe boats passing by on the terrace on a sunny day. Staff members are particularly friendly. Decorations and merchandise sections are great as usual. Prices are quite steep which is however the case in all Hard Rock Cafés.
    Burscheider Str. 113, 51381 Leverkusen, Allemagne -  
    Santini is the greatest ice cream parlour in town. It's very tasty, service is solid and prices are fair. However, there isn't a lot of space to eat your ice cream inside or outside and there is a very busy street right in front of the parlour. I suggest that you take your ice cream home to enjoy it to the fullest.
    Korfu Paleo
    Niederstraße 9, 40764 Langenfeld (Rheinland), Allemagne -  
    Korfu Paleo is by far the best Greek restaurant in the entire region. The owners and servers are very friendly. Drinks and meals are tasty and portions are generous. The balance between more traditional meals and exotic and authentic dishes is perfect. If you happen to stay in Leverkusen and Düsseldorf or anywhere in between, you have to try this restaurant out.
    Unnamed Rd,, 54552 Schalkenmehren, Allemagne -  
    This tower offers a splendid view on the surrounding crater lakes. The hiking trails around the tower are beautiful and relaxing.
    Circuit Park Zandvoort
    Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108, 2041 KP Zandvoort, Pays-Bas -  
    Circuit Park Zandvoort is an exotic motorsport race track situated in the middle of dunes. Occasional races still take place on the shortened former Formula One circuit. It's possible to just sit in the dunes and watch these races while having a picnic. The endless beach and the sympathetic town are nearby.
    Mémorial de Buchenwald
    99427 Weimar, Allemagne -  
    Visiting this memorial has been a life-changing experience for me. One should be aware that such a visit is emotionally draining. Children shouldn't visit at all or only with adults. The guided tour answers all your questions, the place itself is still haunting today and numerous exhibitions enrich the visiting experience. Words aren't enough to describe the horror that has happened in this place. I can only recommend any citizen to visit such a place once in a lifetime. May the souls of those who died in this place rest in peace.
    Backstage München
    backstage, 80639 München, Allemagne -  
    Backstage is Germany's greatest cultural center which offers numerous concerts, festivals, exhibitions and other events from parties to public screenings. As a young tourist, this might be the best place to get in touch with people from and in Munich. The ''Free & Easy'' festival takes place in July and August each year and is one of Germany's most diversified music festivals. However, a potential construction project might soon lead to a shutdown of this unique place. Make sure to support Backstage and visit their websites for more information.
    Platzl 9, 80331 München, Allemagne -  
    Hofbräuhaus might be the most famous beer hall in the world but it's far from being the best. Prices are obviously expensive, food selection and quality are average at best and personal is rather unfriendly. My friends and I actually had to pay before our meals got served which is very unusual. In addition to this, the beer hall is heavily crowded, not very comfortable and everything but clean. If you are a tourist, taking a short look and a few pictures is more than enough.
    Neuer Lindauer Leuchtturm
    Hafenpl., 88131 Lindau (Bodensee), Allemagne -  
    This light house offers a stunning view of the island and city of Lindau and Lake Constance. You can see the eastern shore of the lake which belongs to Austria and the southern shore which belongs to Switzerland. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful places in Germany and a visit is mandatory if you travel to any of the three neighboring countries.
    Bell tower of Alt-Graun
    Lago di Resia, Curon Venosta, Strada Statale 40, 39027 Curon Venosta BZ, Italie -  
    The bell tower of Alt-Graun, a submerged village after the controversial construction of a dam in the middle of the twentieth century, is one of the region's most iconic sights. This place is both beautiful and haunting. There is a big parking lot to take pictures and there are several restaurants and shops around. It's possible to inspect the tower closer in winter when the lake is solidly frozen.
    Schutzhütte Stettinerhütte
    Texelgruppe Nature Park, Dorf, 91A, 39013 Moso in Passiria Bozen, Italie -  
    Schutzhütte Stettinerhütte is one of the most beautifully located chalets in the entire region. The snowy, steep and stony trail to get there offers stunning landscapes but might be challenging for inexperienced or young hikers.
    Braugarten Giardino FORST
    Via Val Venosta, 9, 39022 Algund, Bozen, Italie -  
    This restaurant affiliated to local brewery Forst offers tasty drinks and generous meals in a beautiful natural environment. If possible, try out local pear brandy Sommerzitrone and beer Weihenstephaner Kristallweissbier.
    Hotel Dorner
    Josef -Weingartner -Straße, 40, 39022 Algund, Bozen, Italie -  
    Hotel Dorner is a great hotel with very friendly staff members, particularly outstanding food and a beautiful garden with a cool bar and a nice swimming pool. The hotel is close to many great restaurants, several important hiking trails and the cities of Bolzano and Merano.
    Tower Bridge
    Tower Bridge Rd, London SE1 2UP, Royaume-Uni -  
    A visit of the Tower Bridge is mandatory when you visit London. In addition to stunning views of London and the River Thames, there are often diversified exhibitions to discover.
    Cathédrale de Cantorbéry
    Cathedral House, 11 The Precincts, Canterbury CT1 2EH, Royaume-Uni -  
    Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest and most famous churches in the entire world. A guided visit of this impressive World Heritage Site is mandatory when you visit the United Kingdom.
    Jetée d'Eastbourne
    3 Grand Parade, Eastbourne BN21 3EL, Royaume-Uni -  
    Eastbourne Pier offers a lot of entertainment with amusement arcade, restaurants and stunning views of the sea and the beach. However, this place is regularly overrun by elderly tourists who only come for gambling.
    Caldera de Taburiente National Park
    Carretera General de Padrón, 47, 38750 El Paso, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Espagne -  
    Caldera de Taburiente National Park is a stunning national park with ashy extinct volcanoes, impressive forests with rare plants and numerous colourful streams. Make sure to wear solid boots and old clothes when visiting. You should at least spend an entire or even several days to discover everything this magnificent park has to offer.
    Sotavento Beach Club
    Av. Jahn Reisen, 3, 35627 Costa Calma, Las Palmas, Espagne -  
    Sotavento Beach Club is a great hotel on Fuerteventura. There are great entertainment programs for children and adults, the hotel rooms are comfortable and the swimming pools are big. The only negatives are that the buffets get somewhat repetitive after a few days and that there are no major attractions nearby.
    Waterpark & Sport Center ''Hydropolis''
    Αχαράβη - Acharavi, Acharavi 491 00, Grèce -  
    Waterpark & Sport Center Hydropolis is one of the smaller water parks on Corfu. While the park itself is entertaining enough to spend a few hours on the slides there, security is lacking and personal is very inexperienced. I had an accident when I went there because another tourist and I were both given a sign to slide down two neighboring slides and we ended up crashing into one another. Instead of helping us after the accident, staff members were blaming us for not paying attention even though it was clearly their fault. I had to go see a doctor to stitch up my wound.
    Chute à Gadou
    Rivière-aux-Outardes, QC -  
    La chute à Gadou est une chute d'eau en plein milieu de la nature qui se trouve à environ trente minutes au nord de Baie-Comeau. On peut y admirer la chute, aller sur une petite plage et se baigner avec précaution. Il y a des bleuets que l'on peut cueillir dans les alentours en été. La vue d'en haut de la chute montre l'immensité du territoire.
    Parc National du Bic
    3382 route 132 Ouest, Le Bic, QC G0L 1B0 -  
    Le parc national du Bic est un des plus beaux parcs sur la péninsule gaspésienne. Il est facilement accessible sur le bord de la route 132. On peut y admirer l'estuaire du Saint-Laurent avec une douzaine de baies. Il est possible d'y faire des randonnées, du canot ou du kayak ou de faire un pique-nique en plein milieu de la nature. Si vous êtes en route entre Rimouski et Québec, ce parc vaut définitivement un arrêt prolongé.
    Musée des Phares
    10 Avenue du Phare, La Martre, QC G0E 2H0 -  
    Le phare de La Martre est un des plus beaux de son genre. Situé à proximité du presbytère et de l'hôtel de ville, le phare est au cœur de sa municipalité et offre également une vue splendide sur le fleuve Saint-Laurent. La visite du musée n'est pas essentielle pour apprécier la beauté du lieu.
    Sanctuaire de Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré
    10018 Avenue Royale, Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, QC G0A 3C0 -  
    La basilique Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré est un lieu de pèlerinage important et la plus belle église de la province. La basilique est impressionante à l'extérieur, mais encore plus raffinée à l'intérieur où un peut pleinement apprécier son style roman. Même pour ceux qui ont déjà visité des églises plus connues, la visite de ce bâtiment unique au Québec vaut un détour.
    5300 Boulevard Sainte-Anne, Ville de Québec, QC G1C 1S1 -  
    La chute Montmorency est la plus haute de la province du Québec. La vue d'en haut est magnifique. On peut s'y rendre à pied ou en prenant un téléphérique. Il y a aussi régulièrement des feux d'artifice du printemps à l'automne. Il est possible de faire de l'escalade sur glace en hiver. Je conseillerais d'y aller tôt en matinée afin d'éviter l'achalandage touristique assez important.
    L'Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal
    3800 Chemin Queen Mary, Montréal, QC H3V 1H6 -  
    L'oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal est la plus belle église de la ville. Il y a un grand parc autour de l'oratoire d'où on peut prendre des photos spectaculaires de la ville à chaque saison.
    Foufounes Électriques
    87 Rue Sainte-Catherine E, Montréal, QC H2X 1K5 -  
    Les Foufounes Électriques sont un lieu culte de la scène rock et métal du Québec. On peut y assister à de nombreux spectacles aux prix abordables au deuxième étage. Il est aussi possible de juste jaser en jouant au billard ou au babyfoot au rez-de-chaussée. Les prix des consommations sont abordables, mais certaines sections du bar ne prennent que l'argent comptant. La propreté des salles de bains laisse par contre à désirer.
    341 Rue Saint-Charles Ouest, Longueuil, QC J4H 1E7 -  
    Le Barachico est un bon bar qui est célèbre pour ses soirées karaoké et sa bonne ambiance. Même si on est nouveau dans le quartier, on y rencontre facilement de nouveaux gens. Le bar offre plusieurs spéciaux et les prix des consommations sont très raisonnables.
    Parc national des Monts-Valin
    360 Rang Saint-Louis, Saint-Fulgence, QC G0V 1S0 -  
    Le Parc national des Monts-Valin est un des plus beaux parcs nationaux au Québec. Il y a des activités diverses pour chaque saison. On peut y faire du camping, du canot, de la pêche, de la raquette, du ski nordique et bien plus encore. Il y a des centres d'interprétation, des chalets rusticaux où l'on peut dormir et des sentiers divers pour tous les niveaux. Ce parc est un incontournable pour ceux qui aiment la nature et le sport.
    Statue de Notre-Dame-du-Saguenay
    Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay, Rivière-Éternité, QC G0V 1P0 -  
    Située sur le cap Trinité après une bonne heure de marche à travers le magnifique Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay, la statue de Notre-Dame-du-Saguenay est un monument incontournable de la région du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. La statue est grande et belle et la vue sur le fjord vaut le détour. Par contre, le chemin pour s'y rendre est plutôt accidenté et contient souvent des marches en bois ce qui peut causer des problèmes lorsqu'il neige ou pleut. C'est une randonné à faire lorsqu'il fait beau entre mai et octobre seulement.
    Casse-Croute Petitbedon
    145 Rue Principale N, Sacré-Coeur, QC G0T 1Y0 -  
    Casse-Croute Petitbedon est un petit restaurant avec des mets simples, mais efficaces. C'est une bonne alternative aux restaurants plus chers à Tadoussac et à Saguenay. Les prix sont très abordables. Il est plaisant de s'asseoir dehors en mangeant avec des amis durant l'été.
    Gîte du Phare de Pointe des Monts
    1937 Chemin du Vieux Phare, Baie-Trinité, QC G0H 1A0 -  
    Cet endroit caché est un des plus beaux sur l'ensemble de la Côte-Nord. Le phare de Pointe-des-Monts est un des plus beaux à visiter et offre une vue magnifique sur le territoire immense. On peut même observer des petits rorquals et des phoques dans le fleuve Saint-Laurent. La chapelle de Pointe-des-Monts est petite et rusticale et a vraiment un genre unique qui nous fait voyager dans le temps. C'est l'endroit idéal pour se reposer en faisant du camping ou un pique-nique. Le gîte est également très charmant et rustique.
    Terrasse Dufferin
    Rue des Carrières, Ville de Québec, QC G1R 5J5 -  
    La terrasse Dufferin est un belvédère à côté du fameux Château Frontenac et au pied de la Citadelle de Québec. Les vues sur le Vieux-Québec et le fleuve Saint-Laurent sont magnifiques. C'est un endroit incontournable à visiter si vous êtes à Québec.
    Ile aux coudres
    30-42 Chemin de l'Îslet, L'Isle-aux-Coudres, QC G0A 1X0 -  
    L'Isle-aux-Coudres est un endroit tranquille pour faire des pique-niques au cœur de la nature. Les vues sur le fleuve Saint-Laurent et la région de Charlevoix sont splendides. Par contre, il y a très peu d'autres activités ou attraits sur cette île. Si vous voulez seulement vous reposer, cela vaut le détour, sinon l'Île d'Orléans offre plus d'activités culturelles intéressantes.