• Peppermint (2018) - A feminist take on John Wick - 9/10 (24/09/18)

    Peppermint (2018)

    Peppermint is at heart a feminist version of John Wick and shows how a mother who lost her family to a drug cartel goes into hiding and comes back five years later to take her pitiless revenge. The story might be simplistic at some points and quite predictable but that is the movie's only minor flaw.

    Jennifer Garner's performance is stunning as you really root for the hurt family mother who disciplines herself to become a resilient killing machine. The fight scenes are spectacular, involving martial arts elements and well as gun fights. The numerous settings are also used during the movie's numerous ferocious combats. The intense action sequences are interrupted by entertaining scenes showing how police, media and civilians react to the lead character's revenge.

    If you like spectacular action movies with a dramatic background story and some tension leading to a climatic showdown, you will enjoy every minute of the very compact Peppermint. Despite the predictable story, it's one of the best contemporary action movies I have seen. You will only find better films of that kind in Asia these days. Overrated action actors like the dull Dwayne Johnson should take some notes from a spectacular Jennifer Garner.

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