• My concerts of the year 2015

    Dear readers!

    As most of you know, I like attending all kinds of artistic and social events, I adore discovering new things and I appreciate visiting new places. It shouldn't be a surprise to you that I attend many concerts as well and this year, I went to see at least twenty-one shows as far as I remember. If there hadn't been so many great sports events such as the CONCACAF Champions League run by Montreal Impact FC and the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup, I would have probably attended a few more shows. Some concerts were amazing, most were great and only a few were a little bit disappointing which makes a very positive average. There was nothing as outstanding as Black Sabbath in 2014 but it was still a great year for shows. That's why I created a list of all the concerts I attended and made a few comments on each event. By the way, I've already purchased tickets for a few concerts in early 2016! Stay tuned! Great times are ahead! 

    1. Septicflesh, Moonspell, Deathstars @ Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre, Montreal (May 14th) 

    Comment: All three bands were amazing, the location was awesome, the merchandise section was huge, the atmosphere was a blast and I was there with a good friend. 

    2. Epica, Eluveitie, The Agonist @ Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre, Montreal (September 11th) 

    Comment: All three bands were great, the location was amazing, the merchandise section quite good, the atmosphere was joyous and I was there with a good friend. 

    3. Napalm Death, Voivod, Exhumed, Iron Reagan, Black Crown Initiate @ Mavericks, Ottawa (February 5th) 

    Comment: Voivod were absolutely outstanding and are one of my very favourite live bands and I became a fan of Iron Reagan and Black Crown Initiate which I didn't know prior to the show. 

    4. Volbeat, Anthrax, Crobot @ TD Place, Ottawa (May 13th) 

    Comment: Volbeat were very good but Anthrax were definitely the highlight of the night. The only issue were one or two severe security guards who didn't like seeing some fans having too much fun. 

    5. Godsmack, Sevendust, The Motorleague @ TD Place, Ottawa (October 19th) 

    Comment: Sevendust were a positive surprise and convinced with a sympathetic performance while Godsmack absolutely rocked the stage. I got to know two sympathetic guys I hung out with during the show. 

    6. Rush @ Bell Centre, Montreal (June 21st) 

    Comment: This concert lasted for three hours and the band played around thirty tracks in a perfect manner. Maybe the show was a little bit too long. 

    7. Falco - The Show @ Tanzbrunnen, Köln (December 20th) 

    Comment: I didn't expect that much but the show was authentic, diversified and highly entertaining. I went there with my parents. This is one of the greatest tributes to the late Austrian rapper and rocker Falco. 

    8. Eluveitie, Antlion, Dissentient @ Bronson Centre Theatre, Ottawa (September 10th) 

    Comment: The location was quite unusual but great, the opening bands had a lot of talent and Eluveitie delivered a stellar performance. 

    9. Anvil, A Darker Day, Vyc Vypyr, Aenigma @ Mavericks, Ottawa (April 2nd) 

    Comment: The opening acts were solid and Anvil proved they were amazing entertainers who constantly interacted with the crowd. The guitar solo took around fifteen minutes and was a little bit too much for me. 

    10. Rhythm of Cruelty, Putamen Insula, Maicamia, Nightmare Collective @ Loud House, Montreal (May 15th) 

    Comment: I didn't care much about the main act but Nightmare Collective were a positive surprise, Maicamia were the kind of band that made me discover something completely new and Putamen Insula were absolutely outstanding during one of their very last shows. The location of the concert was very special. I went there with a good friend of mine and had a chat with a couple of fans and musicians. 

    11. Dream Theater, Devin Townsend Project, Haken @ Kunstrasen, Bonn (July 9th) 

    Comment: Haken were a positive surprise and are a band I'm curious to check out and follow in the future. Dream Theater's performance was great but very short and the singer had to battle with a cold. Devin Townsend Project were weird for the sake of being weird. The location was okay and the crowd was rather boring. I still managed to meet a very nice guy and had somebody to talk to prior to the show and during the intermissions. 

    12. Loviatar, Monobrow, The Dark Plains @ Dominion Tavern, Ottawa (January 24th)Annihilator, Shock @ Mavericks, Ottawa (January 20th) 

    Comment: All three acts were great and Loviatar have become one of my favourite bands. The location could have been better and the bands started their show way too late, almost around midnight. 

    13. Joachim Witt, Staubkind, Whispers in the Shadow, Heldmaschine, The Other, Vlad in Tears, Aeverium @ Castle Rock Festival, Mülheim an der Ruhr (July 4th) 

    Comment: Aeverium were a great discovery for me, The Other have become better and better over the past years and Joachim Witt's show was very unusual and highly entertaining. The location and the merchandise section were absolutely amazing. My father and I had a lot of fun spending the entire day over there. The weather was extreme around forty degrees and I guess we both drank close to seven Liters or so that day. Staubkind were not my cup of tea at all. 

    14. Solstafir, Ancient VVisdom, Musk Ox, Aenigma @ Mavericks, Ottawa (April 24th) 

    Comment: Solstafir's performance was enchanting, hypnotizing and unique. Ancient VVisdom were a great discovery and I listened to their last album quite a few times by now. The other two bands weren't my cup of tea.  

    15. Alestorm, Swashbuckle, The Dead Crew of Oddwood, The Night Watch @ Mavericks, Ottawa (February 4th) 

    Comment: Alestorm were entertaining as always and the opening acts were good without being outstanding. 

    16. The Agonist, Obyrne, Ominous Eclipse, Accretion @ Ritual, Ottawa (February 26th) 

    Comment: The location was quite cool, the three opening acts were sympathetic without being amazing and The Agonist delivered a quite good show. 

    17. Iron Man, Muffler Crunch, Loviatar, Longhouse @ Mavericks, Ottawa (August 28th) 

    Comment: Iron Man were solid and are a band I'm curious to check out and follow in the future. Loviatar were great as always and the other two opening acts were solid but nothing more. The crowd was very lame that night which is actually a constant problem at that location. 

    18. Exterio, Prieur&Landry @ Le Petit Chicago, Gatineau (September 26th) 

    Comment: The energizing rock duo Prieur&Landry were a very positive surprise and I supported them by buying their first album. Exterio's show was sympathetic but nolthing extraordinary in my book. The location was nice and I had a chat with a few nice people in the crowd. 

    19. Dark Tranquillity, Insomnium, Signs of Chaos, Greylights @ Mavericks, Ottawa (January 10th) 

    Comment: Dark Tranquillity and Insomnium were good but not as amazing as I would have expected. The opening acts were of an average quality. 

    20. Alcoholica, Eyedolls @ Mavericks, Ottawa (January 23rd) 

    Comment: Both bands were entertaining cover bands that played a few rock and metal classics. The crowd was disappointing an donly a handful of people were there. 

    21. Alcest, Abigail Williams, Emma Ruth Rundle, Today is the Day, Inherent, Destroy Clocks, Peronicus @ Mavericks & Cafe Dekcuf, Ottawa (September 24th) 

    Comment: The seven bands played on two different stages in the same building which was somewhat confusing. The crowds in both places were mostly lethargic. The merchandise section was poorl equipped. Abigail Williams were a great discovery and my favourite act of the night. Today is the Day are usually not my cup of tea but their show was cool. Alcest were rather disappointing and despite liking their kind of music I wasn't able to get into their show at all. Emma Ruth Rundle was the worst artist I have seen on stage this year. 

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