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    Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

    I would like to share some pictures taken from the official Facebook presence of my workplace. These pictures were taken last Thursday during a great soccer game between the teachers and students of our school. Even though several teachers had never played soccer before and despite the fact that we had never played together as a team, we were victorious. The energy, motivation and team spirit were great. The students also played really well and it was everything but an easy victory. In addition to the soccer game, there was also an ultimate frisbee game that the teachers lost to the students. I didn't participate in this game because I'm not good at this type of sports. I enjoyed the sunny lunchtime, talked to a few students and encouraged the participating teachers instead. I would like to thank the students and teachers who have organized these great activities. I would definitely participate again and help organizing further events.

    Soccer 1 

    I'm the guy in the white Montreal Impact jersey on the right side.

    Soccer 2 

    Students and teachers were shaking hands at the end of the game.

    Soccer 3 

    This is a picture of all the students and teachers that participated in the soccer game.

    Soccer 4 

    This is our winning team and we were proud of our 3:0 victory.

    Soccer 5 

    After the game, I discussed soccer with some of my students and watched the ultimate frisbee game.

    Soccer 6 

    This is another picture of the crowd. I'm on the left side with three students.

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