• Magic melodic guitar soundscapes - A review of Droid's "Terrestrial Mutations"

    Droid - Terrestrial Mutations (2017)

    Droid is another technically skilled progressive thrash metal band in the key of Masquerader and Vektor. If you like Voivod's Dimension Hatröss or Nothingface, you are going to dig this album for sure.

    Now, how is this talented trio from Ontario different from the bands mentioned above? In my opinion, the band is a little bit slower than the ones mentioned before, especially in the instrumental middle sections focusing on melodic guitar play. This approach actually works very well. It makes the songs more diversified, dynamic and structured and allows the listener to become one with the spheric soundscapes and dream himself far away.

    The song writing is also outstanding, Droid finds the right mixture between short, concise and addicting tracks like "Suspended Animation" that summarizes the band's potential in less than three and a half minutes and more complex tunes with extended guitar solos like "Terrestrial Mutation" that would do any great science-fiction movie justice.

    There are no fillers to be found on this release but there are still two minor reasons why this output isn't the record of the year. First of all, the rhythm section is very good but not as outstanding as the brilliant guitar play. The rhythm section rarely does something spectacular to grab my attention but often delivers a solid job in the background. Secondly, the rough vocals sound good overall but could be a little bit more variable and unique.

    Still, Droid's Terrestrial Mutations is the best thrash metal record of the year so far and one of the better progressive metal releases as well. The organic production and the cool cover artwork reminding me of Yes' progressive rock masterpieces of the seventies only add to the very positive overall impression. Support this talented trio from Ontario and make sure to keep an eye on them in the future.

    Final Rating: 84%

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