• Russian heavy metal concert for a Danish brewery in Moscow

    Dear readers of my blog!

    I've just discovered this special concert by the Russian heavy metal veterans Aria. This is one of my favourite bands and listening to their music helped me during my Russian classes between 2004 and 2006 and later on in 2010. I purchased several of their records when I traveled to Saint Petersburg in April 2006 with my school and I have continued to follow the band since then. Recently, the most famous Russian rock band decided to craft its own beer with the help of Danish brewery Faxe. In order to support this unusual collaboration, the band played a concert consisting of its greatest hits in thirty years in a brewery in Moscow. The show was already available as stream on YouTube. Now, the band released an exclusive audio version of the concert on CD which is sold with a limited number of Faxe six packs in Russia. Since it's impossible to support this unusual business idea outside of Russia, I simply wanted to share the general idea and the stream of this cool concert with you. I hope you enjoy it.

    Take care,

    Sebastian Kluth

    PS: My favourite song from the list is ''Игра С Огнем'' and starts at 30:24.

    Концерт АРИЯ "КОТЕЛ ИСТОРИИ" на Честной Пивоварне, прямая трансляция

    Set list:

    1.       1. Интро

    2.       2. Горящая Стрела

    3.       3. Aнгелы Неба

    4.       4. Hе Сходи С Ума

    5.       5.Tочка Невозвратa 

    1.       6. Aтака Мертвецов

    7.       7. Игра С Огнем

    8.       8. Паранойя

    9.       9. Kороль Дороги

    10.   10. Tам Высоко

    11.   11. Последний Закат

    12.   12. Hебо Тебя Найдет 

    13.    13. Губит Людей Не Пиво (Версия Арии)

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