• Lost but not forgotten - A review of Idle Hands' Don't Waste Your Time II

    Idle Hands - Don't Waste Your Time II (2020)

    Idle Hands is certainly the greatest band I have discovered in the past year and a half. The gothic metal quintet from the American West Coast has released a phenomenal debut extended play entitled Don't Waste Your Time that was followed by a highly emotional full length effort called Mana. This release here contains two songs that were supposed to be on the debut extended play but didn't make it due to financial restrictions. While the band is working on a new full length release tentatively due early next year, the group has finalized the work on its two lost songs and released them without any promotion earlier this week. The two new songs are a welcome refreshment during the hot summer days reaching temperatures above thirty-five degrees these days.

    ''It Doesn't Really Matter'' includes all the elements that make for an excellent Idle Hands song. The lyrics are bleak, intelligent and philosophical. The atmospheric musicianship is situated somewhere between heavy metal and gothic rock. The gloomy but melodic vocals transport the song splendidly. The chorus is energetic and memorable. No second is wasted in a short running time just above three minutes.

    ''Puppy Love'' is a little bit smoother but there are still a lot of things going on. The song includes a short bass guitar solo, echoing voice effects, futuristic sound effects and it ends on a fade-out with a passionate guitar solo. Despite those experiments, the track is catchy thanks to clever songwriting, creative lyrics, passionate vocals, skillful melancholic guitar play and dynamic rhythm section. The track is neither too soft nor too heavy. It's perfectly balanced.

    I have listened to this extended play five times since it has been released and I'm not feeling like stopping anytime soon. Idle Hands is the band I have always been looking for without even knowing it. The bleak lyrics, catchy vocals, dynamic rhythm section, excellent guitar play and gloomy atmosphere combine the greatest elements of my favourite two music genres that are gothic and metal. If you haven't listened to this band yet, give Don't Waste Your Time II a chance. If you like ''It Doesn't Really Matter'' and ''Puppy Love'', you are going to like anything else the band has released as well. If it isn't your cup of tea, so be it.

    On a closing side note, I wish the band could release this new extended play on CD as I would most certainly buy it.

    Final rating: 100%

    It Doesn't Really Matter

    Puppy Love

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