• Show report: B.A.R.F., Insurrection, My Shadow & ...From the Deep in Gatineau

    Concert review: B.A.R.F., Insurrection, My Shadow & ...From the Deep live at Le Petit Chicago, Gatineau (26/09/14)

    On September 26, 2014, I assisted a truly energizing sold-out concert at Le Petit Chicago in the old Hull section of Gatineau, only a few minutes away from the magnificent Canadian capital Ottawa. The nice bar doesn’t only offer an interesting selection of the province’s most promising microbreweries and a small terrace but also a little stage where fans can get quite close to the bands.

    Some fans are getting some fresh air in front of Le P'tit Chicago between the performances of local bands My Shadow and Insurrection


    The first band to hit the stage in front of a steadily growing crowd around fifty people that Friday night was the underground black metal band …From the Deep which actually performed for the very first time in the “belle province”. The quintet from Ottawa performed with a lot of passion and singer Graham Cwinn actually left the stage to get involved in small circle pits, interact with several people in the crowd and involve everybody in the performance. Sometimes, he appeared just behind, next or in front of me while he performed his varied and highly passionate extreme metal vocals. This dynamical and vivid approach attracted more and more people from the bar and the terrace that actually came to see the opening band performing an intense thirty-minute long set. The band has been around for a while but should definitely get more attention after this impressing performance and I can’t wait to listen to and support their first official full length release. …From the Deep should definitely come and play again in Gatineau or elsewhere in Quebec as this province is quite open-minded towards passionate black metal music.

    ...From the Deep's singer Graham Cwinn was walking around the whole bar while performing some haunting extreme metal vocals

    The next band to perform was melodic death metal and metalcore quintet My Shadow featuring members from both sides of Ottawa River. The quintet has been around for ten years so far and just released its first studio record one year ago. My Shadow played with a whole lot of energy for around forty minutes. The band’s energizing stage performance and especially singer Louis Gratton's charismatic intercations with the fans conquered the crowd by storm even though the band wasn’t as extroverted and intense as the opening black metal band.

    My Shadow's singer Louis Gratton cheers to the crowd with a fresh beer at the end of their performance

    Up next was local grooving and pitiless death metal band Insurrection Insurrection that has been around for over ten years, released three studio records so far and played in different Canadian provinces over the past few years. There were actually quite a few fans in the crowd who had mainly come to assist their performance. The band interacted originally and vividly with the crowd by inviting their old and new fans to sing along as loud as they could, get involved in massive circle pits and play an amusing short football game that definitely set the crowd on fire for around forty-five minutes. The band performed as passionate as if they had been the true main act of the night and definitely won a few new fans that evening.

    The inredibly strong local act Insurrection encouraged the crowd to play a little football game in the moshpit

    The last band to enter the stage was hardcore thrash metal band B.A.R.F. (which stands for “Blasting All Rotten Fuckers”) for a set featuring more than twenty songs and lasting for seventy-five to ninety minutes including a strong encore part. The legendary band had been founded as early as in 1986 and split up in 1999 after four powerful studio releases, several uncompromising demos and a few energizing live records. The Montrealers reunited in early 2012 and just released a brand new full length effort entitled “Brûle, Consume, Torture” featuring thirteen short but massive new hits that are as strong as the band’s original material. From the beginning on, the unchained quartet set the crowd on fire and delivered one pitiless extreme metal anthem after the other with only a few short breaks to tell a few funny anecdotes, celebrate the birthday of a crew member or announce that parts of the concert were going to be filmed for the upcoming video clip of the single “Whiskey”. Especially during the performance of this joyous drinking anthem, even the calmest people in the packed crowd went completely mad and tried their very best to deliver a few unforgettable moments for the cameras. I simply can’t wait to see the final result soon enough.

    B.A.R.F. are almost thirty years old but still offered a breathless ninety-minute long hardcore extreme metal slaughterfest


    After roughly four hours and a half of sweating extreme metal including a few short breaks between the different performances, I left the location just in time to catch the very last midnight bus to go home. All four bands had performed above my expectations and I will definitely try to catch some of them up again over the next few months. I hope that more great rock and metal acts will continue to perform in the often overlooked city of Gatineau in the near future because the crowd that evening was by far the most energizing, impressive and passionate thing I’ve seen since I’m living in that region.

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