• Red Hot Chili Peppers - Pink As Floyd / Your Eyes Girl (2013) (9,5/10)

    Genre: Progressive Rock / Crossover
    Label: Warner Bros.
    Playing time: 10:02
    Band homepage: -


    1. Pink As Floyd
    2. Your Eyes Girl
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Pink As Floyd / Your Eyes Girl

    The fifth single of the "I’m With You Outtakes“ by the legendary Californian Crossover band RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS is by far the best one until now.

    “Pink As Floyd” starts with some calm and progressive sounds reminding us indeed a little bit of PINK FLOYD. Then kicks off another relaxed part including haunting string passages and acoustic guitars. The track evolves into a slightly funkier tone but always goes back to calmer and progressively floating moments. The guitar play is the most outstanding thing about this song and gives the track a very dreamy atmosphere that reminds me of the Soft Rock scene of the sixties and seventies. Josh Klinghoffer may still not be accepted by all fans but this song is definitely one of his very best performances with the band and he equals or even surpasses his colleague, idol and predecessor. The vocals are also well performed and truly chilling and fusion with the instruments in a stunning manner. This song should have made it on a regular release without the glimpse of a doubt.

    “Your Eyes Girl” starts in a very cool way with synthesizer and piano sounds and band members swearing before a heavy high-hat rhythm kicks off. The song has a very unusual structure and feels quite progressive once again. The bass guitar is much more dominant in this track than in the first one. The vocals are very well performed and add a fascinatingly emotional component to the song. Calmer and almost minimalistic parts meet a more chaotic and hypnotizing middle part with spacey guitar sounds. The song could also come from a Progressive Rock act of the sixties or seventies once again and this retro style fits very well to the band.

    In the end, any fan of Rock music of the sixties or seventies with a slightly progressive touch should check this new single out. Any fan of the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS shouldn’t miss this release as it’s a definite highlight of the outtakes series. These two tracks are both amazing and deserve much more attention than they get. I almost hope that the band will put them on a regular release one day but by now, you shouldn’t miss the chance to purchase this limited collector’s item and open up your mind.

    (Online February 21, 2013)

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