• "Numbing Stoner Rock riding on fair winds": A review of Lucuma's "Destruye La Ciudad Psicológica"

    Ladies and gentlemen!

    Here comes a review of an unknown Argentinean rock band I've discovered by coincidence while looking for some new artistic inspiration. The second studio album of these four retro rockers from Buenos Aires has a very hypnotizing atmosphere that invites you to dream yourself far away. Please check out my review and support these young underground musicians.


    Lucuma - Destruye La Ciudad Psicológica (2014)

    Lucuma is an Argentinean quartet that plays a dynamical mixture of heavy metal, doom metal and psychedelic rock. The band was previously known as Loc Lucuma and had released a first full length effort entitled “El No Tiempo” with fourteen tracks in 2010. “Destruye La Ciudad Psicológica” is the band’s second release that features nine songs, including two instrumentals, over a length of about forty-two minutes.

    I would describe their sound as a more melancholic and modern take on bands such as Hawkwind or Led Zeppelin. Most songs are heavy mid-tempo tracks with anesthetic yet slightly dystopian lead guitar sounds that build up most of the atmosphere. The guitar play is technically versatile yet almost unique in its atmospheric tone. The charismatic male vocals are slightly nasal and have a numbing and hypnotizing sound that follows the psychedelic guitar play very well. The lamenting Spanish vocals fit surprisingly well in and don’t distract from the band sound. The whole thing is rounded out with a heavy and tight mid-tempo rhythm section that adds some grounded punch to bring this floating space rock brew back to the ground. The wafting wishy-washy production gives you the authentic impression to listen to an album recorded forty years ago. The amazing cover artwork represents well the musical journey and is one of the finest pieces of art I have seen in this category over the past few years.

    There is no obvious highlight on the album that really works as a whole and grows with each spin as it takes the listener on a psychedelic trip back in time. The music meanders between numbing and relaxing parts in the key of Black Sabbath and more menacing and psychedelic tones that recall bands like Pink Floyd. You could also imagine a heavier version of Baroness and a more rock orientated take on Voivod. The instrumental songs are just as diverse and entertaining as the tunes with vocals.


    If you like psychedelic stoner rock with a strong retro touch, you should absolutely check this atmospheric and consistent grower without any fillers out. Support the Argentinean underground quartet and discover one of last year’s hidden gems.

    Final rating: 8 out of 10 points


    Please support the band and check out the following links:

    Bandcamp: https://loslucuma.bandcamp.com/releases

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lucuma/81374723729?fref=photo

    Last.fm: http://www.lastfm.fr/music/Los+Lucuma

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