• Prometheus (2012) - A good average science-fiction movie that doesn't come close to the Alien films - 6/10 (22/07/14)

    Prometheus (2012)


    "Prometheus" is a prequel to the revolutionary "Alien" movies and explains how the bleak creature created by surrealist designer, painter and sculptor H.R. Giger came to life. In addition to this, the film introduces us to the creators of mankind who were eventually planning to extinguish their own creation but failed to do so. You might want to know that the ending of this film has a cliffhanger and leads to a possible second part of this prequel where we could find out why the creators of mankind wanted to destroy their own work and where the new-born Alien creature could evolve to what it might become one day.

    To be honest, "Prometheus" doesn't come close to the atmosphere of the first two Alien movies and is maybe on the same level as the fourth Alien movie and slightly better than the rather disappointing third film. There are several reasons why this new movie is only a good average movie at best.

    First of all, all actors apart of the talented Noomi Rapace are really weak and exchangeable. This might also be due to an unimaginative script. As viewers, one doesn't really care enough about the fate of the different characters to get an emotional connection to the film and to really get into it. The original movies were much more convincing from that point of view.

    This leads me to the second biggest flaw. The story of the movie is predictable and has been used in a similar way many times before. I don't mean the obvious creation of the Alien but the evolution of the different characters and a very predictable twist in the last third of the film. The script really feels as if a young science-fiction fan borrowed bits and pieces from famous genre films and put them together to a new half-hearted movie.

    Obviously, the movie also has its strengths and you might already guess what they are. First of all, the special effects are obviously very well done. The universe, the more or less deserted planet and the strange cave system on it are very beautiful to watch. The different humanoid creatures as well as the new Alien should also please to fans of the old movies.

    The action sequences of this film are nothing extraordinary but very well done. Especially the last third of the movie sets a higher pace and we get to see many mysterious technical holograms, a couple of gripping fighting scenes and obviously a few earthquakes, explosions and storms here and there. After the slow and almost dull pace of the first two thirds of the film, the last part is probably worth the wait.

    As I told before, the movie doesn't quite catch up the original movies but it includes at least a couple of atmospheric settings and scenes. These moments especially happen in the bleak cave system on the planet and involve aggressive humanoid aliens and the Alien prototype. These scenes don't come close to the horror of the original but they build up some kind of tension at least. If the movie had included more of these horror moments, it would have been much more gripping.

    As it is now, "Prometheus" is a good average science-fiction movie that convinces with a strong main actress, great special effects and a vivid last third. I recommend you to experience this movie without comparing it to the Alien movies because you will probably end up being disappointed if you do so. In addition to this, you should only watch this movie if you are ready to watch more sequels of this prequel. In my book, it was a solid movie to watch once but in comparison to the Alien series, I wouldn't necessarily watch this movie again. I must also admit that I wouldn't watch a Sequel to this film or a fifth Alien movie either. Enough is enough and one should leave this great series untouched instead of harming its reputation with more exchangeable scripts.


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