• Guns Akimbo (2019) - Pushing to the limit - 7/10 (06/07/20)

    Guns Akimbo (2019)

    Guns Akimbo is an over-the-top action satire in the key of the Crank franchise. It tells the story of a geek named Miles who gets intimidated by his boss, recently split up with his girlfriend and spends his time insulting people on the internet and getting drunk. One day, he discovers the website of an underground fight club called Skizm and insults its members and viewers. The leaders of the fight club kidnap Miles and bolt two guns with fifty shots each into his hands. Miles is told that he needs to kill a crazy, experienced and reckless competitor named Nix in the next twenty-four hours who turns out to be the daughter of a police officer who became as violent as she is after witnessing her mother's and her brother's murder. At first, Miles starts to run away from a potential fight by meeting with police officers, a homeless junkie and his ex-girlfriend. When the latter gets kidnapped by Skizm, things get even more personal. Miles now wants to save his ex-girlfriend and take his revenge on the mastermind behind the underground fight club.

    This movie convinces on quite a few levels. The cinematography is great with sinister locations, excellent light techniques and dynamic camera work that doesn't make you feel dizzy like numerous other genre flicks. The diversified soundtrack blends in perfectly and mostly consists of cover songs of popular rock and pop songs from the eighties and nineties. The numerous allusions to different video games are hilarious if you understand the references. The action scenes are at times breathtaking and particularly brutal. The characters are fairly interesting as well, especially the two ladies being the protagonist's ex-girlfriend with her colourful hair and the reckless competitor with a bleak past. The movie entertains from start to finish with a decent running time of just above one hour and a half. The film has the potential to become a cult midnight movie in the future.

    However, the film isn't without its flaws. Some humorous scenes are too repetitive, especially as we observe the protagonist trying to get dressed with guns bolted to his hands on numerous occasions. The story is rather superficial and the continuity is at times missing when the protagonist travels to completely different spots within the same big city even though he only has a few minutes left to fight his opponent. The characters could have been a little bit more fleshed out as only Nix has some depth. The story of the protagonist and his ex-girlfriend only scratches the surface and there isn't much information about the origins of the underground fight club either.

    Despite its goofy flaws, Guns Akimbo is a violent fun ride with quite a few memorable scenes. If you like brutal, fast-paced and over-the-top action films, you should certainly give it a try. The film is best enjoyed with a few drinks and a couple of friends.

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