•    34   52 883
    Musée des sports de Gatineau
    61 Rue Laurier, Gatineau, QC J8X 3V7
    Galleria Shops & Dinning
    6380 Fallsview Blvd, Niagara Falls, ON L2G
    Anglican Church
    157 Tecumseh Rd, Port Lambton, ON N0P 2B0
    Veterans' Memorial Park
    41 Canal St, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 2A8
    Our Lady of Fatima Parish
    100 Lisgar Ave, Renfrew, ON K7V 3M2
    Norland - Kawartha Lakes Public Library
    3448 Kawartha Lakes County Rd 45, Norland, ON K0M 2L0
    Moosonee Station
    Gardiner Rd, Moosonee, ON P0L
    La Grande-Rivière Airport
    60 Des Groseilliers Avenue, Radisson, QC J0Y 2X0
    Catholic Church
    Quebec J0M 1E0
    L'aménagement Robert-Bourassa
    Complexe Pierre-Radisson 66 Desgroseillers Radisson, Québec, J0Y 2X0, Baie-James, QC
    Relais routier Km 257
    Baie-James, QC
    Magasin général de la Microbrasserie du Prospecteur
    3e Av, Val-d'Or, QC J9P 1S6
    1 276
    Église Ukrainienne de Val-d'Or
    Rue d'Ukraine, Val-d'Or, QC J9P 3M2
    1 032
    33 Chemin Kipawa, Temiscaming, QC J0Z 3R0
    Parc Jacques-Cartier
    285 Rue Laurier, Gatineau, QC J8X 3W9
    Eganville Centennial Park
    1T0, Eganville, ON K0J
    1 245
    Polish Kashub Heritage Museum & Skansen
    1112 Wilno Rd N, Wilno, ON K0J 2N0
    13 104
    Royal Canadian Legion Branch 225
    201 River St, Sturgeon Falls, ON P2B 1T4
    1 551
    Marches de l'église démolie en 1971 de Saint-Jean-Vianney
    1G0, Chemin Shipshaw S, Saint-Charles-de-Bourget, QC G0V 1G0
    2 296
    2 217
    1 193
    Juvénat de Desbiens
    600 7e Ave, Desbiens, QC G0W 1N0
    Motel du Lac
    1017 Boulevard Quevillon, Lebel-sur-Quévillon, QC J0Y 1X0
    4 447
    Parc du Quai Casgrain
    Boulevard de Comporté, La Malbaie, QC G5A
    1 834
    Chute à Gadou
    Rivière-aux-Outardes, QC
    1 607
    23 Rue de la Croix, Les Escoumins, QC G0T 1K0
    Lac Simoncouche
    Québec G7N 2C1
    1 463
    Pavillon Nikitoutagan
    2330 Rue de la Rivière aux Sables, Jonquière, QC G7X 9E6
    1 620
    Statue de Notre-Dame-du-Saguenay
    Rivière-Éternité, QC G0V 1P0
    2 762
    Club Le Perce-Neige de Bégin
    100 Rue Lemieux, Bégin, QC G0V 1B0
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     Campusbrücke Opladen
    Campusbrücke, 51379 Leverkusen, Allemagne
    Campusbrücke Opladen is a cheap and unfinished bridge across railway lines that connects a suburb with old-fashioned apartment blocks and a still non-existing campus ground. At least, the bridge offers a nice view and is a solid spot for taking pictures on New Year's Eve for instance.
    Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße 5, 51379 Leverkusen, Allemagne
    Going to Zum Bierbrezel with my friends ended up being the single worst experience I have ever had in a bar in my life. When we arrived as a group of eight, we were refused to sit down where we wanted to even though there weren't many customers inside the bar and lots of space was available. We were forced to gather around a table with only five spots and three of us had to stand. When a friend of mine asked if he could play darts, the waiter refused in a rude manner and actually shut the machine down. Some of us then ordered something to drink while some others asked for some time to think about it which resulted in the waitress warning us immediately that we should all order something to drink right away since we weren't allowed to just sit around. A friend of mine got a drink she never ordered and had to pay for it. Another friend had asked for a Coke on two separate occasions and didn't get anything for no apparent reason. Step by step, we decided to leave this place for good. We shouldn't have gone there in the first place but many bars in town were closed that day. That whole experience was like a surreal nightmare. Neither my friends nor I will ever go to this terrible place again.
    Gaststätte Eagle
    Wilhelmstraße 11, 51379 Leverkusen, Allemagne
    Eagle is a cozy bar with a nice selection of drinks and enjoyable rock music, no more, no less.
    Royal Punjab Indisches Spezialitäten Restaurant
    Kölner Str. 52, 51379 Leverkusen, Allemagne
    Royal Punjab offers fine Indian cuisine for reasonable prices. When my friends and I went there, there was a mistake with our reservation. Our seats weren't ready yet and there were only eight instead of ten spots, so we were asked to wait outside. Other than that, our experience there was very good.
    Steigenberger Airport Hotel
    Unterschweinstiege 16, 60549 Frankfurt am Main, Allemagne
    I had to spend a night at this hotel because my flight was delayed. Despite my initial deception, I had an outstanding stay at this comfortable, luxurious and modern hotel. The rooms are big, cozy and stylish. Food selection is outstanding. Staff is very helpful. A shuttle bus transports you directly from the hotel to the airport and back again for free. I highly recommend staying at Steigenberger Airport Hotel.
    Come Back
    Luisenstraße 2, 64283 Darmstadt, Allemagne
    Come Back offers a very vast selection of used BluRays, CDs, DVDs, fan art, magazines, video games, vinyls and more. You will find something for every taste for reasonable prices.
    64287, Mathildenhöhe, 64287 Darmstadt, Allemagne
    Mathildenhöhe might be Darmstadt's most beautiful spot with a gorgeous Russian-Orthodox church, a museum and a big park with a fountain and numerous statues to only mention a few elements. It's the most essential place to visit if you come to this town.
    David Faix & Söhne GmbH
    Elisabethenstraße 1-3, 64283 Darmstadt, Allemagne
    David Faix & Söhne GmbH offers a vast selection of board games for adults, children and teenagers. You can find something for every taste on the four levels filled with popular and rare items. I was happy to find a few copies of the great Anno Domini games which I couldn't find anywhere else. Prices might be slightly more elevated than in other stores though.
    Kasinostraße 36, 64293 Darmstadt, Allemagne
    Nazar offers a variety of things from a barber shop to a supermarket. The restaurant section specialized on Middle Eastern dishes is particularly great. Staff is friendly, service is quick, food and drinks taste great and are offered for very reasonable prices.
    Gutenbergstraße 1, 64289 Darmstadt, Allemagne
    Kessel is a cozy little bar with unique decorations and a great atmosphere with friendly staff. Try out their unique shooters with exotic flavors such as chili and ginger. Customers are usually a little bit older than in bars such as Hobbit or Hotzenplotz but just as sociable.
    Mauerstraße 34, 64289 Darmstadt, Allemagne
    Hotzenplotz is a great old bar with a unique atmosphere where you can meet lots of students. It's a perfect spot to talk to friends or play cards. Try out a Laternchen, a unique local type of drink which is only offered in select bars in Darmstadt.
    Limo Lounge
    Nieder-Ramstädter Str. 57B, 64287 Darmstadt, Allemagne
    Darmstadt's unique Limo Lounge offers a vast selection of lemonades but also beers and gins for example. I would highly recommend trying out the different types of Wostok lemonades and Stortebeker beers. Prices are reasonable and staff is friendly. You can buy something to drink to take out but also stay inside in a relaxed atmosphere and play some free board or video games on certain occasions. There isn't a whole lot of space but it's a nice place to go with a handful of friends.
    Ottawa Little Theatre
    400 King Edward Ave, Ottawa, ON K1N 7M7
    Ottawa Little Theater looks great and offers some truly interesting shows. Prices are reasonable, service is solid and staff is very helpful. Seats are cozy and spacious and offer great views. I've attended an excellent Peter Pan & Wendy presentation and I will surely be coming back shortly.
    Aéroport de Francfort
    60547 Frankfurt am Main, Allemagne
    I have taken numerous flights here over the past decade. On the positive side, there are a lot of interesting shops and arrival procedures are relatively quickly and smoothly. On the negative side, this airport is very big and requests numerous long walks and check-in and departure procedures are repetitive, overlong and cold as tourists are treated as potential menaces rather than clients or human beings during the numerous control checks that can't be compared to similar procedures in other international airports I have been to on several occasions.
    Beaufort Castles
    24 Rue du Château, 6310 Beaufort, Luxembourg
    Le château Beaufort est un des plus beaux de son genre au Luxembourg et mérite bien un petit détour. De plus, l'endroit est entouré de paysages magnifiques avec des sentiers dans la forêt, des ruisseaux et lacs et de nombreux animaux tels que des poules et des moutons à observer.
    Larochette Castle
    Luxemburg, Montée du Château, 7622 Larochette, Luxembourg
    Le château Larochette est un magnifique lieu historique à visiter pendant environ une demi-heure. Même si la plupart des bâtiments ne sont que des ruines, on peut encore s'aperçevoir du génie de construction. De plus, la vue du lieu est tout à fait magnifique. Une petite visite mérite bien un détour si vous êtes en visite au Luxembourg.
    Gare d'Ottawa
    200 Tremblay Rd, Ottawa, ON K1G 3H5
    Ottawa Station is a small but convenient and clean train station with four gates, a few minor exhibits, restrooms facilities and one little restaurant where one can essentially buy sandwiches, salads and breakfast but also a few newspapers and magazines. Staff is helpful and polite. I think that the national capital deserves a bigger and more modern railway station. An issue is the lack of space for taxis, cars and buses in front of the building which causes some serious delays.
    250 Station St., Belleville, ON K8N 2T8
    Belleville Station is one of the most beautiful train stations I have ever come across as it easily beats Ottawa, Montreal and Jonquière in terms of cleanliness and sharpness. The recently renovated main building stands beside the historic train station. The only thing that is missing is a small restaurant or convenience store inside.
    Glanmore National Historic Site
    257 Bridge St E, Belleville, ON K8N 1P4
    Glanmore National Historic Site is an elegant and beautifully exhibited historic high-society building that takes about half an hour to visit. Staff is friendly and helpful. Parking spots are slightly limited.
    Lion's Park, Belleville, ON.
    54 Riverfront Trail, Belleville, ON K8N 2S3
    Lion's Park is easily Belleville's most beautiful park along Moira River with numerous small trails and buildings as well as a bridge offering stunning views.
    Yardmen Arena
    265 Cannifton Rd, Belleville, ON K8N 4V8
    This recently renovated arena hosts the home games of the Belleville Senators. The entire complex looks sharp and easily accessible. However, prices for fan items and food are quite steep.
    Riverside Park
    373 Moira St E, Belleville, ON K8P 4P3
    Riverside Park is a beautiful and spacious park along Moira River with numerous playgrounds, trails and bridges. You can easily spend about an hour discovering this park from north to south or the other way around.
    Quinte Mall
    390 N Front St, Belleville, ON K8P 3C9
    Quinte Mall is an amazing shopping mall with all kinds of intriguing shops. You will find as many or even more outstanding shops than in Ottawa and Toronto minus the big crowds. This is the perfect place for some Christmas shopping for your loved ones or yourself. An honorable mention goes out to Sam the Record Man for its absolutely outstanding movie collection.
    Saigon Restaurant
    110 N Front St, Belleville, ON K8P 5J8
    Saigon Restaurant offers generous portions of great food for very reasonable prices. There aren't too many seating capacities inside but it's possible to take out your orders.
    The Boathouse
    32 S Front St, Belleville, ON K8N 2Y3
    The Boathouse offers excellent fish and seafood as well as a great selection of beers. Staff is helpful and polite. Service is efficient and quick. The decorations look cozy and stylish. The restaurant exhibits some beautiful paintings by local artists. This is probably the greatest restaurant in Belleville.
    Amsterdam ArenA
    ArenA Boulevard 1, 1101 Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
    Amsterdam Arena isn't only a beautiful stadium but also surrounded by a cinema, countless shops and a train station. It's an ideal spot to park your car and take a train to downtown Amsterdam for a reasonable fee. The only negative element is that restroom maintenance could be a little bit better.
    Saw Gallery Inc
    67 Nicholas St, Ottawa, ON K1N 7B9
    Saw Gallery is an art gallery that also occasionally hosts concerts. The location is somewhat small but appropriate for smaller exhibitions and shows for one hundred people or less.
    Centre Rideau
    50 Rideau St #300, Ottawa, ON K1N 9J7
    The recently renovated Rideau Centre offers an amazing shopping experience with a high diversity of different stores. Even the restaurant section is particularly diversified. Access to public transport is excellent. The location is usually clean and staff is helpful. The only downside is that the structure of the shopping mall is slightly confusing. If you aren't used to it, it's easy to get lost. You really have to pay attention or ask a staff member to find your way.
    Scotiabank Theatre Ottawa
    2385 City Park Dr, Gloucester, ON K1J 1G1
    Scotoabank Theatre Ottawa is another great cinema in the Ottawa region that focuses on big blockbusters but also occasionally comes around with some overlooked films which makes for a great mixture. The location is cleaner than most other cinemas in the region. The only downside is that employees are more and more replaced by machines if you want to buy tickets. At least, there is a staff member who helps you with the computers and you can still buy tickets at the food stand.
    Mongolian Village Grill East
    1980 Ogilvie Rd, Gloucester, ON K1J 9L3
    Mongolian Village Grill East is a very good Mongolian restaurant where you can choose your personal ingredients in a buffet and give them to the cook to prepare them for you. I had different types of seafood with noodles and numerous vegetables. The food tastes great, the service is helpful and generally quick. The decorations make for a more immersive experience. The only downside are the relatively steep prices which is a general problem related to restaurants in and around Ottawa.
    Robert Guertin Centre
    125 Rue de Carillon, Gatineau, QC J8X 2P8
    Le Centre Robert-Guertin, construit et ouvert en 1957, nommé autrefois Aréna de Hull et rebaptisé pour honorer l'échevin ayant servi la ville de 1951 à 1964, est encore à nos jours le plus grand aréna de la ville de Gatineau. Les Olympiques de Gatineau de la LHJMQ y disputent leurs matchs à domicile. Parfois, il y a d'autres activités comme des concerts et expositions. Malgré des rénovations en 2003 et 2004, l'aréna est facilement le plus vieux de la LHJMQ et à peine adéquat pour la ligue. Les chaises en bois sont peu confortables et n'offrent pas beaucoup de place, les salles de bains sont souvent minuscules et paresemées de tuyauterie et les joueurs ainsi que la zamboni doivent traverser les corridors où les spectateurs se promènent durant les pauses. Cet aréna aurait dû être remplacé il y a quelques années, mais le dossier n'avance pas. L'aréna est rendu à un point où les désavantages sont plus nombreux que le charme d'autrefois et cela a un impact sur les faibles chiffres au niveau des nombres de spectateurs.
    Musée des sports de Gatineau
    61 Rue Laurier, Gatineau, QC J8X 3V7
    Ce musée des sports de Gatineau consiste en un minuscule hall d'entrée et une seule petite salle d'exposition dont la moitié est dédiée aux affiches publicitaires de Brigil plutôt qu'aux sports de Gatineau. Cela prend cinq minutes à visiter et donc moins de temps que cela prend aux employés de remarquer que vous êtes là. Au moins, l'entrée est gratuite.
    Mayfair Theatre
    1074 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3X3
    Mayfair Theatre is the greatest cinema in and around Ottawa by a mile. The decorations are charming, gorgeous and unique. The seats are very comfortable and offer a lot of space. Images and sounds are excellent. Prices are reasonable. Staff is very friendly and helpful. You can buy movie tickets, snacks and memorabilia. The theatre presents cinematic classics, independent new movies and thematic movie nights. If you like to go beyond commercial Hollywood sequels about exchangeable superheroes, you will enjoy this place.
    Aéroport international Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau de Montréal
    L'Aéroport international Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau est un des meilleurs de son genre. Le temps d'attente aux guichets est très court. Les lieux sont propres. Il y a des magasins et restaurants pour tous les goûts. Il y a beaucoup de prises électriques pour les appareils mobiles. Le WiFi est gratuit. Les contrôles de sécurité se font de façons rapide et respectueuse. Le personnel sur place est compréhensible et serviable. Cela est un plaisir d'y aller pour voyager.
    Montana's BBQ & Bar
    2216 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1V 1J6
    Montana's BBQ & Bar offers a great selection of North American dishes and drinks. The decorations look gorgeous and make you feel as if you were in a mountain lodge. Staff is dynamic, friendly and helpful. Prices are quite steep though which has however become a problem related to most restaurant chains these days.
    Cineplex Odeon South Keys Cinemas
    2214 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1V 1J6
    Cineplex Odeon South Keys shows more than your usual blockbusters and regularly presents interesting movies from Asia and Europe.
    The Bronson Centre
    211 Bronson Ave, Ottawa, ON K1R 6H5
    I have attended two concerts at the Bronson Centre and there should definitely be more. It's the greatest small to mid-sized concert location in town and much better than the disorganized House of TARG, the run-down Mavericks or the isolated The Brass Monkey. The location is spacious, the sound is amazing and the staff is helpful. The only negative element is that the building feels like a maze and you can easily get lost or walk around for minutes to get from the entrance to the coat check, then on to the merchandise section and finally to the concert hall.
    Canada Science and Technology Museum
    1867 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1G 5A3
    The freshly renovated Canada Science and Technology Museum looks great and offers five highly interesting expositions about topics such as the five senses, transportation and video games. There are many interactive games as you can touch different objects, test your skills as a radiologist and create your own song to only name a few elements. It takes about two hours to visit the museum properly. The only downside is the quite steep entrance fee of seventeen dollars plus taxes.
    St Laurent
    1200 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1K 3B8
    St. Laurent is my favorite shopping mall in and around Ottawa. It isn't as crowded as Rideau Centre but features just as many interesting boutiques. In addition to this, there are several other shops around the shopping centre such as Best Buy where you can easily get within five minutes. There are a lot of parking lots and the shopping centre has excellent public transit connections. You can get downtown in about fifteen minutes. My favorite part of the shopping centre is the reasonably priced and cosy movie theatre in its basement where you can not only watch big blockbusters but also some more independent movies under the radar.
    Greber Pizza and Shawarma
    761 Boulevard Saint-Joseph, Gatineau, QC J8Y 4B7
    Greber Pizza et Shawarma offre des repas spécialisés sur la cuisine du Proche-Orient. La nourriture est bien préparée et les prix sont raisonnables. Le restaurant ne se distingue pas particulièrement des nombreux autres établissements du même genre à part du fait que le restaurant est ouvert plus longtemps que la moyenne. Le seul désavantage du restaurant est que l'on ne peut pas manger sur place car il n'y a qu'une seule petite table avec deux vieilles chaises ainsi qu'un banc pour attendre les dix minutes jusqu'à ce que les repas soient prêts.
    Restaurant La Station
    611 Boulevard Saint-Joseph, Gatineau, QC J8Y 4A6
    Le restaurant La Station offre des déjeuners, dîners et soupers aux prix raisonnables avec un service courtois. Il y a une section bar et une section restaurant avec de nombreuses télévisions pour regarder des émissions sportives. Le seul désavantage du restaurant est qu'il ne se distingue pas particulièrement des établissements concurrents comme Boston Pizza et Mikes.
    EY Centre
    4899 Uplands Dr, Ottawa, ON K1V 2N6
    EY Centre is a mid-sized event venue close to Ottawa's International Airport. The event I attended there was the celebration of the Chinese New Year a few years ago. The facilities are clean, large and modern but also somewhat soulless. The biggest downside is that EY Centre is quite far away from downtown and it takes up to an hour to get there by public transport. If you want to go there by car, expect traffic jams and elevated parking fees. EY Centre is good for what it is but it would be even better if it were placed closer to downtown and if it had a more individual touch to it.
    Bar La Boulathèque
    101 Bd La Salle, Baie-Comeau, QC G4Z 1R7
    La Boulathèque est le bar culte à visiter à Baie-Comeau pour fêter entre amis ou rencontrer de jeunes adultes. On peut y jouer au baby-foot, au billard et aux machines à sous. Les repas offerts sur place sont simplistes, mais très bons et bon marchés. Il y a une belle terrasse disponible durant l'été, mais l'intérieur offre également beaucoup d'espace. Le service est courtois et rapide.
    Microbrasserie St-Pancrace
    55 Place la Salle, Baie-Comeau, QC G4Z 1J8
    La microbrasserie Saint-Pancrace plaît avec son charme rustical et ses excellents choix de bières. L'ambiance est bonne et le service est courtois. C'est le bar à visiter si vous êtes de passage à Baie-Comeau.
    Sushi Kanata
    655 Kanata Ave, Kanata, ON K2K 3M2
    Sushi Kanata convinces with food of great quality for reasonable prices. There is a vast choice of different foods from soups over little snacks, Korean beaf, veal spare ribs and sushi to only mention a few options. Food quality is superior to sushi restaurants in downtown Ottawa. Service is a little bit impersonal and slow but overall still acceptable.
    Greyhound Canada
    265 Catherine St, Ottawa, ON K1R 7S5
    First of all, Ottawa's so-called central bus station should be more central and closer to downtown. Secondly, if compared to similar bus stations in Toronto and Montreal, this one is ridiculously small. There are almost no seating capacities, a few dirty bathrooms and one single overpriced restaurant. However, customer service is very adequate, traveling by bus is very relaxing and there are good connections to taxis and public transport.
    Stanley Cup Monument
    Box, 1273, 59 Sparks St, Ottawa, ON K1P 6E4
    I'm a massive hockey fan and was excited when I heard about the inauguration of a Stanley Cup Monument in downtown Ottawa. However, the monument doesn't really look spectacular and feels lost in the small alley. It would have made more sense to build a bigger monument or even a small museum close to Canadian Tire Centre, home arena of the Ottawa Senators.
    Dynamic Earth
    122 Big Nickel Mine Dr, Sudbury, ON P3C 5T7
    The Big Nickel and its surrounding park and museum are the most remarkable things to visit in and around Sudbury and exemplify local culture and history.
    Aire de service du Point-du-Jour
    250 Autoroute Félix-Leclerc, Sainte-Marie-Salomé, QC J0K 2Z0
    Cet aire de service est unique en son genre car les entrées et sorties ne se trouvent pas à l'extérieur ou à droite de l'autoroute, mais bien à l'intérieur et donc à gauche. Lorsqu'on y arrive la première fois, cela est peu habituel et même dangereux au niveau de la circulation. Les constructeurs voulaient probablement épargner de l'argent en construisant un seul aire de service pour les conducteurs des deux côtés de l'autoroute. Les touristes doivent trouver cela très étrange et ils auraient raison, surtout qu'il s'agit du premier aire de service sur cette autoroute en sortant de Montréal. L'aire de service offre une station d'essence normale et un bon restaurant spécialisé sur les plats de poulet. L'aire de service est présentement fermé et en rénovation. On peut encore utiliser les salles de bain, mais cela laisse à désirer. Aucune date de réouverture n'a encore été annoncée.
    Galleria Shops & Dinning
    6380 Fallsview Blvd, Niagara Falls, ON L2G
    Galleria Shops & Dining doesn't only offer numerous restaurants and stores but has a stunning architecture and even offers a futuristic monument, elegant statues as well as a fountain at the entrance to Fallsview Casino Resort. It's easily the most interesting place for some fast food and a diverting shopping experience in Niagara Falls.
    Victoria Plaza
    5175 Victoria Ave, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 4E4
    Victoria Plaza offers a drugstore, a few restaurants and a retail chain. It's also a great place to park for free for about two hours before going to downtown Niagara Falls which is about ten to fifteen minutes away.
    Théâtre Oakes Garden
    5825 River Rd, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3K9
    Oakes Garden Theatre is the most beautiful park in Niagara Falls and situated close to all important attractions. The architecture is stunning, the plants and trees are carefully taken care of and the view of the falls is splendid.
    Canada 150 3D letter sign
    Niagara Falls, ON
    The new Canada 150 3D letter sign is a great spot to take pictures. Even once Canada's anniversary will be over, this sign should remain as a historic reminder of a legendary year-long series of celebrations.
    Hard Rock Cafe
    5705 Falls Ave, Niagara Falls, ON L2H 6T3
    Niagara Falls' Hard Rock Café is Canada's last Hard Rock Café as we speak. Please keep this legendary location open. The atmosphere is unique and the shop very stylish.
    Port Hope ONroute Travel Plaza
    Between Exit 448 and 459, 845 ON-401, Campbellcroft, ON L0A 1B0
    Port Hope ONroute convinces with clean, modern and even stylish restrooms and great customer service. This is the best ONroute facility I have been to.
    ONroute Dutton
    ON-401, West Lorne, ON N0L 1J0
    ONroute Dutton is a nice spot with three restaurants, a little convenience store and of course a gas station. Food was great, service was fast and staff was friendly. The restrooms could need some more maintenance.
    Dr Disc Records
    471 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, ON N9A 6Y4
    Dr. Disc Records has the most outstanding selection of new and used music and movies I have seen anywhere in Canada. Their metal section including rarities from bands such as Loudness is particularly remarkable.
    The Great Canadian Flag
    Windsor, ON
    This must be the biggest and tallest Canadian flag I have ever seen. It looks gorgeous, is surrounded by multiple parks and trails and an amazing spot to take pictures. If you happen to visit Windsor for the first time, this is the first place to go.
    Odette Sculpture Park
    Windsor, ON N9B 1E8
    Windsor Sculpture Park offers some gorgeous sculptures as well as an amazing view of Ambassador Bridge and Detroit River. It's a great spot for a walk outside and to take some unforgettable pictures. However, there are two very serious ... 
    Anglican Church
    157 Tecumseh Rd, Port Lambton, ON N0P 2B0
    This Anglican Church in Port Lambton could need some renovations but it's charmingly located on the Saint Clair River and the memorial on its right side towards the river is one of the most beautiful of its kind.
    Waterfront Park
    Point Edward, ON N7V 1C3
    Waterfront Park is a beautiful spot to observe Port Huron in Michigan, Saint Clair River and Lake Huron. There could be a few more monuments or facilities like in Sault Sainte Marie or Windsor but it's good for what it is.
    Riverview Park & Zoo
    1230 Water St, Peterborough, ON K9J 6Z5
    Riverview Park & Zoo is an amazing spot for children. There are beautiful parks, a big playground and obviously the free zoo where you can admire parrots, reindeer, snakes, turkeys, yaks and more. The only downside is that maintenance is at times lacking. When I visited, I saw several peacocks walking around the area and even leaving the zoo which probably wasn't planned.
    Lock 21 - Peterborough Lift Lock
    Ashburnham Dr, Peterborough, ON K9L
    Lock 21 - Peterborough Lift Lock is far over one hundred years old but still the tallest lock station of its kind. It's absolutely impressive to watch and the greatest point of interest in town. If you happen to pass by Peterborough, make sure to stop here and visit or at least take a few pictures.
    Lock 20 - Ashburnham - Trent-Severn Waterway
    175 Maria St, Peterborough, ON K9H 1W3
    Lock 20 - Ashburnham - Trent-Severn Waterway is a beautiful lock station surrounded by numerous parks with playgrounds. It's one of the most beautiful spots for a walk in Peterborough, Ontario.
    Canadian Canoe Museum
    910 Monaghan Rd, Peterborough, ON K9J 5K4
    Canadian Canoe Museum offers plenty of information on canoes on two levels with lots of things to see, touch and watch. The museum also encourages and honors local artists. The gift shop offers a great selection of memorabilia and gifts. Service is friendly and helpful. I only though that the entrance fee of twelve dollars was slightly elevated. The museum is probably going to move to a different part in town within the next two years.
    Crabby Joe's Bar • Grill
    261 Woodlawn Rd W, Guelph, ON N1H 8J1
    Crabby Joe's Bar offers a great variety of delicious meals for reasonable prices. There is a bar and a restaurant section with nice decorations. Staff is very friendly and helpful.
    Riverside Park
    709 Woolwich St, Guelph, ON N1H 7G6
    Riverside Park offers a few parking lots, a playground for children, several bridges and gorgeous views on the Speed River. At a certain point, the Downtown Trail is interrupted and you have to walk around a few buildings to get back on it. The trail should be even closer to the river and the buildings further away from the gorgeous nature.
    Old Quebec Street Shoppes
    55 Wyndham St N, Guelph, ON N1H 7T8
    Concerning its gorgeous architecture, its little hockey hall of fame and connection to the Sleeman Centre, the Old Quebec Street Shoppes might be the most beautiful shopping mall I have seen so far anywhere in Canada.
    Goldie Mill Ruins
    75 Cardigan St, Guelph, ON N1H 3Z7 Cardigan St, Guelph, ON N1H 3Z7
    The buildings of Goldie Mill Ruins look very interesting. However, parts of the ruins aren't accessible, the area lacks maintenance and there should be some more information available or even a museum about these ruins.
    Church Of Our Lady
    28 Norfolk St, Guelph, ON N1H 4H8
    Church Of Our Lady is the most beautiful building in Guelph, Ontario. You can visit a beautiful garden and admire a monument that honors John McCrae in front of the church. The Guelph Civic Museum is situated just right to the church.
    River Forks Park
    17 Becher St, London, ON N6C 1A1
    River Forks Park is a beautiful park on the Thames River in London, Ontario. It includes the Battle of the Atlantic Memorial with some beautiful monuments and information on all the Allied ships that sunk during the Second World War. However, the door to the memorial is sometimes closed. Such an important memorial should be more accessible to the public to honor the legacy of the troops.
    Ivey Park
    London, ON
    Ivey Park on the Thames River is one of the most beautiful spots in London, Ontario. You can find the First Hussars Museum, paintings and sculptures there. It's a great place to play, relax and take a walk. The only downside is that the public restrooms are actually often closed to the public.
    Covent Garden Market
    130 King St, London, ON N6A 1C5
    Convent Garden Market is the most beautiful building in London, Ontario and offers plenty of healthy food inside.
    Open Grill Steak House
    721 Lite St, Point Edward, ON N7V 1A7
    Open Grill Steak House convinces with fresh salads, tasty appetizers and great meals for very reasonable prices. Service is fast and friendly.
    Carousel Restaurant & Tavern
    116 Lansdowne Street East, Peterborough, ON K9J 7N9
    Carousel Restaurant & Tavern convinces with a large buffet offering two different types of soups, numerous salads from beetroot to corn, main dishes such as ham, meatballs, spaghetti, pizza and roast beef as well as delicious cakes and ice cream for dessert. Staff is welcoming and friendly. If you stay in a hotel in Peterborough, you get ten percent off the price of your food. Prices are very reasonable overall. If you're looking for some hearty food after a long day, this is the place to go in Peterborough. If you're looking for vegan or vegetarian food, fancy steaks or sushi, you have to look elsewhere.
    Stewart Park, Perth ON
    41 Mill St, Perth, ON K7H 1W2
    Stewart Park is a beautiful natural spot in the heart of the idyllic small town of Perth. There are little bridges, buildings and monuments all around. Maintenance could be a little bit better. When I visited,in autumn many parts of the park were flooded and not fully accessible.
    Marmora Memorial Park
    Marmora, ON K0K 2M0
    Marmora Memorial Park is the most beautiful spot in town and worth a stop if you are on your way from or to Peterborough. There is a Tourism Information Centre, a playground, several monuments and you have a great view of a river, a dam and a bridge.
    Cape Saint-Vincent
    Farol do Cabo de São Vicente, EN 268, 8650-370 Sagres, Vila do Bispo, Portugal
    You can find a splendid lighthouse as well as numerous caves and cliffs near Cape Saint-Vincent. A little boat tour is highly recommended.
    693 Boulevard Perron, Carleton, QC G0C 1J0
    Les restaurants Dixie sont une drôle de combinaison entre restauration rapide et plats sophistiqués spécialisés sur les poissons et les fruits de mer. C'est unique en son genre, mais cette combinaison ne se complémente pas trop. L'ambiance et le temps d'attente étaient aussi moyens que la nourriture elle-même. C'est acceptable, mais rien d'extraordinaire après tout. Je ne regrette pas d'y avoir mangé, mais ce n'était pas assez bon pour y retourner.
    Burgers n' Fries Forever
    278 Dalhousie St, Ottawa, ON K1N 7E6
    First of all, the recipes of this fast-food restaurant are quite original. The food and especially the burgers taste really great. The drinks are also quite diversified and include all kinds of flavors. You can drink your Fanta with a taste of peach or raspberry which I haven't seen anywhere else so far. On the other side, seating capacities are limited and the atmosphere with an open counter and kitchen isn't particularly great. It reminds me of a tiny school cafeteria at best. The biggest issue is however the price. Paying twenty-two bucks for a burger with a poutine and a drink is unacceptable. Even in fine steakhouses, such a combo would usually cost a little bit less and other fast-food restaurants offer a similar menu for about half the price. If Burgers n' Fries Forever wants to last forever, they have to reduce their steep prices.
    Lieu historique national du Fort-Témiscamingue
    834 Chemin du Vieux-Fort, Ville-Marie, QC J9V 1H4, Canada -  
    Le lieu historique national du Fort-Témiscamingue est un endroit magnifique à visiter si on s'intéresse à l'histoire de la Nouvelle-France. Il y a un musée intérieur avec une belle petite exposition, mais la plus grande partie du musée se trouve à l'extérieur. On y trouve des ruines et des reconstructions d'anciens bâtiments. On peut s'y promener pendant au moins une heure. Il y a également un petit parc dans la forêt avec des œuvres d'art et un vieux cimetière.
    Lieu historique national de la Villa-Bellevue
    35 Centre St, Kingston, ON K7L 4E5, Canada -  
    Bellevue House is a National Historic Site of Canada where Canada's first Prime Minister Sir John Alexander MacDonald lived for about a year with his sick wife and their son. Today, this location consists of a little museum and the original property where you can visit the entire house as well as its big garden. People who are working there are dressed like the charwomen, gardeners and nurses back in the middle of the nineteenth century. Visiting this location is like traveling back in time and a truly authentic experience. The entance fee is reasonable and the staff is very professional. If you care for Canadian history, you should definitely visit this place.
    Entre-Côte Riverin
    260 Rue Riverin, Chicoutimi, QC G7H 4R4, Canada -  
    L'Entre-Côte Riverin est le meilleur restaurant de steaks et de fruits de mer en ville. L'ambiance et les décors sont élégants. Les plats sont succulents et diversifiés. Les prix sont vraiment acceptables pour ce genre de restaurant. Le service est attentionné de façon générale, mais les serveurs et serveuses oublient parfois d'apporter de l'eau ou des condiments. C'est un endroit idéal pour une sortie en couple ou entre vieux amis.
    Aki Thai
    436 Rue Racine E, Chicoutimi, QC G7H 1T7, Canada -  
    L'Aki Thai est un des meilleurs restaurants du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean et possiblement le meilleur restaurant asiatique de la région. Les plats thaïlandais et japonais sont succulents et diversifiés. Les portions sont généreuses. Les tables d'hôte sont particulièrement recommandées. L'ambiance est élégante, le restaurant est propre et le service est adéquat. Les prix sont un peu élevés, mais ils sont justifiés par l'excellente qualité du restaurant.
    Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts
    390 King St W, Kingston, ON K7L 2X4, Canada -  
    Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts is a stunning building on the shores of Saint Lawrence River and Ontario Lake. It includes a beautifully equipped concert hall with great sound. Staff is very helpful.
    Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning
    Morton Way, Kingston, ON K7L 2X4, Canada -  
    Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning is a modern complex with three levels featuring numerous exhibitions and workshops related to many different art forms. There is a beautiful little cafe with a terrace that offers a stunning view on Saint Lawrence River. Prices are quite elevated since you have to pay eight dollars for a muffin and a drink but the atmosphere is very peaceful.
    Kingston Penitentiary
    560 King St W, Kingston, ON K7M 8W6, Canada -  
    Kingston Penitentiary is by far Canada's most famous prison and now that it has been closed, you should visit it as quickly as you can. Right now, the permit to offer tours through the institution is renewed each year, so you can't know whether it's still possible to visit this place next year. The visit costs around forty dollars per person. Since this is a popular attraction, you should definitely book your tickets in advance. You have to fill out a long and complicated document before visiting but if you stay with your group at all times, there is no danger visiting this institution at all. Visits are supposed to be around ninety minutes long but usually take around two hours. You will walk around with a guide but there are people who have worked at Kingston Penitentiary that will take the lead at specific places and talk about their experiences. You are allowed to take pictures at most times but not to film anything. The visit is very entertaining and worth a detour. I came all the way from Ottawa to visit and didn't regret it at all.
    Heritage House Museum
    11 Old Slys Rd, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 4T6, Canada -  
    Heritage House Museum convinces with a unique building, a beautiful garden and gorgeous surroundings. Inside, there are exhibitions about Smiths Falls' past among others. Staff is very helpful. You can also buy some interesting souvenirs here. It takes about half an hour to visit the museum and the entrance fee is currently around 4,50$.
    Fort Hemlock
    32 Beckwith St S, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 2A8, Canada -  
    Fort Hemlock is an excellent bar and restaurant in Smith Falls with a stunning view of Rideau River. It has a great selection of beers, particularly local micro breweries. Staff is sociable and friendly and so are the people from this town. It took me less than twenty minutes to start conversations with plenty of people in this bar. You should really stop here if you visit Smiths Falls or if you have recently moved here. It's a great spot to meet new people.
    Chuckles Jack
    23 Russell St E, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 1E8, Canada -  
    Chuckles Jack is an elegant restaurant with an interesting menu specialized on Indian food that you wouldn't expect in such a small town. While the prices are slightly elevated, the atmosphere is relaxing, the food is very good and the service is quite efficient as well.
    Country Diner Restaurant
    23 Union St, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 2S3, Canada -  
    Country Diner Restaurant is a cozy traditional restaurant where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner for reasonable prices. The menu isn't particularly diversified but the food is solid and the service is quite good. It's a great spot to have breakfast on a lazy weekend morning.
    Railway Museum
    90 William St W, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 5A5, Canada -  
    Every town in Ontario seems to have its own railway museum but the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario in Smiths Falls is particularly interesting. There are exhibits both inside and outside of the main building. One section reminds us of several closed or lost stations. My favorite part of the museum was the dental car that traveled to remote locations in Northern Ontario. It takes about one hour to visit the museum and the entrance fee is currently around seven dollars.
    Île Pho
    4 Rue Belmont, Gatineau, QC J9H 6J5, Canada -  
    Île Pho est un très bon restaurant qui se spécialise sur les plats thaïlandais et vietnamiens. Les plats et boissons sont succulentes. Leur thé à la citronnelle est excellent. Le restaurant offre aussi occasionnellement du Red Bull thaïlandais qui est rare à trouver au Québec. Les prix des boissons et plats sont raisonnables. Le service est très courtois. Les deux seuls petits points négatifs sont les faits qu'on doit absolument payer en argent et qu'il peut faire un peu chaud dans le petit restaurant durant l'été.
    Compact Music
    785 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3V5, Canada -  
    Compact Music is a nice little record store like Vertigo Records downtown. They have a lot of vinyls and even rare cassettes. You can also buy tickets for local concerts and festivals here. I have found a soundtrack here I had been looking for over the past few years that wasn't available anywhere else. Prices are a little bit steep for this kind of record store but still acceptable.
    Arum Korean Market
    512 Bank St unit B, Ottawa, ON K2P 1Z6, Canada -  
    Arum Korean Market is a small supermarket specialized on Korean food. You can get candy, drinks, frozen meals but also cooking pans and other items here. Prices are rather elevated but this makes sense since most products have been imported.
    Dolsot Cafe
    512 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1Z6, Canada -  
    Dolsot Café offers generous portions of good Korean food for reasonable prices. Staff is friendly and service is relatively quickly. The choices on the menu could be a little bit more diversified, especially if you are having dinner on your own.
    Mini Golf in Neuland Park
    Rheinallee 12, 51373 Leverkusen, Allemagne -  
    Es ist gut, dass es in Leverkusen eine gute instand gehaltene Minigolfanlage gibt. Zudem sind die Preise und Offnungszeiten wirklich sehr gut. Auch die Getrankepreise gehen in Ordnung. Allerdings ist das Ambiente zwischen Innenstadt und Fabrik auf Betonbahnen alles Andere als angemehm. Ausserdem ist die Anlage regelmassig uberfullt. Es lohnt sich fruh aufzustehen und direkt zur Offnungszeit zu erscheinen, um den erstaunlich grossen Andrang zu vermeiden. Vielleicht sollte es in Leverkusen und Umgebung eine zweite Minigolfanlage geben, um diese hier etwas zu entlasten.
    Nagagamisis Provincial Park
    Algoma, Unorganized, North Part, ON, Canada -  
    Nagagamisis Provincial Park offers stunning landscapes and particularly beautiful seas. However, there could be more infrastructures such as walking trails to discover the park even better. You also have to be careful if you plan to swim in one of the lakes because there are some water snakes.
    Madisons New York Grill & Bar
    5222 Rue Sherbrooke E, Montréal, QC H1N 1A1, Canada -  
    Le Madisons New York Grill & Bar est un très bon restaurant à fréquenter après un match de l'Impact de Montréal, une activité au stade olympique ou un après-midi au cinéma qui se trouve à proximité. Le service est courtois, les lieux sont très propres et les plats offerts sont assez diversifiés. Seulement les prix sont un peu plus élevés que la moyenne, mais reflètent néanmoins les portions et la qualité des repas. Le seul problème de ce genre de chaîne de restaurant est qu'elle offre pratiquement les mêmes plats que Milestones, The Keg et une panoplie d'autres restaurants. Ce serait bien que le Madisons New York Grill & Bar se forge une identité propre à lui.
    Palais Donair
    725 Boulevard de la Carrière, Gatineau, QC J8Y 6T9, Canada -  
    Le Palais Donair offre de très génereuses assiettes de donairs et shawarmas. C'est probablement le meilleur en son genre en ville. Si vous y mangez, vous n'allez plus avoir faim pour la journée. Les repas goûtent très bons et le service est courtois et rapide. Seuls les décors et la propreté des lieux laisse à désirer. Ce serait préférable d'emporter ses plats.
    Musée de l'aviation du Canada
    11 Aviation Pkwy, Ottawa, ON K1K 2X5, Canada -  
    I had a great visit at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. You can discover experimental machines from the early twentieth century, war vehicles from different countries, reconstructed planes that had been crashed, parts of space vehicles and even sketches of possible future planes. The visit took me about two hours and never got boring. There are many optional activities on site such as visiting the hangar. The entrance fee was reasonable. It would be great if there were even more information about zeppelins.
    Bank of Canada Museum - Musée de la Banque du Canada
    30 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1A 0G9, Canada -  
    The Bank of Canada Museum is a brand-new museum that opened in the summer of 2017. From the outside, it looks like a reversed pyramid. Inside, you get to create your own avatar and you will walk through different rooms where you learn more about economy, money and society. You can even create your own dollar bills. The admission is free. The only downside is that it takes only half an hour to visit everything. Let's hope that the museum adds more activities in the future.
    Chelsea Pub
    238 Chemin Old Chelsea, Chelsea, QC J9B 1J3, Canada -  
    Chelsea Pub est un bar et restaurant au coeur de la petite ville de Chelsea, en plein milieu de la nature et aux abords du Parc de la Gatineau. Le service est courtois, les repas sont diversifiés, les décors sont beaux et les bières sont bonnes. C'est un endroit parfait pour souper en famille, entre collègues de travail ou avec des amis entre mai et septembre lorsque qu'on peut utiliser la magnifique terrasse.
    Ginkelse Zand
    Ede, Pays-Bas -  
    Het Ginkelse Zand is a small resting spot that offers enough space for a few dozen vehicles. There is a a little monument in form of a portal that honors the local national parks and nature. You can take a few lovely pictures here. On the other side, there are no restroom facilities here, so you can imagine what the nearby forest looks and smells like.
    Pantanal Rodizio Leverkusen-Opladen
    Altstadtstraße 5, 51379 Leverkusen, Allemagne -  
    Pantanal Rodizio offers Brazilian food and consists basically of different types of delicious meat. However, the choice of salads, fries and similar things is extremely limited. You have to be a meat lover to go there. Prices are acceptable. From time to time, there are samba dancers that invite you to cheer and dance which is very original.
    Lotto am Markt
    Peter-Neuenheuser-Straße 1, 51379 Leverkusen, Allemagne -  
    I tried to purchase concert tickets here on several occasions. I was always asked to come back a few days later because of technical problems but these issues never got solved at all. I had to get my tickets elsewhere after three unsuccessful tries. Bummer!
    Uhlandstraße 9, 51379 Leverkusen, Allemagne -  
    Scala is one of the few essential places to go in Leverkusen-Opladen. Scala was once a popular cinema that closed when a bigger one was opened in another suburb of Leverkusen many years ago. This place got revamped and reopened in an extraordinary way. This cinema offers high-quality 2D cinema and doesn't only show the big blockbusters but more sophisticated movies from Europe and Germany as well. Seats are very comfortable and stylish, almost like an old theater. Prices are very reasonable, not only for tickets but also for drinks and snacks. There is a bar and restaurant downstairs that offers tasty and generous portions of food as well as a vast selection of drinks. You can sit both in- and outside. The cocktail section is highly recommendable. This place also offers concerts and similar events from time to time as it supports small but talented artists. No matter if you want to watch a special movie, enjoy an intimate concert or just have dinner with your friends, this is the place to go in Leverkusen-Opladen.
    HOLY CRAFT Beer Store
    Friedrichstraße 79, 40217 Düsseldorf, Allemagne -  
    Craft beer is finally becoming popular in Germany. This store offers a vast selection of beers from Germany and all around the world. No matter if you like IPAs or porters, you will find something for every taste. Staff is very helpful and has a lot of expertise. Prices are very elevated though, even for a craft beer store but the quality is definitely worth it. This store also has a bar/restaurant downtown.
    Exit The Room Düsseldorf
    Jahnstraße 22, 40215 Düsseldorf, Allemagne -  
    Exit the Room is an interesting activity for a small group of friends. I would recommend going there in groups of three to five people. The concept is very interesting: Your friends and you get locked up in a room and you have a specific time limit to get out of the room and solve all its mysteries. In one case, you have to escape the facilities of a crazy doctor, in another scenario you have to solve the murders of a serial killer and another example would be the room where you have to dismantle a bomb. In order to solve all the riddles, you have to find different items and calculate a lot of things. You can get a maximum of five clues since you have a walkie talkie to communicate with the staff. It's a creative activity that enables you to learn more about your friends and yourself. Despite rather steep prices, my friends and I will definitely go there again.
    Asia Ming
    Landstraße 33, 42781 Haan, Allemagne -  
    Asia Ming offers a vast selection of Asian food that should satisfy every customer. There is also a big selection of drinks of all kinds. Prices are very reasonable. Staff isn't always perfectly organized but always helpful. Since this is a very popular restaurant, make sure to reserve seats in advance. This place is very busy.
    Japan House Restaurant
    Berliner Str. 270, 51377 Leverkusen, Allemagne -  
    Japan House offers almost two hundred different types of delicious Asian food that can be ordered with the help of tablets. Service is usually fast and staff is charming, helpful and polite. Prices aren't cheap but still reasonable.
    Norland - Kawartha Lakes Public Library
    3448 Kawartha Lakes County Rd 45, Norland, ON K0M 2L0, Canada
    Kawartha Lakes Public Library in Norland is a small but beautiful building and a nice place to stop and take a few pictures.
    Our Lady of Fatima Parish
    100 Lisgar Ave, Renfrew, ON K7V 3M2, Canada
    Our Lady of Fatima Parish is a stunning building and gorgeous spot to take a few pictures.
    Kitchener Park
    460 West Street S, Orillia, ON L3V 7Z3, Canada
    Kitchener Park isn't particularly outstanding but offers a nice view of Shannon and Shingle Bay on Lake Simcoe. It's a good place to stop and take a few pictures when in Orillia before heading eastwards.
    Meaford Hall
    12 Nelson St E, Meaford, ON N4L 1N6, Canada
    Meaford Hall is a beautiful historical building with gorgeous monuments around that represents the stunning town of Meaford perfectly. it's one of the most essential towns to visit in Grey County and Georgian Bay.
    Inglis Falls
    Georgian Bluffs, ON N4K 5N6, Canada
    Inglis Falls are beautiful waterfalls close to Owen Sound. You can walk around them for hours. The nature is absolutely gorgeous but some of the paths needs better indications and maintenance. Paying six dollars just to park your car is also a little bit harsh as well since there is no service whatsoever.
    Owen Sound Tourism
    1155 1st Ave W, Owen Sound, ON N4K 4K8, Canada
    There are a lot of gorgeous boardwalks, landscapes and monuments around Owen Sound Tourism Information Center. It's one of the most beautiful spots to visit in town.
    South Baymouth Ferry Terminal
    41 Water St, South Baymouth, ON P0P 1Z0, Canada
    Staff at South Baymouth Ferry Terminal was very helpful and welcoming. The trip from South Baymouth to Tobermory was great and there were numerous gorgeous landscapes to observe, souvenirs to be bought and spots to relax on the ship. Taking this ferry is definitely a highlight for anyone who plans visiting Ontario.
    Sault Ste. Marie Boardwalk
    5V4, Hub Trail, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A, Canada
    Sault-Sainte-Marie Boardwalk is the best way to discover the city, take gorgeous pictures and watch the fascinating monuments, landscapes and buildings. I immediately fell in love with this city when I first visited it.
    Spirits Rising Monument
    Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 5V4, Canada
    Spirits Rising Monument is a nice little monument in form of a pyramid along the Sault-Sainte-Marie Boardwalk. It's a great spot to take pictures, observe the river and watch across it to the United States of America.
    Lieu historique national du Canal-de-Sault Ste. Marie
    1 Canal Dr, Sault-Sainte-Marie, ON P6A 6W4, Canada
    Sault-Sainte-Marie Canal National Historic Site is a nice place to walk around and take a few pictures of the river and the cities on both sides of the border. However, when I visited this place, there were a lot of dead fish in the river and there was feces from Canada geese everywhere. This place should be kept cleaner than it is.
    Wawa Goose
    Mission Rd, Wawa, ON P0S 1E0, Canada
    Wawa Goose is a giant statue of a Canada goose that overlooks Highway 17 right next to a tourist information center. It's a great spot for taking pictures.
    White Fang Motel
    South, 133 ON-17, Wawa, ON P0S 1K0, Canada
    I had a great stay at this motel. The rooms are big, clean and comfortable. Prices are very reasonable. Staff was friendly.
    Old Woman Bay
    Algoma, Unorganized, North Part, ON, Canada
    Old Woman Bay offers a stunning view of the northern landscapes of the Lake Superior Provincial Park.
    Katherine Cove
    Algoma, Unorganized, North Part, ON, Canada
    Katherine Cove is a nice spot because of its long beach and crystal clear water. There are a lot of beautiful rocks and cliffs as well. It was fun to swim there as well but the water is very cold even in the hottest months of summer.
    Agawa Rock
    Algoma, Unorganized, North Part, ON, Canada
    The Agawa Rock is the most interesting spot in the Lake Superior Provincial Park. The landscapes are gorgeous and the pictographs are historically important and very beautiful. Make sure to wear solid boots and to use bug spray when visiting.
    Parc Provincial du Lac-Supérieur
    96 Broadway Avenue, Wawa, ON P0S 1K0, Canada
    Lake Superior Provincial Park is one of the most beautiful of its kind in Ontario and Canada. Make sure to visit the Old Woman Bay, Katherine Cove, Sand River Falls and most importantly the Agawa Rock Pictographs.
    Sand River Falls
    Algoma, Unorganized, North Part, ON, Canada
    Sand River Falls is one of the most scenic spots of Lake Superior Provincial Park. The trail along the river is also very beautiful. It's a great spot to take gorgeous pictures.
    Lake Shore Salzburger Hof Resort
    289 Corbeil Point Rd, Batchawana Bay, ON P0S 1A0, Canada
    Lake Shore Salzburger Hof Resort offers excellent food in a typically Austrian restaurant. I had Wiener Schnitzel and chicken in cranberry sauce with spatzle in mushroom sauce. Staff is friendly and prices are reasonable.
    Hôtel Matagami
    99 Boulevard Matagami, Matagami, QC J0Y 2A0, Canada
    L'Hôtel Matgami offre des plats délicieux pour déjeuner et souper ainsi que des chambres d'une bonne qualité.
    The Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat
    Cochrane, ON P0L 1C0, Canada
    The Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat is an interesting place to visit. There are three male polar bears as of summer 2017. As other visitors mentioned, two of the bears showed erratic behavior while the other one seemed to be acting normally. However, these animals are not mistreated. I have visited other zoos, including Quebec's Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien where one of the polar bears was actually born, and this is the biggest and most beautiful polar bear habitat I have seen in any zoo. The keeper clearly cared about the animals as well and took a lot of time to explain the bears' behaviors. In addition to the polar bear habitat, there are also a snow mobile museum and a little town that represents life in Cochrane in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.
    Cochrane Station
    200 Railway St, Cochrane, ON P0L, Canada
    Cochrane Station is a nice little railway station where the Polar Bear Express starts and goes to Moosonee which is a lovely trip if you are fascinated by Canadian landscapes. There is a little hotel inside the station with nice but slightly overpriced rooms. Staff is friendly and helpful.
    White River Tourist Information Centre
    555 Elgin St, White River, ON P0M 3G0, Canada
    Staff at White River Tourist Information Centre was very kind and helped me find a motel room. There is a park with a statue of Winnie the Pooh nearby as well as a little playground for children. It's a nice spot to stop at for half an hour.
    Moosonee Station
    Gardiner Rd, Moosonee, ON P0L, Canada
    Moosonee Station is a small but convenient railway station. The train from Cochrane arrives everyday around 1:30 PM and leaves for Cochrane at 5:00 PM. Traveling by train is the easiest way to get to Moosonee for a reasonable price and the trip takes between four and a half and five hours one-way or between nine and ten hours for a round-trip.
    Parc national d'Aiguebelle
    12373 Route d'Aiguebelle, Rouyn-Noranda, QC J0Z 2Y0, Canada
    Le parc national d'Aiguebelle est un des plus beaux de son genre au Québec. C'est un endroit parfait pour faire de la randonnée pédestre, du kayak ou du camping en nature. Les préposés qui y travaillent sont accueillants et sympathiques. Par contre, les droits d'accès sont chers en comparaison aux installations de Parcs Canada et les routes sont presque inadmissibles... assurez-vous d'avoir des pneus très solides et d'éviter les grosses roches le plus possible...
    The Ice Hut Bar & Grill
    105 3rd St, Cochrane, ON P0L 1C0, Canada
    The Ice Hut bar & Grill offers really great food, features friendly staff and has reasonable opening hours. The only downsides are the used stairs and at times slightly dirty washrooms.
    Catholic Church
    Quebec J0M 1E0, Canada
    L'église catholique de Chisasibi est un beau bâtiment qui n'est malheureusement pas mis en valeur comme bien des bâtiments en ville. L'endroit a l'air abandonné et caché. Avec quelques rénovations, ce serait sans aucun doute la plus belle église sur tout le territoire de la baie James.
    Centrale La Grande-1
    James Bay Road, Baie-James, QC, Canada
    La Centrale La Grande-1 n'est pas aussi impressionante que l'Aménagement Robert-Bourassa, mais elle vaut quand-même un détour. Une visite guidée n'est pas essentielle, mais c'est un endroit pour prendre d'excellentes photos. Il y a ... 
    Auberge Radisson
    66 Des Groseillers Rue, Radisson, QC J0Y 2X0, Canada
    L'Auberge Radisson offre une quarantaine de chambres propres et spacieuses avec un accès à l'internet gratuit, un réfrigérateur et une télévision. Il y a un restaurant et un lounge au sous-sol près de la réception, mais les heures d'ouverture sont un peu limitées.
    Bar Au Vieux Georges
    Radisson, QC J0Y 2X0, Canada
    Le Bar au Vieux Georges est l'endroit parfait pour prendre une bière et rencontrer des voyageurs, travailleurs et résidents de Radisson qui sont accueillants et chaleureux. Les prix des consommations sont très raisonnables. Il y a un juke-box, une table de billard et des appareils de loterie vidéo.
    Resto Chez Mika
    Radisson, QC J0Y 2X0, Canada
    Le Resto Chez Mika offre des déjeuners ainsi que des plats réguliers à chaque jour entre six heures du matin et dix heures du soir. La sélection des plats est très grande et la qualité de la nourriture est bonne à très bonne. Les serveuses sont courtoises et les plats sont servis rapidement.
    Centrale électrique Robert-Bourassa
    Baie-James, QC, Canada
    La visite de l'Aménagement Robert-Bourassa dure environ quatre heures et inclut le visionnement de plusieurs vidéos, une visite de la centrale électrique et la visite de deux parcs ou belvédères pour regarder l'évacuateur de crues d'en haut et d'en bas. Il est recommandé de revenir sur le site en voiture car il y a aussi une tour d'observation à visiter, un belvédère cri et l'ancien site des installations d'habitation d'Hydro-Québec. Chaque Québécois ou personne s'intéressant à la culture québécoise devrait visiter cet aménagement une fois dans sa vie.
    Magasin général de la Microbrasserie du Prospecteur
    3e Av, Val-d'Or, QC J9P 1S6, Canada
    Le magasin général de la Microbrasserie du Prospecteur est très bien aménagé et offre de très beaux décors. Sur place, il est possible d'acheter de nombreuses sortes de bière, des mets, des sauces, des chandails, des casquettes, des ouvre-bouteilles et plus encore. C'est certainement la microbrasserie la plus intéressante dans tout l'ouest du Québec.
    Église Ukrainienne de Val-d'Or
    Rue d'Ukraine, Val-d'Or, QC J9P 3M2, Canada
    L'Église Ukrainienne de Val-d'Or est un beau vestige des immigrants pionniers de l'Europe de l'Est en Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Malheureusement, l'église a presque l'air abandonnée à nos jours et aurait besoin de rénovations ou au moins d'une mise en valeur.
    Mine Canadian Malartic
    100 Chemin du Lac Mourier, Malartic, QC J0Y 1Z0, Canada
    La Mine Canadian Malartic est la plus grande mine aurifère à ciel ouvert au Canada. Il y a un belvédère offrant une vue époustouflante sur le site.
    Parc des Chutes Coulogne
    100 Promenade Du-Parc-des-Chutes, Mansfield-et-Pontefract, QC J0X 1R0, Canada
    Le parc des Chutes Coulogne est un des plus beaux endroits à visiter en Outaouais. Les chutes sont splendides, les belvédères sont bien aménagés et les tableaux sont très informatifs. La visite individuelle dure environ une heure et coûte présentement huit dollars par adulte. Il est également possible de regarder une vidéo sur place dans un petit musée et de faire des activités physiques dans le parc aérien.
    Papa Pizzéria
    244 1re Ave O, Amos, QC J9T 1V2, Canada
    Papa Pizzéria est une petite pizzéria avec des décors simplistes qui offre de bons mets pour des prix très raisonnables. De plus, le restaurant est situé proche de tous les points importants à visiter à Amos et offre une belle vue sur la première avenue.
    Parc Rotary
    400-432 Rue de l'Harricana, Amos, QC J9T, Canada
    Le Parc Rotary est un petit parc bien aménagé sur la rivière Harricana. On peut prendre de belles photos de plusieurs petits monuments, des deux ponts et de la fontaine sur la rivière. C'est le plus bel endroit pour prendre des photos à Amos.
    Relais routier Km 381
    381 Route de la Baie-James, Baie-James, QC, Canada
    Ce relais routier offre une station de gaz dispendieuse, un service de restauration standard rapide et des hébergements simplistes. Le personnel sur place est très serviable et sympathique. Par contre, l'endroit est purement fonctionnel et n'a rien de pittoresque du tout. On a manqué l'occasion de construire ce relais routier à proximité d'un des nombreux beaux lacs de la région comme c'est par exemple le cas dans le parc des Laurentides au Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. On s'arrête ici lorsqu'on planifie un long voyage vers la route du Nord ou la route Transtaïga, lorsqu'on a besoin d'être dépanné d'urgence ou lorsqu'on veut prendre une très courte pause.
    Moulin Noir Steakhouse
    45 Avenue Dallaire, Rouyn-Noranda, QC J9X 6H7, Canada
    Le Moulin Noir est non seulement le meilleur restaurant en ville, mais un des meilleurs restaurants dans toute la province. Le homard et le steak étaient délicieux, les serveurs étaient très courtois et l'ambiance était calme et élégante. Si vous êtes de passage à Rouyn-Noranda, il faut que vous y fassiez un tour.
    Mattawa Island Conservation Area
    Mattawa, ON, Canada
    Mattawa Island Conservation Area could be an amazing place. The nature is splendid, there is a nice playground for kids, a beach volleyball court, a washroom, some picnic tables and a small beach. However, this place needs better maintenance. Rampant weeds were almost everywhere. The beach was filled with feces from Canada geese. The whole area looked nearly abandoned. The city of Mattawa should spend some money and resources to revamp this promising place and I'm not talking about inexperienced teenagers who are mowing the lawn as a summer job.
    Valois' Motel & Restaurant
    701 Valois Dr, Mattawa, ON P0H 1V0, Canada
    Valois' Motel & Restaurant is a classic North American motel in the style of the late eighties and early nineties. It has its charm but is obviously not up to date. Furniture is old but functional. Television is from the last century. The lock of my patio door was broken and replaced with a wooden stick. However, the view of the nearby Ottawa River is gorgeous. Customer service was very friendly. The dish I had at the restaurant was very delicious. Prices for both the restaurant and the motel are very reasonable. I would definitely come back.
    Tai Pan China Café
    385 Main St, Mattawa, ON P0H 1V0, Canada
    Tai Pan China Café offers solid Canadian-Chinese food for reasonable prices, no more, no less. The dish I had was good but a little bit too salty.
    Traversier Matane
    1410 Rue de Matane sur Mer, Matane, QC G4W 3M6, Canada
    J'ai pris le traversier F.-A. Gauthier de Baie-Comeau à Matane au mois d'août 2016 et mon expérience était très positive. Ce nouveau traversier est confortable, grand et propre et le voyage s'est fait sans le moindre incident en environ trois heures. Par contre, il faut s'assurer d'acheter ses billets sur internet ou par téléphone plusieurs jours d'avance car le traversier est souvent rempli à pleine capacité durant l'été.
    Église de Trois-Pistoles
    30 NOTRE-DAME E, Trois-Pistoles, QC G0L 4K0, Canada
    L'Église de Trois-Pistoles est une des plus belles églises sur la rive sud de l'estuaire du Saint-Laurent. Ce beau bâtiment d'une architecture élégante domine la petite ville tranquille de Trois-Pistoles.
    Stade Saputo - Impact de Montréal
    4750 Sherbrooke East Street, Montréal, QC H1V 3S8, Canada
    Le stade Saputo n'est pas comparable à la qualité des stades européens au niveau du matériel utilisé, mais l'ambiance y est toujours au rendez-vous grâce aux groupes ultras de l'Impact de Montréal. Les prix des billets sont acceptables. Il y a beaucoup de choix au niveau de la nourriture offerte sur place. Il est possible d'acheter des accessoires de l'équipe locale qui sont un peu plus chers. Deux stations de métro se trouvent à proximité, mais c'est plus problématique de trouver un stationnement. Prenez le transport en commun pour vous y rendre.
    Restaurant Zen Chik apportez votre vin
    2418 Rue Saint Dominique, Jonquière, QC G7X 6K6, Canada
    Le restaurant Zen Chik est un nouveau restaurant asiatique qui est immédiatement devenu le meilleur de son genre dans toute la région. Les repas sont succulents et variés. Les prix sont abordables pour la grande qualité offerte. Essayez les tables d'hôte pour économiser de l'argent et goûter aux entrées et desserts diversifiés.. L'atmosphère est calme et élégante. C'est l'endroit idéal pour parler tranquillement entre amis ou en famille. Les décorations sont jolies et il y a même trois aquariums à admirer sur place. Les serveurs sont polis et serviables. Les salles de bain sont propres. Le nom Zen Chik est en effet très bien choisi.
    Jetée de Brighton
    Madeira Dr, Brighton BN2 1TW, Royaume-Uni
    Brighton Palace Pier is one of the most beautiful piers in England. There are a lot of little shops and a great little amusement park. It's not just a great place to visit for adults but also for families with younger children.
    Brighton Pavilion
    4/5 Pavilion Buildings, Brighton BN1 1EE, Royaume-Uni
    The Royal Pavillion is an absolutely gorgeous building inspired by traditional Indian architecture. Make sure to take some pictures when you come to Brighton.
    Parc du Quai Casgrain
    Boulevard de Comporté, La Malbaie, QC G5A, Canada
    Le parc du quai Casgrain se trouve dans la Malbaie du fleuve Saint-Laurent et juste en face de l'hôtel de ville de La Malbaie. C'est l'endroit idéal pour se détendre en observant des bateaux et des oiseaux. Il y a aussi un terrain de jeux pour enfants. Le stationnement est tout près. Si vous faites la route entre Tadoussac et Québec, cela vaut la peine de s'y arrêter pour prendre une pause.
    ONroute Napanee
    Macdonald-Cartier Fwy, Odessa, ON K0H 2H0, Canada
    ONroute Napanee is a facility where you can go to a clean washroom, eat at four different restaurants being Burger KIng, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell and Tim Hortons and do some shopping from newspapers over snacks to souvenirs. It's the best place to stop and have a snack halfway between Ottawa and Toronto.
    Canada's Wonderland
    1 Canada's Wonderland Drive, Vaughan, ON L6A 1S6, Canada
    Canada's Wonderland is the country's first major theme park. When I visited the park as a teenager, I was amazed by its colourful decorations and thunderous roller coaster rides. When I re-visited as an adult, some of the charm was gone, as you realize that wait times are incredibly long, rides end up being very similar and prices tend to be very elevated. It's still a great place to visit once or twice a decade and a major attraction in the Greater Toronto Area. It's a stunning place for children and teenagers but only a good average park for adults.
    Motel de l'Énergie
    Road 389, Manic, QC G5C 2T2, Canada
    Il est possible de dormir, manger, faire le plein d'essene et acheter des souvenirs au Motel de l'Énergie à mi-chemin entre Baie-Comeau et Fermont, situé à seulement quelques minutes du Barrage Daniel-Johnson, mieux connu sous le nom Manic-5. J'ai dîné au Motel de l'Énergie avec un ami. Le prix était évidemment un peu élevé, mais le repas était vraiment très bon. De plus, j'ai bien aimé les décorations du restaurant avec les loups empaillés.
    Rideau Hall
    1 Sussex Dr, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A1, Canada
    Rideau Hall is the official residence of the Governor General of Canada. The house is surrounded by a stunning park with beautiful plants and trees but also some memorials and statues. The fact that you can freely walk through this park is another example for Canada's uniquely open-minded spirit.
    Festival Japan
    149 Kent St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5P3, Canada
    Festival Japan is easily the best Asian restaurant in Ottawa. I didn't like sushi until I came to this place and the waitress recommended me to try it out. Since then, I have fallen in love with their sushi. Their teriyaki chicken and teriyaki steaks are also stellar. Even the diversified desserts are extraordinary. The chef has outstanding skills and is also very friendly. In addition to the great food, the atmosphere is quite authentic and recalls traditional Japanese restaurants. You're entering an appeasing and exotic world when you're having lunch or dinner at Festival Japan. This place offers much more than just high-quality food. The greatest thing about this restaurant is their service. I've never met such a gentle, organized and polite waitress on multiple occasions in any other restaurant. The prices may be slightly expensive but they are definitely justified for the outstanding service you get.
    Gezeiten Haus Schloss Eichholz
    Urfelder Str. 221, 50389 Wesseling, Allemagne
    Schloss Eichholz isn't only a hospital but a conference and seminar centre. I stayed there for an entire weekend for a seminar about the negative and positive impacts of globalization. This seminar had been organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The seminar was very informative, the facilities were clean and elegant and the castle itself as well as its gardens offered a relaxing atmosphere.
    John Ceprano’s Rock Sculptures
    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    This is a beautiful spot with numerous simplistic but beautiful rock sculptures on the shores of the Ottawa River. It's a great place to take pictures, relax and meet new people in the summer.
    Prince of Wales Bridge
    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    Prince of Wales Bridge is a great place to hang out, take pictures and walk around on a lazy summer afternoon even though it's permanently closed now.