• Ottawa Redblacks' last regular home game of the season

    Ladies and gentlemen!

    Last Friday I attended the last home game of the season of the Ottawa Redblacks at TD Place. I got my Ottawa Redblacks toque, scarf and gloves ready for the game. I was a few minutes late to the game because of some traffic issues but at least I got the occasion to take a splendid picture of the Parliament while waiting for the next bus. The Ottawa Redblacks played against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (or as I call them: the Winnipeg Blue Bummers) and lost 20-33 in front of a sold out crowd.

    Ottawa Redblacks' last regular home game of the season

    A couple of students, teachers and coaches involved in our high school football team Arsenal went to the game as well and we had a great time despite the cold. A particular memorable anecdote was the moment when the crowd was informed that the Montreal Canadiens had lost 0-10 against the Columbus Blue Jackets. In the beginning I thought it was a joke but when I realized that it was true I couldn't stop laughing until the end of the game. Another funny anecdote was the drunk Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan on the bus after the game who was talking amusing nonsense during the ride. There was also a nice woman who gave some passengers including me some candy at the same time which was cool.

    Ottawa Redblacks' last regular home game of the season

    Now, it's playoff time for the Ottawa Redblacks and I hope the team will finally win another Grey Cup - the first since 1976 when they were still called the Ottawa Rough Riders. The Grey Cup final will take place in Toronto and next year it will be in Ottawa. I might try to get some tickets for such a memorable game one day.

    Ottawa Redblacks' last regular home game of the season

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