• Life Is Strange (2015) - Horror lurking behind harmony - 9/10 (20/01/19)

    Life Is Strange (2015)

    Life is Strange is a graphic adventure video game split into five episodes. The game was developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix, one of my favorite video game developer companies. The game follows the story of twelfth grade student Maxine Caulfield who returns to the hometown she left five years earlier. She soon realizes that the prestigeous Blackwell Academy isn't as great as its reputation and witnesses bullying, drug addiction and even murder. Maxine Caulfield realizes that she has the capacity to reverse time and she uses her power to try and save people around her. However, she soon realizes that her actions create a dangerous rift in the space-time continuum which leads to showdown when Maxine must take the most difficult decision ever.

    This game convinces on many different levels. It has a very strong and mysterious atmosphere that is only increased by the smooth, slow and precise flow that quickens up the pace towards the dramatic end. Another strong element are the versatile, profound and diversified characters. It's easy to identify with the calm, intellectual and unique Maxine as well as with her unstable, rebellious and outgoing friend Chloe. They are both very authentic characters that complement each other perfectly. Finally, the story reminding of television series like Portlandia and Twin Peaks is addicting from start to finish and gets particularly sinister during the last two episodes.

    Life is Strange is not only a great game for teenage girls but for anyone who cares about artistics designs, mysterious plots and profound characters and doesn't mind a game that takes its time to unfold. The spin-off Life is Strange: Before the Storm is being released right now and focuses on Chloe's life rather than Maxine's life. Life is Strange 2 will be released in 2018 and will feature new locations and a new set of characters. Since the original game convinced me on nearly all levels, I'm looking forward to try out both the spin-off and the second installment.

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