• Red Hot Chili Peppers - This Is The Kitt / Brave From Afar (2013) (8/10)

    Genre: Psychedelic / Funk
    Label: Warner Bros.
    Playing time: 08:07
    Band homepage: -


    1. This Is the Kitt
    2. Brave From Afar


    Red Hot Chili Peppers - This Is The Kitt / Brave From Afar

    Here comes number eight out of nine vinyl single releases taken from the I'm With You" sessions back in 2011 including seventeen songs that finally see the light of day and that would have found worthy places on any regular album by the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS.

    The first track is a very eclectic song entitled "This Is the Kitt." It has a Funk Rock inspired opening with all instruments performing at full force and charismatic and powerful vocals as well. The dreamy chorus with its psychedelic elements feels a little bit too soft. It's one of the best and catchiest choruses of these sessions but it simply doesn't really fit to the rest of the song for me. The strange sound effects in the middle part already please me more and apart of the unfitting chorus, this is a quite solid song.

    "Brave From Afar" is also rather eclectic and has a warm and nevertheless slightly psychedelic retro rock touch. There are two surprises in this song. The opening moments feel like a Southern Rock song which sounds quite clever. The middle part has a few heavier tones and the discordant guitar solo even recalls the days of "One Hot Minute" which is an album hated by many fans when it came out but that gets more and more appreciation these days. Not all parts of this song seem to fit perfectly together but the whole thing surely is entertaining and inspired.

    Just as the seventh vinyl release, this is among the better parts of the series without being absolutely outstanding and essential. Patient and rich collectors and true fans of the band should purchase this release anyway but the last highlight of the series is yet to come.


    (Online September 24, 2013)

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