• Metro 2014 - A review of Unbeing's ''Raptus''

    Unbeing - Raptus (2014)

    ''Raptus'' is a conceptual and entirely instrumental progressive metal record about the Montreal subway system. The four diversified tunes take you on a metro trip from the entrance to your home station to the exit of your final destination.

    If compared to the band's first full length release, ''Raptus'' sounds mellower and smoother. There are still a few gloomy and slightly oppressive sounds but most parts sound surprisingly relaxed and mysterious. The band includes several musique concrète elements with some field recordings of announcements made in the different stations and trains. These elements add a lot of authentic atmosphere to this release. This band really seems to want its listeners to go and discover the subway system on their own. Honestly said, this listening experience is much more impressive than an actual ride through Montreal's subway that isn't as spectacular as similar systems in Moscow, Paris, London or even Toronto. 

    The transitions between the four tracks are nearly flawless and the sum of the four songs is much stronger than its different parts. Musically, floating keyboard sounds meet a very playful bass guitar play and a technically skilled yet atmospherically integrated drum play. While most guitar riffs are rather calm and have an obvious classic space rock influence, the more vivid parts often have a modern djent sound. The sound is dominated by guitars and keyboards while the rhythm section is incredibly rich without taking too much space. Each song is excellent on its own but the little details make each track unique. I'm not even remotely missing any type of vocals at any point of this album which proves how complete the final result sounds.

    The balance between soft and harsh parts, between rock and metal elements, as well as between classic genre influences going back to the early seventies and more modern metal passages make this EP a highly enjoyable release without any unnecessary lengths. Fans of any type of progressive music should buy this record on the band's Bandcamp presence and pay a fair price for this extraordinary gem.

    Final rating: 9,5/10

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