• Greta (2018) - Brilliant actresses, gloomy atmosphere and sinister tension make for one of the greatest psychological thrillers in recent memory - 8/10 (19/03/19)

    Greta (2018)

    Greta is a very good psychological thriller that convinces with excellent actresses, gloomy atmosphere and sinister tension from start to finish.

    The film starts very quickly and the main plot is introduced in the first five minutes already which is a very dynamic approach. A young female student who has recently lost her mother and now lives estranged from her father with a dynamic roommate finds a purse in a subway. She decides to bring the purse to her owner, an elderly and lonely lady who lives estranged from her daughter and has lost her husband and dog. The student pities the lady, buys a new dog with her and starts meeting her regularly despite her roommate's doubts. One day, the student discovers that the lady is hiding several bags identical to the one she had found in a closet and realizes that the old lady specifically places them around town in order to meet new people. The young student stops seeing the lady but the latter is obsessed with and keeps stalking her. The more the young student tries to escape from her, the more determined the elderly lady gets to win her back by any means necessary.

    The acting performances in this psychological thriller are particularly outstanding. Chloë Grace Moretz convinces as empathic, fragile and good-mannered student who falls into a dangerous trap. Isabelle Huppert delivers the goods as dangerous, egocentric and unstable widow who takes advantage of the young student's weaknesses and who has some skeletons in her closet.

    Thanks to a well-paced start, the movie quickly creates a sinister atmosphere. The first signs that something is amiss with the elderly lady are already present in the first ten minutes of the film. She brutally bangs against a wall in her own house to prevent the neighbours from making too much noise. She immediately tells episodes of her tormented life to a complete stranger. She makes philosophical remarks pretending to know the desires of a young woman she has just met. From then on, things slowly spiral out of control as the strange old lady becomes a most dangerous psychopath who is nevertheless underestimated far too long.

    The tension rises throughout the film. The viewer can empathize with the young lead character who initially feels intrigued by the elderly lady, then confused and upset and progressively scared and terrified. The exposition is appropriately short, the rising action is intensively detailed, the climax is shocking, the falling action is eventful and even the resolution leaves you on an uneasy note that walks off the beaten path.

    The story of a dangerous stalker might not be completely new and some twists are easily predictable. Still, the exceution of this movie is particularly gripping thanks to brilliant actresses, gloomy atmosphere and rising tension leading to a memorable ending. Anyone who likes psychological thrillers should watch this movie.

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