• My trip to Montebello

    Dear readers of my blog!

    I went to visit the beautiful town of Montebello for the very first time with my parents last Saturday. We spent several hours in the gorgeous Oméga Parc where we saw many different animals like bears, mooses and wolves in their natural environment. We also visited some parts of the town such as the Manoir-Papineau close to the Ottawa River. I hope you like these little snapshots.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer and take care!


    Oméga Parc 1

    Oméga Parc 2

    Oméga Parc 3

    Oméga Parc 4

    Oméga Parc 5

    Oméga Parc 6

    Montebello 1

    Montebello 2

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