• Ozzy Osbourne - Scream (2010) - Surprisingly fresh - 77% (06/10/10)

    Ozzy Osbourne - Scream


    After the infinite boredom of the previous "Black rain", a very poor cover album and the departure of guitar player Zakk Wylde, I thought that this would mean the end for the prince of darkness and I didn't expect anything from the new album.

    Well, I was completely wrong and got blown away by this album. Maybe it's because this is the very first album that Ozzy entirely reminds to have written, sung and composed or because of the influence of the new guitar player Gus G. Whatever the reason is, Ozzy sounds fresh and hungry on this album and has nothing of an old and broken madman. This album really kicks ass and is not only concentrated on the older Ozzy albums from the eighties, but adds some new and interesting elements as well.

    The opener "Let it die" is already a big suprise and really heavy and controversial stuff. The song structure is cut into pieces with its industrial sound and eerie rap like verses with weird voice effects and may shock the old and traditional Ozzy fan. But he seems to be amused to shock us from time to time, like in the very modern, industrial and almost Neue Deutsche Härte like "Latimer's mercy".

    But don't be afraid, there are also some more simple and traditional songs like the very powerful first hit single "Let me hear you scream" or the more melodic "I want it more".

    The rest of the album contains a few average heavy rock songs and one or two expected ballads. Those songs are more traditional and ordinary, but there is still nothing bad about them and no fan of Ozzy Osbourne should be in a mood of deception about this album.

    But the two very experimental songs as well as the more traditional but very powerful other two songs are just great and make me hope that the prince of darkness will not transcend into hell and dig his grave, but work on another ressurection. He really shows us here that he still has something to say and that he is quite well alive!


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