• Lieb Vaterland, magst ruhig sein

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    ''Lieb Vaterland, magst ruhig sein'' is a song by German medieval rock band In Extremo. The song is the third single taken from the 2016 studio effort ''Quid pro quo''. The German title of the single translates to ''Dear fatherland, be calm'' while the Latin title of the studio record translates to ''What for whom''. This requires further explanation. ''What for whom'' relates to the ''give and take'' principle and many songs on this album talk about the fact that most people only want to take but never care to give anything. The lyrics deal with the negative impacts of capitalism, death, greed, megalomania, revenge and war on many levels.

    The third single deals with the horrors of war seen through the eyes of a child. It tells the story of a teenager who has to go to war to defend his home country. In the beginning, the teenager is energized, motivated and proud to fight for his country. As he finds himself in the middle of the war, he realizes too late that he has been blinded by exaggerated patriotism, peer pressure and military propaganda. As the teenager is about to die on the battlefield, he just asks the home country to be quiet for once because he wants to die by himself. Instead of letting patriotism, peer pressure and propaganda into his heart, he swears to only let the neutral death into his heart.

    The lyrics of the song might be inspired by some of the band members' ancestors who were forced to participate in senseless wars they didn't understand but they also relate to many contemporary armed conflicts where children still have to die during the horrors of war. The intense video clip of the song that also includes a child's choir and air raid siren sounds shows scenes from armed conflicts from all around the world, from the Second World War over the Vietnam War to the horrors of Aleppo and other places. The video shows these horrors of war with the underlying message that mankind alone is responsible for the gruesome deaths of its children.

    This meaningful song happens to be my favorite track from In Extremo's excellent ''Quid pro quo'' record and one of my very favorite tracks this year. Music, lyrics and video form a coherent trinity. If you don't feel anything while listening to this song and watching this video clip, you're probably already dead in a certain way. Let's save our children and let's speak and stand up against the horrors of war: ''Lieb Vaterland, magst ruhig sein''.

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