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    Dear readers,

    Usually, I tend to prefer original versions over covers when it comes to any form of art. However, there are some notable exceptions in music. I've recently been discovering a superb rendition of Billy Idol's ballad ''Eyes Without a Face'', covered acoustically by Virgin Steele. This inspired me to present you a list of my twenty-five favorite cover songs. The ranking is a little bit random at times since I really adore all these songs and they are all worth being checked out in my humble opinion. I didn't post the original tracks because that would have gone a little bit too far since I didn't want to post fifty videos or more. As you know, I'm mostly a fan of rock and metal music, so most of these covers are taken from these genres but I also included country songs and grunge tracks among others. If you know of any recommendable cover songs of genres I'm less familiar with, please let me know and I might include them in my list. Enjoy these creative reinterpretations and let me know what you think about it in the comment section.

    Take good care of yourselves,

    Sebastian Kluth

    1. Virgin Steele - Eyes Without a Face (Billy Idol)

    2. Disturbed - The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel)

    3. The Foreshadowing - Russians (Sting)

    4. Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran)

    5. UFO - Come Away Melinda (Harry Belafonte)

    6. Deep Purple - Hush (Billy Joe Royal)

    7. Heaven's Cry - Beds Are Burning (Midnight Oil)

    8. The Vision Bleak - Nights in White Satin (The Moody Blues)

    9. Therion - J'ai le mal de toi (Betty Mars)

    10. Stryper - After Forever (Black Sabbath)

    11. Voivod - Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd)

    12. Children of Bodom - Jessie's Girl (Rick Springfield)

    13. Nirvana - The Man Who Sold the World (David Bowie)

    14. Johnny Cash - Hurt (Nine Inch Nails)

    15. Nightwish - Over the Hills and Far Away (Gary Moore)

    16. HIM - Don't Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)

    17. Axel Rudi Pell - Hey Hey, My My (Neil Young)

    18. In Flames - Eye of the Beholder (Metallica)

    19. Elvenking - Heaven is a Place on Earth (Belinda Carlisle)

    20. Anthrax - New Noise (Refused)

    21. Over Kill - Miss Misery (Nazareth)

    22. Marilyn Manson - You're So Vain (Carly Simon)

    23. Metallica - Whiskey in the Jar (The Dubliners)

    24. NoFX - Les Champs Élysées (Joe Dassin)

    25. Guns N' Roses - Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan)

    Bonus: The CNK - Gadd ist Gott (Gary Glitter)

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