• Angtoria - God Has A Plan For Us All (2006)


    If you take a look on the ugly cover and get to know that the female singer collaborates closely to Cradle of Filth, you expect a very dark, depressive and gore piece of Gothic Metal. But when the curtains falls you discover average keyboard orientated melodic Symphonic Gothic Rock with an average singer that always performs in the same style or vocal range and that quite happily sings about funny topics such as depression, suicide or simply death. That's kind of a strange and irrational contrast.

    Every dark and black cliché is used and abused (let's have a look on the video of the title track where a woman commits suicide and a young girl is about to be raped by a priest) just to put a couple of pop goth songs on this record and almost every song sounds quite similar and hypnotizing. From that point of view, this album is just silly.

    What saves this record is its catchiness. The choruses of "God has a plan for us all", "Six feet under's not deep enough" (probably my favourite song on this record) or "Suicide on my mind" are graved into your mind once you have heard them for the first time. The album perfectly works as an ambient or background music for romantic Gothics. But this catchy flow of harmony is also a proof for the lack of surprises and experiments on this record.

    That's why I am somehow torn in two regarding this album and can't give it more than an average rating. But don't get fooled by the pseudo-evil cover or appearence of this band and give this gothic lounge music at least a chance before you might easily judge it.


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