• Hellraiser: Inferno (2000) - Welcome to hell! - 9/10 (25/02/12)

    Hellraiser: Inferno (2000)


    I don't know much about the Hellraiser series but this movie is surely one of the best surreal suspense flicks I have seen in a while. The story is quite twisted and you have many little scary scenes in strange visions of the main character, weird flashbacks about his parents or even on brutal video tapes shown in the movie. This movie breaks your head like a nutshell and shows us an interesting vision of the hell without any stereotypes which leads to a rather interesting final conclusion.

    Apart of the scary scenes, the acting and incarnation of the characters is also well done. The main character is a bad cop who takes drugs, steals money and prefers having sex with a cheap prostitute instead of caring about his worried wife and little daughter that misses him so much. The other characters are as unique and addicting. You have the somewhat bizarre man from the ice cream van that collects pictures of naked woman, a mysterious sheriff that seems to come out of an mixture of a classic old American western and a David Lynch movie at the same time and who is helped by two mysterious martial arts fighters and a creepy old guy in a wheelchair with a strange childish laughter in a dark hospital. The movie is filled with a lot of surreal ideas.

    There is not much negative to say about this movie. The scary scenes could have been even more intense in my opinion and they should have included some more background informations for those who don't know the characters from the previous movies but that's about everything I could criticize.

    Otherwise, this movie is truly atmospheric, entertaining and a great experience. You should watch this with your headphones on or a good sound system to be able to appreciate each aspect of this scary flick. This movie makes me want to see the other parts of the Hellraiser series even if they don't seem to be as intriguing as this one. If they are only half as good, it will be at least worth watching them. If you have seen other Hellraiser movies and been disappointed, don't care about the low rating on here and try this movie out, especially if you like Japanese horror flicks or movies from directors such as Cronenberg, Lynch or Shyamalan. This one is not as great as the best movies of the mentioned directors but it's not quite far away and you will get a truly positive surprise.


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