• Hide And Seek (2005) - Solid and atmospheric, but nothing innovating - 7/10 (21/07/10)

    Hide And Seek (2005)


    This movie is a quite watchful and atmospheric psycho thriller (rather than a horror movie) that presents nothing really new but does a quite good job and may not only satisfy the genre fans with its dark vibes and twisted ending. Many critics say that the end is too predictable but that is wrong because even if you get the solution out, you're still left with doubts as there are still many possibilities. The original ending of the movie is the most interesting one while the alternative endings are all very similar and not really as dramatic or dark as expected.

    Concerning the actors, one has to say that Robert DeNiro is not convincing me at one hundred percent, it is more the young Dakota Fanning who plays her role in an impressive way even if the screenplay for her role is a little bit too much orientated at the genre's classics like "The Exorcist" or "The Amityville Horror". The film, especially the role of Emily, has also some similarities to "The orphanage" but this movie was done two years after this one, so it is clear who inspired who, but as I've seen "The orphanage" before this one, there was a little déjà-vu effect but I have to admit that "Hide and seek" is the better one of the two movies.

    All in all, this is an interesting and entertaining atmospheric movie with a lot of dark vibes and an interesting twist in the end. It is quite watchful although there are no real new, impressive or innovating elements in this film. A film that you could see and might enjoy for an evening, but clearly not a classic or must have movie.


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