• ''Heir apparent of the NDH House'': A review of Eisbrecher's ''Schock''

    Neue Deutsche Härte is a musical genre influenced by the popular Neue Deutsche Welle movement of the eighties as well as the development of the alternative and groove metal genres in the nineties mixed with cold but danceable electronica, industrial and techno elements. There is no doubt that Rammstein is still the most prominent representative of this genre but who is next in line? About one and a half decades ago, this would have been Megaherz with solid underground hits sich as "Miststück", "Freiflug" and "Himmelfahrt". From then on, Oomph! took over with chart successes such as "Augen auf!", "Träumst Du?" and "Sandmann". Over the past five years though, another band has taken over with tracks like "Eiszeit", "Die Hölle muss warten" and "Zwischen uns" among others. This band is called Eisbrecher and in comparison to Megaherz and Oomph!, they are here to stay and defend the second place or even conquer the throne if Rammstein fail to deliver with their next studio record.


    Eisbrecher's most recent record "Schock" shows us why this band is so strong. They are able to mix typical trademark lyrics and sounds with diversified and even experimental approaches. The fifteen or sixteen new songs mix cold and sinister stompers with simple sing-along choruses such as title track "Schock" with danceable gothic disco anthems like "Rot wie die Liebe" and experimental efforts such as the lyrically convincing "Zwischen uns" which includes tense spoken-word passages, lascivious female guest vocals and a massive and passionate chorus. In addition to this, the charismatic band leader and addicting entertainer Alexx Wesselsky has the right amount of powerfully roaring vocals to deliver even more explicit lyrics like the heavy "Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn" in a fully convincing manner. Even the epic half-ballad "Schlachtbank" which the band uses as convincing closer of their current tour, sounds honest and touching due to the singer's passionate performance. A true success is the cachy, danceable and emotional cover of the rather unknown Neue Deutsche Welle track "Das steht dir gut" by Rheingold that easily beats the original effort. You should definitely purchase the limited version with this bonus track. The digital bonus song "Süßwasserfisch" though shows that the band still slightly copies other bands like Rammstein and Tanzwut here and there. This inspiration from other bands and the lack of truly unique lyrics are the only reasons why this band hasn't conquered the genre throne yet.


    Still, any fan of rock and metal music, the gothic scene and German culture should give this band a focused try. The band has delivered very solid albums right from the start but "Schock" and the previous "Die Hölle muss warten" turn out to be the band's most consistent efforts to date with only two or three exchangeable fillers versus a dozen truly convincing, diversified and energizing genre hits. In addition to this, the band's live performances are as entertaining, memorable and powerful and Eisbrecher will release their first live album ever "Schock Live" in September 2015.

    Final verdict: 8,5/10

     Please support the band and check out the following links:

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/eisbrecher

    Homepage: http://www.eis-brecher.com/

    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/EISBRECHERofficial/videos




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