• "Meant to be played live": A review of Motor Sister's "Ride"

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    Do you know the American alternative rock band Mother Superior which released nine studio records and a demo between 1993 and 2011? Well, I didn't know this band either. A few weeks ago, I stumbled over the new band Motor Sister with members from famous metal bands like Anthrax, Fates Warning and Rob Zombie / White Zombie among others. This quintet covered twelve songs of the Los Angeles-based hard rock band that became an underground cult group but never made a breakthrough. Anybody who likes rock music should check this project as well as the original band Mother Superior out and try to catch them on tour. Please enjoy my review, check out "Ride" and have fun with forty-five minutes of power.


    Motor Sister is an all-star project that covered twelve tracks of the Los Angeles-based hard rock band Mother Superior which split up four years ago. Initially a birthday gift for Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian who wanted to perform some tracks of one of his favourite bands one and a half years ago, the label Metal Blade Records invited the quintet to record a full length record. "Ride" was recorded in only two days and sounds really energizing, passionate and spontaneous. If compared to the original tunes, these vesions here sound heavier and rawer due to a garage rock inspired production that doesn't try to gloss over some unclean guitar notes or nasal vocals. The songs are in general a little bit longer than the originals and sound more playful yet straighter due to their extended instrumental passages. Stylistically, this record is a hard rock record that ventures into blues rock and heavy metal territories here and there. A few experimental tracks with some funk rock and punk rock vibes add some more diversified power to this forty-five minute long fun ride of a record. Don't be afraid, this is definitely not a cheap attempt at grabbing some cash with a couple of cover songs, this is a celebration of pure rock and roll spirit.

    The greatest songs are right in the beginning of this release. The five friends kick this album off with one of the best tracks on here, the wild hard rock anthem "A Hole" which comes around with heavy drumming, sharp riffs, a simple yet catchy chorus and an amazing jam outro in only three compact minutes. "This Song Reminds Me of You" stands out with the vivid use of a wad-wah pedal while the melancholic breaks aren't a far call from blues rock. The track ends with a fierce two-minute long instrumental jam that could also come from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This is also one of the songs where Pearl Aday's female backing vocals harmonize well with lead singer and guitarist Jim Wilson. She has a great and powerful voice but I feel that her promising capacities are somewhat underused on this release. Another song where she really shines is the mid-tempo blues rock half-ballad "Fool Around" which is the perfect soundtrack for a romantic meeting in an American highway bar.

    Overall, this is a great hard rock record that is best played in a smoky bar or during a road trip. Even though the record falls a little bit short towards the end, this album compensates with its raw live atmosphere, honest passion and diversified take on different rock genres. The band had already played a few shows this year and has just announced that they will play a couple more in the future which fits perfectly. I wouldn't mind if the project went further and wrote its own music at some point. Any rock music fan somewhere between Led Zeppelin, Motörhead and Thin Lizzy should check this little gem out and try to catch this quintet on tour.

    Final verdict: 8 out of 10 points


    Please support the band and check out the following links:

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/motorsister

    Label: http://www.metalblade.com/motorsister

    Live tracks: 1.) A Hole 2.) Beg, Borrow, Steal 3.) This Song Reminds Me of You 4.) Get That Girl 

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